Best Miter Saws 2021 – Compound and Sliding

If you are someone searching for the best miter saw and confused about which one to buy then you have landed on the right page. There are a plethora of miter saws that you would find in the market today. There are companies right, left and center making good miter saws which may lead you to confusion as to which saw to purchase. In that case, sit back and relax! We are here to tell you as to which saw would suit best to your usage. Before purchasing one must make a note of the utility, quality, and cost of the saws. If you are not a professional, you surely would not require an industrial saw which is highly equipped and hazardous to use domestically, you would rather go for a saw which is easy to use, portable and compact. It would be a vice-versa or say an inverse situation if you were a contractor or a professional whose motive obviously is to make money and is not so interested in using a lesser efficient product as his productivity is distracted.

Whatever be your choice…rely on us as we present to you the list of best miter saws in the market and we also give you an in-depth review and let you know about all the pros and cons of the product. We cover financial, quality, efficiency and all possible aspects that one would look at in a product. So without any further ado lets look into the list and find the best miter saw in the market.

Best Miter Saw: Compound and Sliding


To be trusted is a greater virtue than being great! DEWALT brings some top quality in its products which makes it one of the most trustworthy brands out there. The DWS780 is no exception to it’s brand’s name. This is the best sliding miter saw one will find in the market as it allows you to cut with precision, whether you’re a professional or a person toiling around with wood logs on a weekend.

It has a revolutionary XPS cross cut positioning system that allows you to cut through the wood quickly with more efficiency than you could get on any other similar saws. It features a new handle for maximum portability, cam lock miter, bevel crown stops and is best in class capacity. It has ultimate durability as its rugged guards, precision machine castings, fences, and tough stainless steel miter detent plate are designed to withstand the toughest of the jobs. The Dewalt DWS780 provides top quality cutting by allowing you to cut up to 2 x 16 pieces at an angle of 90 degrees, as well as 2 x 12 at 45 degrees. It also allows you to bevel from zero to 49 degrees with stops at 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45, and 49 degrees in both directions.  It also has its own dust collection system to reduce dust on the job site. This undoubtedly has to be the best saw one could possibly wish for, and a great pal for any technician.

It weighs at around 56 pounds, having a voltage of 120 volts and is best in business for hassle-free working which is another added advantage of this beast of a machine. Undoubtedly this product will prove to be the lynchpin amongst your tools

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  • 3 Year warranty with the product which already seems to be very brawny.
  • High-Capacity Cutting, Hassle-Free Operation, Easily portable


  • Has no adjustable bearing
  • Slide functionality creates a mess every now and then.



Imagine that you’ve done all the hard work to finish at top of the table but end up being just a mere point behind the topper! That is exactly how it feels when you talk about this gem of a saw. Designed by Dewalt, it is a no-brainer for anyone to pick this machine at the price point at which the company has launched it.

The Dewalt DW715 is perfect saw if one is looking for a domestic purpose, unlike the previous one which could also be used industrially. Not everyone needs the power, some need precise cuttings in a quick, hassle-free and non-tedious manner and if you are one of them, this product is a boon for you!

The Dewalt DW715 is equipped with a 12-inch carbide blade, and it is run by a 15-amp motor that can run up to 4000 RPM. It has to be the most perfect saw for cutting framing, molding, cross-cutting and miter cutting.  All of these options provide the “I’ll do it by myself” guys with an impact on making a saw.

It includes a carbide blade, dust bag, blade wrench, and comfortable side handles in the base. It is equipped with a miter detent override that allows you to override the miter stops and adjust to the desired setting without the saw slipping into the miter detents. It has an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops. It can cut pieces of crown molding as thick as 5 ¼ inches and nested molding 6 ½ inches against the fence. It has a cross-cutting capacity up to 2×8 for lumber.

The Dewalt DW715 is the saw that gives value for every penny spent to the handyman, while it may not work as well on a busy job site as it would do in one’s backyard. For those people who do not need the power of an industrial miter saw, this one is for you.  This saw offers the best price with the highest quality, and it also comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a one-year free service contract as well.

So next time you decide to finish your weekend work early and have some chilled beer, do remember to have this saw by your side.

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  • 3 Year warranty with the product
  • Accuracy is great
  • Best product at the given price point


  • Check if the fence is bowed when you unbox it.
  • The saw is slightly heavy.


Tacklife 12.5-Amp 4500RPM  Single-Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw:

“No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle dismay, no trouble dishearten the man who has acquired the art of being alive”. Oh yeah!! This is how one would describe Tacklife. Even though it has to face cut-throat competition in the market, it has learned the skill of staying alive in the market and this saw which they present to you is by far the best tool the company has ever made. This saw has attracted a large number of people who would otherwise have gone for premium brands say DEWALT by infusing cutting edge technology in their tools. This has also proven to be a pivotal product for a company that claims it to be the future of the tool making industry.

