5 Best Electric tankless water heaters 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

You’ve landed at the right spot for the best electric tankless water heater in the market. Water heaters are the indispensable part of chilling winters. Whether it’s an after-work refreshing hot shower or early morning splash, we all need a reliable water heater which can make bathing fun for us even in winters.

Tankless water heaters are the latest trending water heaters due to their space-saving ability and higher efficiency. With the three variants available in the market as electric, gas and propane; Electric heaters are considered best among the three due to their extended benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the best electric tankless water heaters and the features which makes them stand out of the crowd. This article is an all-inclusive guide which gives you comprehensive knowledge about the various aspects you should consider while buying electric tankless heaters.


The best electric Tankless water heater to justify your investment

EcoSmart ECO 27

It is one of the best electric tankless water heaters which is ideal for single families. It is compact in size, self-modulating and energy efficient and feature accurate temperature control. The digital control panel of this heater allows you to adjust its temperature in the increments of 1 degree to give precise control over the temperature adjustment.

With a promise of 99.8 percent energy efficiency, this tankless water heater automatically adjusts the amount of energy it draws depending upon the temperature as well as the quantity of water you are using. You can expect 3 GMP flow rate in the coldest month and a maximum flow of 6.5 GMP in moderate winters.

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The thermal auto protection is provided to prevent any overloading or overheating. The compact size of this heater makes it a perfect fit to tight spaces. Low-maintenance stainless-steel and copper construction accentuation the contemporary design of this heater.

As the company offers a lifetime warranty, it is only applicable to the heat exchangers, elements and electronic part. Any damage to the heater will not be covered under the warranty terms. Once you purchase the product, register yourself within 30 days of purchase to get your heater qualified for the warranty.


  • It has an intuitive digital interface
  • It offers precise temperature control
  • Easy maintenance
  • It is equipped with advanced self-modulating technology
  • Extended durability with stainless steel made
  • Efficiently saves the storage space of up to 12 cubic feet
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Easy operation for unlimited hot water


  • Labor service by the company is not free
  • User report slight delay in providing hot water


Rheem 240V Heating Chamber RTEX-13

This residential water heater has an external adjustable thermostat control to allow easier control over the heat of the water. It is quite easy to install and comes with easy thread replacements. The electrical cord is provided along with the device.

It weighs around 8.5 pounds which are on the lighter side to facilitate easy installation. It is very small yet powerful. It boasts 99.8% energy efficiency which everyone looks up to cut their electricity bills. A water-saver shower head is provided along which gives 1.5 GPM as output.

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It has a unique high-end design and customers claimed to save 30% of their utility bills, making it an energy efficient tankless water heater. It boasts a faster heat process to provide the user with hot water in minimal wait time.

It hardly takes an hour to install it and the process is easy and straight-forward. It comes with a single temperature dial control which facilitates easy operations. All the necessary accessories are provided to facilitate the customers.


  • It is a user-friendly water-heats
  • The affordable price of this water heater
  • Absolutely compact design to make it fit any utility wall
  • It is an ideal deal for small houses
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Built-in temperature control panel
  • Meant for versatile usage – shop, boat garage, laboratory


  • Not useful for big families
  • The temperature rises slowly at a flow rate of 4 gpm
  • No energy star certification justifying its energy-efficiency



This sturdy water heater promises instant water supply with consistency. You can enjoy endless hot water at the temperature of 116 degrees F. It can adjust the power input based on the temperature setting and flow rate just within real time.

When the water flow is reduced, it automatically uses lesser energy to ensure an ideal temperature to offer a comfortable experience to the users. It also makes it energy efficient by saving on your energy bills. The digital touch and control panel makes it easy to use. It comes with a remote control which allows using it from anywhere you wish to.

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Multiple protection devices are installed along with strict test to make it 100% safe for usage. To avoid energy waste, the compact design of this unit allows installing it to the nearest outlet. From hair salon to school, office, bar, community or hospital, it is ideal to use anywhere you need.


