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Osprey Daylite Daypack Review Facts

With the color and styling suitable for both men and women, the Osprey Daylite Daypack is people’s favorite for many good reasons. Even with its smaller size of 13L, it is capable of carrying a lot of your stuff. The large zipper offers quick access to all the pockets and compartments inside the bag, and there are smaller pockets on the outside to help you carry more. It actually manages to strike a perfect balance between keeping the setup simple and yet having the right features needed to get you through short hikes.
For longer hikes, you’d need to carry more stuff, and need a larger but heavier bag, and that is when the Daylite steals the show. You will be happy with your purchase if you’re out in the market to buy a small daypack that is comfortable and efficient, as that is exactly what the Daylite is with its padded shoulder straps, front zipped pocket, hydration compartment, and water bottle pockets.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Merely 1lb of weight
  • Extremely comfortable to wear around your shoulders and carry around, thanks to the
  • shoulder and sternum straps
  • Comes with extremely comfortable narrow webbing waist strap that serves the purpose well 
  • Shoulder pads come equipped with accessory loops giving you more options to carry gear
  • Addition of the hydration port makes it a much more impressive option as compared to its competition
  • May not be the largest daypack in the budget category with only 13L of capacity
  • Does not have large enough side pockets to store your standard water bottle
  • Comes with only two compression straps that limit its lashing capabilities


For its price, this frameless backpack is stylish although without the usual framework it may not always keep its shape. Perfect for both men and women, this unisex backpack has a great color combination and plenty of features. Well, you won't look outdated when carrying this backpack around, and that is an added benefit for sure.


For comfort, it is right up there, especially with the 3D meshing on the shoulder straps that keeps moisture away. For added comfort, there is a hip belt, which we liked, but found only necessary when carrying a heavier load. For use when jogging or running, it is an excellent feature for keeping the Osprey Daylite secure. The Daylite comes with an additional sternum strap which is effective at taking the load off your back. It increases security even further allowing the pack to move with your body rather than swinging against it. It is worth mentioning that it comes with adjustable straps, which means that you can change its size for a perfect fit.

Another notable feature is the presence of a removable back panel cushion. You can certainly remove it if you want, but leaving it in place will help you pack it in a larger Osprey back you may already have.


The back panel design is reasonably comfortable although in a humid climate it does not allow for much ventilation. However, the restricted ventilation can work in its favor and we found that it helps keep your back drier than the competitors such as the Deuter Speed Lite 20. It is the mesh-covered back panel that keeps you protected from the dreaded swamp-back-blues. Although it is not the magical anti-sweat product we dream of, it does come close.


No issues with durability with this product. The Osprey Daylite is mainly 210D nylon Double Diamond Ripstop combined with 210 denier nylon for its front and 420 deniers packcloth for the bottom. The strength of this combination will be more than enough to withstand the rigors of day to day use.
Connected securely together to make one single piece, the shoulder straps are particularly durable and stand out superior to the thin nylon webbing type usually seen straps these days. Being fully adjustable with foam-backed mesh means they are very comfortable.
You will find many good reviews for this pack, especially in terms of durability. There is no need to worry about tearing it while on your trekking expedition, as the fabric is quite good. However, it does show some signs of wear where the logos rub off. Other than this, the bag holds up amazingly well, even compared to many of its competitors.


If you're going to buy the Daylite, you should be clear about its capacity. For many people, it is a bit too small, especially compared to other standard daypacks. If you always like to carry first aid supplies, survival gear, extra water, outerwear, camera gear, and more, you may not find the Daylite serve you very well. After all, this 13L pack has its limitations.

However, for a pack with this price tag, you are going to get reasonably good space to manage most of your stuff. You can easily carry snacks, a rain jacket, a small med kit, and a headlamp with some room to spare. Its size suits the short hikes or summer hikes where bulky rainwear is not needed.

Storage Options

Both the Osprey Daylite and the Daylite Plus offer several storage options, which actually add to their value because they are not that expensive to start with. Open the long zipper side to side and you will have a large main compartment in front of you. It is extremely easy to open the pack and get what you want. You will find a designated tablet sleeve area as well that you can use for other electronics too. A smaller pocket comes with a handy clip and more elasticated pockets offer extra storage for the more valuable stuff you feel compelled to carry.
The Daylite comes with side water bottle pockets, which is a good addition, but these pockets could have been bigger to hold a standard 1L water bottle. The absence of the front stash pocket is another drawback because it makes you store small things like your phone, sunscreen, and keys in the top zipped pocket instead.

The hydration reservoir is okay but without a loop or hook to attach the top of the reservoir bag is another missed opportunity. However, it is possible to secure the hose under a loop on the shoulder straps. If you want pockets the Daylite Plus is a better choice with more pockets on the front and an extra padded pocket inside. The outer pocket on this daypack has some smaller pockets – you can call them organizer type pockets and use them to organize most of your smaller items. It would have been nice though to have some external gear loop as well that could be used to clip other items.


While breathability may not be an issue for you, waterproofing could be, although not many daypacks or backpacks perform exceptionally well in this area. If you are heading out into showers, a rain cover is advisable. Osprey has them available at a reasonable price and they come with a cinching attachment to secure the cover to your pack and its own handy storage case.

However, many users have confirmed that it has a degree of water resistance going for it, as it keeps things dry if you spill something on it by accident, and it is extremely easy to clean the fabric without having to worry about any stains.


The Daylite only weighs about 1lb, not heavy at all. The Daylite Plus is only slightly heavier but does come with a greater capacity, 20L. It means pack weight is not an issue and neither is the durability for a pack so light. Its weight will not be the thing that slows you down on the daily commute, your hike or during your sporting activity.

Compared to Other Brands

The Osprey Daylite is quite durable, but if you're more concerned about durability, you may want to put your money on the Camelbak Rim Runner. The Daylite, however, is much more durable than the Flash, which is another popular option. You may want to go for the Flash though if you need something lightweight and cheaper than the Daylite. You may not notice that much of a difference though because the Flash is only 6oz lighter than the Daylite.

For size and function, the Daylite is quite comparable to the Deuter Speed Lite 2.0. If your focus is on functionality, going for the Speed Lite may seem to be a better bet, which is mainly because of its additional external lashing options. The reconfigurable straps give the Speed Lite an edge over the Daylite. Interestingly, the Daylite is still a relatively more popular option because it attaches to most other larger Osprey backpacks that you may already own. Moreover, if you love hydration reservoirs, you will simply love the Daylite too.

The Marmot Kompressor 18 is considered another close competition. For daily commuting, the Kompressor 18 is a good choice, as it is not bulky, but it may not be as comfortable as the Daylite, mainly because the shoulder straps have no padding whatsoever. There are actually complaints about the Kompressor 18 shoulder straps giving rashes to hikers. Similarly, the REI Flash 22 is a good budget option with three main compartments and a wide array of pockets as well as hydration reservoir storage. The overall comfort is where the Daylite comes out victorious.

The Osprey Talon 22 is a popular buy, and it is, in fact, a better all-round pack as compared to the Daylite, but the Talon 22 is more of a sports daypack than anything else. You may favor it in winter though because it’s bigger than the Daylite and is therefore capable of carrying more layers. Again, it comes down to the type of traveler/hiker you are, and of course, the amount of money you can spend to get a reasonably good daypack.


The Daylite and Daylite Plus are budget packs, so you should be opting for them when the price is the main concern. However, that does not mean they do not offer a good value for money; in fact, this super affordable pack is quite suitable for all hikers, backpackers, and city dwellers. It is never easy to find another pack of comparable quality for the kind of price you pay for the Daylite. As a daypack, most people will use it to safeguard their important possessions, such as their phone, passport, computer, wallet, or keys, and the Daylite does its job amazingly well.


With its impressive visual appeal, it looks good when you carry it around. Its smaller size makes it quite useful for daily commuting, and you can always use it while flying. Its hydration sleeve can be a perfect place to stash all your travel documents. For hiking, it may be a good choice too, provided you're going for a short day hike with minimum raingear and snacks.

You may also consider using the Daylight for overnight hikes, but you have to realize that it will work only if you are cowboy camping with compact and lightweight gear. It will certainly allow you to be agile as compared to how you'd move with a larger pack. Depending on how much stuff you carry, it may serve you well from day hikes and cross-country skiing to snowshoe trips and shop around town.

The Bottom Line

As far as traveling, short hikes, and kicking it around the city is concerned, the Daylite will continue to impress you a lot. The affordable price is probably the best thing going in its favor – it is nothing less than a steal of a deal, especially considering its impressive storage options and features. There may be some shortcomings like the side pockets do not stretch well to accommodate water bottles, but as it is hydration compatible, you can use that space for storage. It sits perfectly on your shoulders with back panels allowing for fair ventilation. Overall, the Daylite is one impressive, highly versatile, and comfortable daypack, both on and off the trail.