7 Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2021

Who does not love espresso? Around the world, it is one of the top-listed beverage which is consumed by a large number of coffee-lover every day. If you are planning to open a café, the best commercial espresso machine must be on your priority list of inventory. An efficient espresso machine has the potential to make your customers come back to your café again and again.

Here are the types of commercial espresso coffee machines you must know to decide which one is best for you:

Types of Commercial Espresso Machines

  • Manual – This type of Espresso machine is suited to those who don’t shy away from putting some extra effort to get a perfect cup of coffee. Manual Espresso machines are operated using a piston or lever and work on human effort. The piston is used to produce shots of pressurized water which is poured through ground coffee.

Manual machines may be tricky to use at first and there are chances that you main ruin your coffee initially but once you learn to operate them, you can adjust the proportions as per your needs. With regular use, one can get accustomed to the operations of the machine.

Also, Manual Espresso machines can be a bit on the expensive side but these are very wells suited for those who are particular about their flavor preferences.

  • Semi-Automatic –These types of Espresso machines are one of the most popular ones in the market and are easier to use than their manual counterparts. They provide a sort of trade-off between manual and automatic machines. It takes control of certain variables like the amount of pressure but the user can still control other variables like large amounts of coffee used, water volume, etc. These are more expensive than manual ones but produce good quality Espresso shots.
  • Automatic –This type further takes away control from the user as it controls the amount and delivery of water used in the process. It is fitted with an electronic pump. Though it gives less control, it increases the ease of use by leaps and bounds. It may be less suitable for people who like more control over the flavor of their coffee. Also, more automation brings more parts to be maintained. This might make it a little trickier than the semi-automatic ones.
  • Super Automatic – This type is extremely user-friendly and takes away the entire responsibility of making coffee from the user. All it requires is merely adding coffee grounds and pressing the requisite buttons. This is most suitable for people who are not much bothered by the intricacies of the flavor and want a quick shot without putting in much effort.

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Once you are versed in the types of commercial espresso available, it’s time to choose the best one in the market to please your customers with a delectable cup of espresso. So here are the 7 best commercial espresso machines which can brew iconic cups of coffee without many efforts:

Best Commercial Espresso Machine


Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine 

One of the strongest contenders in the league, this machine is the top pick for its versatile features and excellent efficiency. Manufactured by a renowned Italian company which has a strong heritage in commercial espresso-making, this machine boasts innovative design.

It won the World Barista Championship for its sheer perfection. This bulky piece of equipment boasts a 14L boiler to ensure a large number of shots quickly. The direct water fill does not require to refill it manually.

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    • The raised head group makes it handy for larger cups
    • The pressure gauge is available to offer the best control on extraction quality
    • The noise levels are minimal as compared to the cheap models
    • With double heat exchanger, adjustment between brewing and steaming is quick
  • Commercial steam wand to froth milk efficiently


  • Only two group heads which allow only two cups at a time
  • Higher on price


La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B Commercial 2 Group Espresso Machine

A semi-automatic Espresso machine which comes with an easy to operate digital pad to ease the process to the fullest.The machine takes control of most of the variables so that you can sit back and watch it brewing your favorite cup of coffee.

It has a 14 L boiler with 2 flexible steam jets. Its red side panels give it a classy look.  Separate solenoids allow multiple users to operate it simultaneously. It’s copper boiler equipped with transversal heat exchangers and front injectors for each group. It offers four cup size selections to suit user needs.

Its stainless steel water line installation makes it more durable and long-lasting. Its hot water tap with flexible jet keeps the brewing pressure always at the same level. With so many user-friendly features, this model is suitable for coffee connoisseurs.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Simultaneous operation by multiple users
  • Anti-vacuum valve
  • Double scale gauge for pressure control
  • Includes water softener


  • Operations might be tricky to use at first
  • Higher on the cost side
  • Cleaning and maintenance might require some effort


Microcasa Semi-automatic Commercial Espresso Machine Finish

This unique semi-automatic espresso machine has been a favorite of coffee lovers for quite some time. At first glance, it exudes royalty and class. Apart from being a feast for the eyes, it produces rich frothy coffee which makes its performance matching its beauty.

Its visually striking features include copper and brass finish, exposed piping and a water tank above the boiler in a metal bowl. Its heat exchanger system is able to deliver hot espresso consistently.

Its large 2-liter brass boiler offers a sufficient amount of dry steam and its heat exchanger boiler system keeps brewing water to extract maximum flavor from coffee beans. The control panel is user-friendly with 3 switches namely power, coffee brew and boiler refill. A built-in thermostat ensures the safety of the machine.

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  • Ensures maximum flavor
  • Few controls make it easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is portable
  • The large round base ensures the stability of the top unit
  • It features twist knob-controlled steam valve for a quick turn on and offs.


  • Manufacturer warranty is limited to one year
  • The exposed metal body is hot while operating and may cause burns if handled carelessly.


Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

It is a super-automatic machine that takes ease of use to yet another level. It produces espresso and milk-based drinks at the press of a button. It offers seven drink presets and is the perfect espresso machine for home and families as well as commercial use with varying preferences of flavor.

Milk selections, beverage temperature, strength, volume all can be preset to your specifications. This ensures a tailor-made quality drink each day. Its height adjustable coffee dispensers suit containers of varying sizes.

