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PrAna Stretch Zion Pant Review Facts

The PrAna Stretch Zion Pants are good for challenging and rugged environments and cooler weather conditions. Made with a semi-heavy Zion stretchable nylon and spandex fabric with DWR (durable water repellent) woven in, they are ideal for such sports and activities as camping, climbing, traveling, rock climbing, trekking, hunting, fishing, and backpacking. Lightweight, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and flexible, this product protects from the sun with UPF+50, dries quickly when wet, and will not hold in wrinkles. There are an adjustable waistband and a cinch-belt system for tightening in the waist. A belt is not really necessary with this garment but can be used. Two incredible features are the inseam gusset for ventilation and the snaps to roll the bottoms up. The crotch has the ventilation, so the user does not become overheated when participating in activities and duties. The snaps can be used to add ventilation in the legs or to protect the bottoms in harsh environments of muddy or deep-water surfaces. We provide you with all of the vital feature and quality details concerning these Zion pants in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and flexible with a zippered pocket
  • Sun protection of UPF+50 and DWR protection
  • The inseam gusset is ventilated for aeration
  • Does not hold wrinkles and dries super-fast
  • Leg snaps hold the pants when rolled up and add ventilation
  • Has a lining in the waistband to prevent chafing
  • Includes a cinch-belt system in the waist
  • Pockets are made of breathable mesh material
  • Color choices are better than competitor models
  • Stylish to wear for every day and the city
  • Water-resistant and moisture-wicking material
  • Good for challenging environments and cooler climates
  • Side pockets may be hard to use because they have zippers
  • A sizing chart is not supplied for buyers to know the most appropriate size to get
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  • These pants go beyond buyer expectations in comfort and performance.
  • The material dries quickly.
  • The stretch makes these great for active wear, travel, or just lounging.
  • The style and material looks good even as casual office attire or going around town.
  • These will keep you warm in cool weather.
  • The material doesn't show dirt easily and is easy to clean.
  • These pants are tough enough for technical hiking, off-trail adventure, and climbing.
  • The majority of buyers say these are worth the price.
  • A variety of inseam lengths are available.
  • The pant legs can be rolled up to a comfortable 3/4 length for extra ventilation and low water wading.
  • According to some buyers, these outperform pants from other active brands.
  • These are comfortable to wear with an insulating layer underneath for extra warmth.
  • The integrated belt helps with the expected waistline changes that can happen over a long, multi-day hike.
  • The cargo pocket can be opened horizontally and vertically.
  • The materials are light, soft, and functionally stretchy.
  • Most buyers agree that these are sufficiently water resistant.
  • The cargo pocket is not bulky.
  • These are great for travel because of the versatility and comfort.
  • The material does not easily wrinkle.
  • These pants are not super ventilated so they can get too hot in warm weather.
  • Some people feel the cargo pocket is not necessary.
  • The waist has a slim fit so sizing up was necessary for some buyers.
  • There are some claims that the water resistance is not even along the full length of the leg.
  • Sawdust and similar materials tend to cling to the material.
  • The bottom of the pant legs are wider than some would prefer.
  • Rubbing on the material can build up static.
  • Only the cargo pocket zips, the others do not.
  • There are complaints of inconsistent sizing between different pairs.
  • There have been quality control issues ordering from third party sellers.
  • The integrated belt can get in the way of a regular belt.
  • The fit is different from earlier versions and PrAna Zion Shorts.
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Lightweight and flexible, These Zion pants are travel-friendly and quick-drying to be ideal for all of your activities and adventures outdoors. Many buyers were happily surprised at how fast these pants dry off when they become wet. They are water-repellent, so you will remain dry in a light rain. However, if you are caught in a downpour, you will dry very quickly. With sun protection of UPF+50 and four-way stretch, you can do just about anything and be very comfortable and protected. Where other pants will teat and rip, the Zion model will give to your activity level and remain intact. The inseam gusset is ventilated for aeration, and the legs are not baggy as hiking pants can be usually. You would not believe how handy these ventilation holes can be when you are busy with your activities and need to cool down. Some customers liked this feature so much that they were not opposed to having more holes in future models. The fabric does not hold wrinkles making them ideal for traveling and on-the-go excursions. You want to look your best at all times and do not want to look unkempt with wrinkled pants. The thickness and durability of the material is to thank for that great quality.

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Made with Zion stretchable fabric with a DWR (durable water repellent) layer woven in, these incredible pants are long-lasting and durable. They are also water-repellent because of this added feature along with having a rugged design and stitching that is perfect for outdoor use, work, and play. Customers really put these Zion pants to the test with backpacking and hiking in some of the worst and most harsh environments. Even when rubbed on rocks and boulders when climbing, they did not tear or scratch. One person said he was the only person in his party of travelers who were unscathed in their treacherous journey because he was wearing these pants. They are some of the durable pants currently on the market that you can depend on for your rugged adventures.


Many people were surprised at just how flexible these Zion pants can be. With the rise just under the waist and an adjustable waistband, they have a standard fit with added room in the thigh and seat. There is one cargo pocket on each side with a zipper closure to protect the contents and keep them from falling out. We did see some complaints about the pockets that concerned the depth of the pockets and the zippers. The pockets are not as deep as some users would have liked, plus the zippers were hard for some customers to functionally appreciate. Leg snaps hold the pants when the bottoms are rolled up. Doing this will aid in protecting the bottoms if you are trudging through a rough or muddy territory. It will also provide you will additional ventilation if it is needed. Some buyers had no use for this feature of the pants until they found a purpose for them in their travels. Then, they loved the addition and used it all the time.

