7 Best Espresso Machines under $200 in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

You’re landed at the right place for the best espresso machine under 200. A refreshing cup of coffee is all you need to give a kick-start to your morning. And if it is an espresso coffee, nothing could be better than this. Nothing can beat a rich creamy and flavored texture of Espresso coffee. Hey! You don’t need to hop in a café every time to enjoy your favorite coffee. However, enjoying a delicious espresso coffee requires investing in a quality Espresso machine which is durable, easy to handle as well as fall within your budgets.

Espresso machines are the best bets for the coffee lovers, which allow them to sip their favorite coffee at a time while sitting in the comfort of their home. With abundant of home espresso machines available, it is always tedious to choose a one which can suffice your needs perfectly as well as justify your spending on it.

Best Espresso Machine under $200 



A semi-automatic 3-in-1 coffee maker which is capable of making latte, espresso, and cappuccino coffee brilliantly for you. All you need is to choose a type of coffee you wish to enjoy from its one-touch control panel on the front.

Rated 4 out of 5 on the Amazon review, this coffee has a great fan following among the coffee lovers for its exquisite features, easy handling, one-touch control panel and the variety of coffee it offers. It is an ideal choice for beginners and the best espresso machine under 200 bucks.


  • It comes with automatic milk froth-maker
  • Adjustable cup tray for customized espresso sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Offer great value for your money
  • Highly portable due to its light-weight
  • It comes with some free accessories


  • Removing and fitting the parts again for the purpose of cleaning can be a bit tricky.

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A semi-automatic espresso that comes with separate thermostat for brewing and steaming to make your coffee making more regulated. As the temperature remains consistent, switching between brewing and frothing takes considerably lesser time. The 15-bar pressure available in this espresso ensures the best extraction.

This machine can work for ESE pods as well as pre-ground coffee. A single-shot filter, a tamper, and a double shot filter are provided in the portafilter.


  • Price justifies its quality make
  • It ensures consistent temperature
  • It comes with a built-in cup warmer
  • For steaming and brewing, the thermostat is available
  • It comes with tamper and grinder as additional equipment.


  • Difficult to clean and maintain
  • Manufacturer warranty is limited to 1 year
  • Plastic construction affects the durability

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Considered as one of the best espressos under $ 200, this machine is loaded with 15 bar thermoblock and stainless steel boiler to ensure the coffee extraction at an ideal temperature. All the filters – double shots, single shots, and pod has dual-wall crema technology to provide rich coffee flavour.

With a steam adjustment up to professional level, this espresso is a retreat for beginners and intermediate coffee-lovers. You can heat up to 6 coffee cups with its warming tray.


  • Stainless steel durable body
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect pressure to ensure Barista-style coffee
  • Best crema with dual-wall filter system
  • It comes with a cup-warming and froth-enhancer
  • It requires minimal maintenance


  • Higher on the price side
  • Filers get clog very easily if the coffee is not ground evenly, as complained by the many users

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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

A low-cost semi-automatic brewer which is capable of producing milk-based drinks and well as delectable espresso coffee. With the ability to brew excellent espresso, it is one of the hottest selling espressos due to its affordable price and other competitive features. Quite easy to clean and maintain, it is an ideal deal for exclusive espresso drinkers.

This machine comes with a built-in tamper which makes brewing a cup of coffee a breeze. Enjoy an incomparable cup of cappuccino with rich froth using this espresso.


  • It is driven with a pump pressure to provide the rich froth
  • Removable drip tray makes it easy to clean
  • The stainless steel boiler ensures extended durability
  • Dual thermostat available to ensure smooth operation
  • The filter basket available for espresso grounds


  • The filter basket is delicate to handle. Any hard twist impacts the functioning of the machine adversely.
  • It cannot accommodate tall coffee mugs
  • Not ideal for milk drinks

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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

This espresso is an ideal deal to fit any size of kitchen for its compact design and stylish make. A tank lid is provided to avoid any spoilage while using. The convenient design makes the insertion and emptying of Nespresso capsules very easy. It comes with a long cable to keep you hassle-free to install it near a power socket.


An internal bin collects all the used pods. The hinged drip tray allows to flip it for bigger mugs easily. It is an ideal deal for small families and a small kitchen to brew quick coffee while saving on energy costs.


  • Sturdy design amplify the décor
  • A perforated drip tray to make brewing quick and easy
  • Quickly heats up within 25 seconds
  • Detailed instruction manual for easy installation and usage
  • Compact design and light-weighted
  • It offers value for money


  • A milk frother is not included; you need to pay extra to buy one
  • Limited water capacity up to 700ml

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Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso Maker

A budget-friendly espresso featuring 15 pressure bar and dual water filter to ensure your coffee to be enriched with crema and froth. It is provided with a cup-warming plate and made up of high-quality stainless steel. It comes with a 1-litre tank and external water window to indicate the water levels.

A swivel steam band and slide-in portafilter make it a perfect choice. With its attractive design, its slim make makes it fit the smaller kitchen as well.


  • It comes with frother jug and two stainless steel espresso cups
  • Light indicators are available to indicate when the machine is ready to brew
  • The amazing frother prepares microform
  • It comes with a dual-wall design
  • Stainless steel material is used in this espresso to ensure extended durability
  • A drip tray is provided to avoid spill when the cup is not in place


  • If you add inconsistent coffee grounds, the filter is prone to clog

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Klarstein Passionata 20 Espresso Maker

From its unique design to its 20 pressure bar, this coffee maker does not disappoint the users in any context. It comes with removable parts like the drip tray and water tank to ensure an easy cleaning regime. The double nozzle in this machine allows making 2 cups of coffee at the same time.