With the powerful 1500W design, 8-1/2 inches(210mm) blade, the saw delivers full-size performance at 4,500 rpm, making cutting faster, more powerful and extensive. Easy operation for cutting wood, soft metals, plastics with laser guide. The function of single-bevel and extended handle lever provides more possibility to your cutting work. It is equipped with 24 tooth TCT blade, carbon brush, extension rods, Allen wrenches, dust bag and a clamping device which make the life of a handyman easier.

Overall one can say this is an excellent device if you are looking for a saw which can cut logs of wood and also some kind of plastic material with similar efficiency. It is cheaper compared to many other saws but is equally effective when it comes to precision, workload handling and overall performance. If you are someone who is not a fan of cutting down wood but do it once in a while, I would say that this product is for you.

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  • Tacklife Miter Saw has a laser guide, which can optimum accuracy.
  • Easily portable, great saw for home use.


  • Warranty on this product is only 12 months by default, which is very less compared to other counterparts
  • Not built for industrial use and cannot cut through aluminum and other heavy metals


Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw:

Japanese are world leaders when it comes to technology. Isn’t it? The Hitachi built single bevel miter saw is an example to their innovations. Not to forget that this saw remains the best selling product on many popular e-commerce websites. It has earned its position not due to its brand name but due to the sheer quality that it brings with it. This gem of a saw has surely raised the stakes in the field of saw tools. It clearly has subjugated many other saws in the present market.

It has a 0-52 degree miter angle range both to the right & left which increases the flexibility, 0-45 degree bevel range to the left to provide clean and accurate bevel cuts, thumb actuated positive stops for quick miter adjustments make a life of workmen easier. It weighs 24.2 lbs to facilitate maneuverability and easier transport. The dust collector attachment is also included to minimize airborne particles that irritate the operator while working. A 15 Amp motor delivers high power for the toughest cutting jobs which makes it so special and an obvious choice for a contractor. It has a large table area to support material with vice clamping so that it remains secure and unmoved while working on it.

This product remains by far the best pick for a handyman to work with. It uses the laser for cutting the wood with precision and makes the life simple for him. It is a very robust product and allows you to earn those extra bucks that you simply could not do with any other saw. Also, you are provided with multiple blades in the package which help you to cut through with ease on various surfaces. If you are a professional really looking forward to earning a few dollars more than others then you could pick this saw over any other as a relation between the saw and failing is of chalk and cheese.

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  • Provided with multiple blades and a laser cutting technology
  • High-Capacity Cutting, Hassle-Free Operation, Easily portable


  • Made for industrial use i.e., not an ideal product to be used in one’s backyard.
  • A user manual is not provided in the package and the user is supposed to download it from the company’s official website.


Black+Decker M1850BD (SLIDING COMPOUND):

“All glitters are not gold” is what one would say if he had to talk about this saw. The much-decorated American hardware company failed to make a mark this time with this product.

The Black and Decker M1850BD much expectedly remain at the bottom of the list, and it takes this perplexing spot for a whopping number of reasons.  It comes in with one of the lowest amp motors, so cutting through larger chunks of wood could be a dream far from being real for this saw. It can cut a mere 2×4 at 90 degrees and up to a 2×3 at 45 degrees, which makes its capacity the least amongst its counterparts. It is built using die-cast aluminum which helps in cutting down the overall weight effectively. It comes with a platform that allows people working on it to make cuts both on the floor as well as on a table. It weighs 17 pounds and has a voltage of 120 volts. It also comes with a two years warranty from the user.

On the whole, this barely manages to be a package but nevertheless, if you are super low on your budget and looking for a temporary solution then this product might be of some help to you otherwise be ready to be flabbergasted at what you would see when the box is opened.

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  • Cheap, make precise cuts and ease of use
  • Lightweight product


  • Not recommended for heavy usage or industrial applications
  • Not much of positive reviews from customers’ side


Best Miter Saw Buying Guide

A miter saw is a great tool that is used in complex cuttings where the cut has to be made at a certain angle and precision is of utmost priority. It is more often than not used for making cuts and carvings on picture frames, crown molding, window casings, and other cuts that are mission impossible with a regular chainsaw. There is no brouhaha over the importance of the miter saw or miter saw stand in a workshop. It is an essential tool to have for any contractor and without this tool used, there is no single day spent in the workshop. This tool is not only used by the contractors in their workplace but also is an ideal tool that one must necessarily have in his toolkit which he uses in the backyard.

The miter saw helps you in many domestic purposes which involve cutting of wooden logs in blocks or cutting through some simple plastic or metal stuff. If you are a person who works a lot in his backyard and frustrated with the ever so tiring saws that make you fatigue then, it is high time for you to lay your hands on one of these miter saws.  These not only shoo away your fatigue while working but allow you to finish the work within no time.