What is the right age to motivate your kid to start skiing?

What is the right age to motivate your kid to start skiing? What is the right age to motivate your kid to start skiing? gearweare.net

Deciding when your kid should start skiing or snowboarding is the subject that requires your attention. Starting too early isn’t a wise choice because he will have difficulties with overcoming techniques. On the other hand, starting too late might hinder his confidence because not everyone is ready for acquiring new skills thus he might need more time before he starts feeling comfortable and moving freely. That being said, it’s best to start on time in order to help your kid to build confidence and to fully enjoy the benefits of snow sport.

Hopefully, we can help you in deciding what is the best age for your kid to engage in snow sport by answering the following questions:

  • What is better for my kid: skiing or snowboarding?
  • What is the right age for my kid to start skiing or snowboarding?
  • What are the benefits of these snow sports that are important for my kid?

What is better for my kid: skiing or snowboarding?

Needless to say, either of these snow sports will have a positive influence on your kid’s life. However, the main difference between skiing and snowboarding is that the former is easier to learn while mastering is quite challenging, whereas the latter is harder to learn but once you learn basic techniques, mastering will be a piece of cake.

What is the right age for my kid to start skiing or snowboarding?

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When comes to skiing, the best time to start learning your kid is at the age of 3 because in that period children are bold thus learning process is more interesting and easier than when they are older. Moreover, starting at age 3 would be ideal, because they will learn techniques gradually through the game while being in a group will help them to develop social skills.

When comes to snowboarding, the right age to start learning your kid would be at the age of 5 because at the age of 3 or 4 children won’t be able to cope with mechanics of standing sideways down.

We want to point out that the most important part of learning either of these snow sports is that your kid should enjoy the first experience because that way he will be eager to learn and to cooperate.

What are the benefits?

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As a parent, you probably want to know what are the advantages of both snow sports for your kid and why it’s important for your child to be active as earlier as possible.

Increases health:

Regardless of which snow sport he chooses, it will have a great impact on your kid’s health because it involves a lot of exercises that will keep his body and mind active. However, the accent is on increased strength and flexibility due to various positions and techniques that your kid will learn.

Improves Coordination and Balance:

Skiing and snowboarding require the use of the whole body thus your kid will learn how to use his body (especially core muscles) in a proper way to ski safely so he doesn’t fall.

Increased self-awareness:

When your kid engages in sport, soon he becomes aware of his mental and physical advantages and disadvantages and he starts seeing himself as a strong and capable person.

Decreases risks of injuries:

Having in mind all benefits that we mentioned so far, it’s not a surprise when we say that all that lead to lower risks of injuries. When your kid is getting used to balancing, coordination and when he’s strong and flexible, there is far less chance to fall and to end up injured.

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Social skills- Needless to say, skiing and snowboarding are more than just activities that you do for kicks. They teach us values thus contribute a lot to our social skills. Being in a group, your kid will learn how to stand for himself and how to respect others. Moreover, he will develop a sense of equality, helping others and being compassionate rather than comparing himself and looking for ways to hinder other children’s confidence and development.

Developing a sense of healthy competition:

When skiing with his friend or sibling, your kid will find out that healthy competition is a great thing since it brings a lot of fun, love, and respect and helps in building stronger bonds between them.

Personal growth:

When comes to any sport, learning how to get maximum out of winning and losing and how to give your maximum is a prerequisite to being successful in every other area in your life. By being a part of a team and having a sense of value, your kid will learn how to achieve goals and how to keep moving forward later in life when he encounters some difficulties, whether it’s about school, career or relationships.

Now that you absolutely have no reasons why your kid shouldn’t start skiing or snowboarding it is time for his wonderful and exciting first experience so make sure that you support and encourage him.