If you are looking for an instant froth as you don’t have much time to wait, a steam nozzle is provided to address your needs. This machine also works well for ESE pods.


  • Sturdy design to match your modern house theme
  • The removable tray which is easily washable
  • Spacious water tank which can be easily removed
  • It comes with a steam nozzle to produce instant froth
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • As it consumes higher power, you can expect inflated energy bills.
  • Steam nozzle usage lead to splash

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Best espresso machine under $200 – Buying Guide

As the budget under $200 is already defined, which keeps most of the hi-tech espresso out of the list, choosing an ideal espresso is still not an easy deal from the available options. It is important to choose a machine wisely to optimize your return on investment.

Here are some of the factors which one must consider to choose a perfect espresso for you:

  • Boiler Type: Either a thermoblock or a single boiler is generally available in the Espresso under $200. However, it is worth notable that the thermoblock is less effective as compared to the single boiler. Hence, it is advisable to choose espresso which comes with a single boiler, even if it costs you little more.
  • Warranty: Higher the manufacturer warranty, more you save on maintenance if you face any trouble after purchase. Look for at least 2-year warranty to be offered. It is also important that you should not be liable to pay any shipping cost while claiming such warranty.
  • Temperature Control: A machine with a temperature ranging between 195° F and 205° F is an ideal deal. A thermostat within helps in regulating the temperature effectively to brew a perfect espresso.
  • Programs: Most of the machines allow to switch between the double shot and single shot while there are some machines available which let you select the pre-planned settings for a latte, cappuccino and espresso.
  • Steam wand: After every use, it is recommended to wipe the want and purge it with steam. Any miss to this regime may lead to malfunction. Hence, if you are likely to give it a miss, buy one which comes with auto-purge.
  • Size: Various machines come in varied sizes. It is important to pick one which can be accommodated well in your kitchen, especially if you have a small kitchen. It is important to leave ample space from all the sides, as the heating element within the machine needs proper ventilation. Hence take an appropriate measurement of your kitchen area where the machine will be placed and choose a one accordingly.
  • Brew Pressure: 10 bar pressure is the minimal brew pressure which provides good coffee brewing. However, most of the machines included in our list offer 15 Brew pressure.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: It is important to maintain a cleaning regime for your espresso to make it last longer. In fact, any ail to this may lead to malfunctioning in your machine and even your warranty may also stand void in such cases. Hence, always count upon the one which requires minimal maintenance, if you are not sure about your schedules.
  • Accessories: If you buy a semi-automatic machine, there are accessories like a grinder, steel tamper, milk frothing pitcher, and appropriate cups that you need to buy additionally. If you find espresso which offers any of these as complementary, it is worth exploring.
  • After-sales service: It is also important that the brand you choose for your machine must have an authorized service center in your locality. Any fail to this may pose challenges to you post-purchases when you face any issue with your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it economical to grind your own coffee?

As the whole bean coffee is better than the ground coffee, the former is obviously costlier than the later. Whole beans belong to the better crops and are freshly roasted as compared to the grounded ones. So, if you are looking for an exemplary cup of coffee, prefer the whole beans. The price difference you pay over ground beans is worth for its enriched taste.

  • How many bars in espresso are considered good?

There should be a minimum of 10 bars in your espresso machine to produce a satisfactory cup of coffee. However, the higher the bar the better it would be, like espresso machines under $500 offer. But, there are many espressos under $200 which offer 15 bars. 

  • How long an average espresso machine last?

If you are using your machine moderately and up keeping with the great maintenance, you can expect it to last from 5 to 7 years, even with a basic built made up of plastic material. The excellent quality built commercial espresso machines can also last up to 10-15 years depending on your cleaning and maintenance regime.

  • How often should I service my machine?

In every 12 months, consider the servicing for espresso. If you observe any minute fault or hassle in operating your machine, it is recommended to contact the service center at the earliest to avoid any major hassle or hefty maintenance cost thereafter.

  • Can I clean my espresso using vinegar?

White vinegar can be used to clean your espresso thoroughly. Take 3 oz. of white vinegar and mix it with 20 oz. of water. Run this mixture 3-4 times through your machine. There are many espresso machine cleaner also available in the market.

  • How to maintain espresso machines to enhance their durability?

Here are some of the tips which can help you to enhance the longevity of your espresso:

  1. Always backflush your machine with water after every coffee-making session.
  2. Always put the good filtered water in your machine. To maintain the longevity of your machine, always use the softest water available with you.
  3. Try to maintain your workspace as much cleanly as possible.
  4. If something goes wrong with your machine, always seek professional help from the authorized service center. 


Defining your preference is very important to choose an ideal best espresso machine under 200 for you. If budget is your prime consideration, DeLonghi EC155 is one of the best options to consider. If you are looking for a capsule-based brewer, go for Nespresso. It is important to compare all the features of machines you have shortlisted to conclude the best one for you.

The frequency is also an important governing factor. If you are not going to use your espresso frequently, a plastic make can work for you as it will give you cost benefit. However, if you are planning to use it for a longer duration of time, always consider its durability.