How to Make a Latte With an Espresso Machine

Latte is one of the popular coffee concoctions which are enjoyed by coffee lovers across the world. Steamed milk and espresso are the essentials of any perfect latte which can give a good start to your day. But, buying it every day is not realistic due to its expensive pricing.

So, if you an ardent Latte lover who wish to grab a perfect cup of latte any day without a glitch, here are the 7 simple steps to brew a one by using your espresso machine.

Step 1: Grind the coffee grounds

If your espresso does not bear an in-built grinder, grind the coffee beans finely about the size of table size grains. Finely ground coffee clump and stick easily. To add control and freshness, use a burr grinder. You can ensure a consistent grind as it gives you control over the finesse and coarse level of espresso grounds.

Step 2: Milk preparations

If you need a small latte, 6 ounce of milk is all you need. The golden rule is to take the brewed espresso and milk in the ratio of 1:6. You can use nonfat milk with the consistent foam but it does not taste as great as fat milk does. Add a little cream to make a rich latte with nice foam. You can enjoy the best latte from whole milk with high content but it is hardest to make foam

Step 3: Steam the milk

Add the milk to the metal pitcher and insert the steam wand by resting it below the surface in a diagonal position. Use a hand towel to grasp the handle to prevent any scorch. Open the steam hatch and use a thermometer to check the temperature of steam milk. Many espresso machines come with an in-built thermometer which allows you to keep a hassle-free check on the temperature. Steam milk should not cross 170ºF.

Step 4: Measure the grinded coffee grounds

As most of the latte is brewed using double espresso shots, you need to measure 18-21 grams of coffee grounds for each espresso shot. Portafilter in the espresso should be put on the kitchen’s scale and zero it down. Now add the coffee grounds carefully for each espresso shot.

Step 5: Tamp the coffee

Using a tamper, compress the coffee grounds in the partafilter and use the twisting position to do it evenly. An ideal tamp need 30lbs of pressure. This process creates a ‘puck’ so that your espresso machine can brew it evenly.

Step 6: Make the espresso shot

Lock the portafilter into the group head and press brewing button. It takes almost 30 seconds to brew a perfect shot which colour from dark to medium brown with foam on its surface. Brewing longer may turn the taste of your latte bitter and also losses the flavour.

Step 7: Add the steamed milk over the espresso

Use a spoon to regulate the flow of foam. Start adding the foam one you are left with ¼ from the top.

A delectable latte is ready with a nice creamy brown texture.