Key Features

-Four-way stretch and sun protection of UPF+50
-Inseam gusset is ventilated for aeration
-Made with Zion stretchable fabric with a DWR
-One cargo pocket and adjustable waistband
-Leg snaps for ventilation and rolling up pants
-Lining in the waistband to stop chafing of the skin
-Cinch-belt system for tightening in the waist
-Pockets are made of mesh material
-Fabric is nylon and spandex materials-
-Water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and moisture-wicking


The high price of These PrAna pants kept some people from buying more than one or two pairs. Others found them on sale at certain times to get a few pairs quickly. When you consider the capabilities and features of these pants to protect your lower body in almost any terrain and environment, you will not question the price. Even those that said the price was a problem did say that they were worth the cost. if you want to be able to depend on a par of pants for your outdoor activities, then the increased price is to be expected. They can be worn for days on end without any tears or signs of wear, plus they offer some sun and water protection. Once you try them and enjoy them, you will be wanting more of these Zion pants for your many trips and activities.


Protective and extremely quick drying, this PrAna item includes a cinch-belt system for tightening in the waist. You can wear a regular belt to hold them in place, but many users find that this built-in system is just fine by itself. Durable enough for the most rugged adventures and resistant to abrasions, you will be glad at how fast these pants dry when they do become wet. This is one of the most widely commented on features online from satisfied buyers. There is also a lining in the waistband to keep the material from chafing the skin. This helps when you are on the move quickly in challenging environments. This Zion fabric is strong and flexible enough to satisfy PrAna when they could not find a suitable material for their garments. They simply made their own to incorporate into these incredible rugged garments.


Buyers say the sizes are true, so you can order the regular size you wear. They do not run big and have an adjustable waist. For additional room in the crotch, you can order a larger than normal size. We noticed a few complaints concerning size from online buyers that we think are important to mention in our review. Not a lot of people had these comments, but they may be something that would be important to a potential customer. The crotch zipper was not long enough, and neither were the pockets according to a few buyers. A regular cellphone would fit in the pockets but may be difficult to pull out easily. If the pockets were a bit deeper, then the zippers would not be used as much to hold in contents. The pockets are made of a mesh material also. This was not ideal for several customers who were concerned about their pocket contents puncturing a hole in this material or simply slipping through. Again, these were only mentioned by a few people, but are aspects to consider when deciding on purchasing.


Having been put through the wringer outdoors by customers backpacking in a rugged territory, these Zion pants made it through without a scratch. This was noted by many buyers online, so they are truly stable in the outdoors and harsh surroundings. Whether it is branches, rocks, slopes, rain, or deep brush that you must travel through, you can depend on these incredibly durable and sturdy pants to make it through unscathed. They weigh less than cargo shorts said one customer and dry much quicker than other models of outdoor pants. This is good if you do get caught in a downpour of rain and are unable to remove them for drying. These will repel water, such as light rain, but are not waterproof to keep you dry in heavy rain. the stability of the material and stitching is dependable and reliable to stay in the best condition no matter what life throws your way.


Available in many solid vibrant colors with exquisite names such as cargo green, brick, black, charcoal, mud, dark khaki, bronze, coffee bean, dark ginger, spruce, mood indigo, gray, and equinox blue, these terrific Zion pants are stylish enough to wear every day and even in the city. You do not have to be the outdoor type to enjoy this pant model, as they look great with almost anything you want to wear. With such a color choice that puts competitor models down, many people are buying them for casual and regular wear. The fabric is tough nylon and spandex materials to give it that stretch that everyone loves and is talking about online. Being water-resistant and moisture-wicking even has its perks when wearing in the city, especially if you live where it tends to rain a lot.


Made mostly for rugged outdoor use because of the materials used in their construction, these Zion pants can be used for any type of activity indoors or outdoors. They are best used for challenging environments and cooler climates because of the heavier weight of the fabric. Whether your passion is hiking, camping, climbing, traveling, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, or trekking, this Prana product is just perfect. The many offered colors of this model just make you want to have a pair for all the activities and sports that you perform. They are long-lasting, comfortable, and tough, so you will find many situations to wear them in and may not want to go back to what you were wearing before you discovered them.

Ease of Use

The waist of these Zion pants is not stretchy, but the material has four-way stretch flexibility. They will not restrict your movements, which is what makes them so incredibly suitable for outdoor activities and sports. You do not have to wear a belt to tighten the waist because there is a pull strap to tighten them easily. They repel water well yet are quite breathable especially in the crotch area. This aeration is needed because of the thicker material of the pants and because of the activity level of the user when wearing them. you will not feel a gush of wind as with some other pant models, but just enough to keep you cool and comfortable. The snaps to roll up the pants will help you in muddy situations and keep the bottoms from touching the ground. This feature also is used to add ventilation when it is needed.

The Bottom Line

Once potential buyers get the sizing correct because there is no chart provided according to buyers, you will find that the PrAna Stretch Zion Pants are an incredible find. Outdoorsy people will love them for their durability, flexibility, resistance to water and abrasions, and comfort level. The many available colors will make you want more than one pair, however, the higher price keeps most people to just one or two pairs. You usually get what you pay for, and this is true with this outstanding pant model. Such a rugged product is needed for the many activities and outdoor adventures that plenty of people love to do. Despite its few flaws, this is an excellent model that you can depend on for your outdoor and everyday excursions.