Another very convenient feature is a detachable milk carafe which is automatically cleaned after each use. The carafe ensures steaming of milk to your preferred froth level. A steam wand is also included to enable the users to froth manually.

The machine de-scales on its own and features an automatic alert system when it needs cleaning.

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  • Extremely convenient to use
  • Its features justify the price
  • Allows the user to personalize up to 7 drinks
  • Offers control over milk flow and frothiness
  • Gives automatic cleaning alert
  • Has detachable milk carafe
  • Has a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee brewing
  • Offers  a  Steam wand for manual frothing


  • Initial configuration of the system may be time-consuming
  • Its super automation takes away all the control from the user


La Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R – 2-Group

One of the impressive commercial espresso with a digital control pad and electronic programmable dosing. ! 2-liter of a water softener as well as installation kit is provided along this machine to justify its pricing. 14-litre of copper boiler is provided to produce the large cups of coffee instantly.

4 different settings of microprocessors allow controlling the machine effectively. Separate thermal stability is available for every single setting. The automatic release of hot water is ensured by using a switch. Also, an electrical cup warmer is available to warm up your drinks.

Proper sight glass to control the automatic water level. Adjustable heads allow to fit the cup of four different sizes easily

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  • Espresso for 4 people can be served with its two group heads
  • Fewer electricity bills with its energy-saving mode
  • Basic functioning buttons with digital pads make it easy to use
  • Purified coffee with water softening system
  • Thermal stability for constant temperature


  • Does not fit everyone’s budget due to its high price


La Pavoni Bar 3L-B Lever Espresso Coffee Machine

An exquisite coffee-making machine with 3 group heads which offer 50% more delivery efficiency over typical 2 head group espresso. The sturdy design of this machine perfectly complements the interior of your café.

Press-forged brass is used to construct the heads to ensure a quality make with durability, temperature stability, and strength. The brewing pressure in all the 3 groups can be maintained at the same level. Manua lever gives complete control of the extraction process to serve an excellent espresso.

There is a huge boiler of 23-litre and a boiler pressure gauge to control and monitor the pressure. The presence of safety reset thermostat keeps it safe from overheating. Anti-vacuum valve is provided to avoid sucking back milk at the time of steaming by the steam wands.

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  • Contemporarily designed to make it simple to use
  • High-quality chromed brass groups
  • Efficient control over hot water
  • A sight glass for water level control
  • Easy carriage with telescopic handles


  • Difficult to clean due t its curvaceous shape
  • Delivery time lag by the manufacturer


La Pavoni Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine

‘The best things come at a special price’ – this statement is absolutely justified by this espresso which assures quality, durability, and strength. For commercial use speed forms the essence of any espresso. This espresso never disappoints the users with its efficient automatic electronic pump. 2 users can easily make two different drinks simultaneously with its separate solenoids.

This is a multi-tasking machine that allows checking the pump and boiler pressure at the same time. You can expect a world-class espresso with minimal user interaction, making it one of the best espressos.

The quality make of this machine is assured with chrome-plated brass group heads.

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  • Highly versatile jet with a single hot water tap
  • The manufacturer has an exceptional brand heritage
  • Introduction of an electric pump to avoid the manual process
  • Enhanced purity of espresso with its water softener
  • Brass chrome plating on the groups for extended strength


  • If you fail to install a water softener, your warranty for the machine stands void


Factors to consider while buying the best commercial espresso machine

With so many options available in the market, it can become difficult to choose the best espresso machine which suits your needs. Following are some factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the best commercial espresso machine:

How much control do you want?

With machines ranging from manual to super-automatic, one might have to decide how many variables you wish to keep under your control while making coffee. If you choose to have more control over the taste preferences then manual machines are suitable for you. On the other hand, if you need to speed up the process without much consideration of flavor variations then head towards automatic.

  • Commercial needs

While choosing a machine, you need to identify how much volume of coffee you need on a per-day basis. For higher demands, opt for machines that offer multiple operations simultaneously. You should also keep in mind the various container sizes that are supported by the machine you choose.

  • User interface

As you move towards automatic, you tend to give control away to the machine and this requires proper understanding of various machine functions. Some automatic may be a little tricky to understand at first. If you want a really smooth coffee making process then choose a machine with an easy to understand user interface.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

Machines that handle a high volume on a daily basis require cleaning and maintenance as a regular ritual. Cleaning and maintenance can be a little messy for machines with too many parts. For swift functioning, choose a machine that has simpler cleaning and maintenance requirements. Many machines also feature self-cleaning parts and automatic cleaning alerts.

  • Budget and Warranty

Taking these factors under consideration is essential as the machine you choose must be able to do justice to the money you invest in it.

Warranty is meant to safeguard you in the event of a machine breakdown and entitles you to the replacement of particular parts or the entire machine.

  • Accessories

Many espresso machines come with additional accessories like a steam wand, detachable containers, carafes, etc. While they increase convenience they might add up to maintenance.


Each espresso available in the market comes with a price depending on the features it offers. It is important to list down your needs and preferences first to conclude the best machine. The above guide will help you narrow down the best available commercial espresso machines in the market.

However, It is important to compare features of different machines first along with their pricing to choose an ideal machine for your establishment.