  • 5.5 KW of heating system for sufficient hot water supply
  • It features smart self-adjustment based on the flow rate of water
  • It is easy to use with its intuitive interface
  • It is very safe to use
  • It offers higher durability to justify the return on your investment
  • A compact size heater which can be installed in minimal spaces
  • An energy efficient heater offering operating-cost efficiency
  • Ecotouch has a great brand reputation for quality product offerings


  • The prices are not affordable for everyone.
  • It does not provide continuous hot water flow above 90 degrees


Titan N-120

Fulfilling needs of million in a smart way, this modern tankless electric water heater comes with latest automatic functions and advanced features to make it an ideal choice. By using lesser electricity up to 220 Volts, it quickly heats up the water.

Quite easy to handle, the compact size of this heater allows you to fix it anywhere you wish to. The simple features make it user-friendly. It can support more than one room with a consistent supply of hot water. It comes with an outer layer which prevents the heat from dispersing to make it energy-efficient.

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A well-protected steel shell is provided to deal with an earthquake, flame, disaster or fire. This ultra-modern device works well in case of less voltage and power. With its self-modulation technology, it saves up to 50% of energy by sensing shower heads on/off and flow rates.


  • It is a versatile device which can be used for multi-purposes including hot and cold countries
  • It comes with a re-settable thermostat which can be adjusted manually
  • It offers hot water up to 5 gallons per minutes
  • Steel and copper fragmented device for extended security
  • Fully automatic controlled system to ease operation
  • Reduced consumption cost with lesser use of electricity
  • A space-saving unit with a compact design
  • Simple functional operations lead to uncomplicated operations
  • 10 years of warranty on water components
  • One year of warranty on other parts with full-service support


  • No mechanism to auto-switch off leads to overheating
  • The heating time goes up for cold countries as compared to the warmer ones
  • Price of this unit is considerably high


Bosch Electric Mini-Tank

A reputable brand Bosch promises commendable quality, making it an ideal deal for small households. From easy installation to the ease of operations, this excellent water heater does not disappoint its users.  Meant to deliver services for the long term, this heater is easy to maintain.

Temperature adjustment control is installed on the front to ensure easy access. The advanced thermostat comes with a new sensing probe to ensure quick temperature adjustments as well as consistent heating.

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To minimize standby heat loss, it comes with CFC-free foam insulation. The lined with glass ensure extended durability of this heater. If you want to mount them on the floor or wall, it comes with brackets.

The flexible installation allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically as per your preference. The amazing design of this heater amplifies the décor of the region where it is installed. The compact design of this heater makes it appropriate for smaller places.


  • It is a very reliable water source with a steady water supply
  • Very easy to mount to ensure quick installation
  • It comes with 7-gallon capacity to suffice the needs of more than one bathroom
  • The attractive design makes it an attractive deal to explore
  • It offers 150 psi operating pressure making it an efficient device
  • It promises 98% energy efficiency to cut down your utility expenses
  • Available in multiple-tank sizes
  • It comes with insulated tanks and glass lined to ensure durability
  • Lightweight and elegant design
  • Pressure and temperature relive valve included
  • The unit can be installed independently


  • Expensive from the price point
  • Being mini-tanks, the small capacity of water does not ensure longer shower times

Tips to find the best electric tankless water heater: Buying Guide

  • The material used: Most of the traditional tankless heaters are made up of limescale material which requires higher annual maintenance. Hence you should be considerate about the material used in the model you are choosing to ensure its extended durability and low maintenance.
  • Flow rate needs: Flow rate is an important factor which should be considered before concluding an ideal heater for you. While the bathroom showers, washing machine or a dishwasher requires a higher low rate, the flow rate required for kitchen faucets is much lower. So depending upon your utility, you should choose a water heater with the required flow rate. The flow rate of the heater is directly proportional to its price. So you can expect good flow rate with high-priced models only.
  • Incoming water temperature: When the temperature of the water does not exceed 30 F, electric water heaters are ideal to choose. But if you are expecting a temperature rise up to 50 F, chances are slim that even the best electric heater models will work up to your expectations.
  • Size: There are many size options available in the market. