How to Make a Cappuccino With an Espresso Machine

A guide to brew quick cappuccino using an espresso machine

Not just refrained to Italy, coffee is a renowned Italian beverage which has become an irresistible deal for many across the world. Cappuccino is one of the coffee variants which come with a strong bitter punch derived from a solid coffee brew with a creamy texture of frothy milk.

Here are the steps required to brew a perfect cup of cappuccino using your best espresso machine:

Your favourite bean grinding

A perfect cup of cappuccino can only be ‘perfect’ for you when you add your favourite beans to them. Grind enough coffee grounds which can fill one shot of glass. On average, a single serving cappuccino needs one-ounce espresso shot. In order to make more than one, get enough coffee beans to prepare the number of shots.

Time to prepare espresso

The settings of an espresso vary depending on the model. Read the instruction manual and prepare your espresso accordingly. Wait till it dispenses the coffee in your cup. If a foamer is included in your espresso wait til the espresso finishes including the milk frothing.

Ready your milk

An espresso with a frother can foam your milk. But if your espresso does not include an in-built frother, use an external milk frother. Froth the milk properly to get a thick foam which delivers a rich cappuccino.

Tip to prepare a thick froth: Submerge the tip of the frother without touching the surface and move the wand up as well as away from the surface. Once you start frothing your milk and pull away from the surface, it encourages the thickening of froth.

Mix the coffee and milk

Once the brewing is done, take a mug and place it under the group head diligently. Once poured, add the warm and steamed milk with its liquid portion first. Once the mug is filled up to the half, scoop out the remaining froth and top-up your cup with it.

Adding sugar is optional

If you like a bitter cappuccino, your coffee is ready to blow your mind with a shot of energy and taste. But if you wish to add little sweetness, take a teaspoon of sugar and add. Mix it well

Your perfect cup of cappuccino is ready with a soft touch of milk and a strong taste of espresso

Variants like coffee powder, sprinkles and chocolate syrup are some of the options which people like to add to their delectable cup of cappuccino. It entirely depends on your preferences, how you want to experiment with your cappuccino.

However, an authentic cup of cappuccino is an artistic combination of two major ingredients – steamed milk and espresso.

With this easy tutorial, you can brew as much cups of cappuccino as you want for yourself and for the list of your friends. So, try out your culinary skills with this easy recipe and enjoy a refreshing coffee right at the comfort of your home. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money to fetch your favorite cup of coffee.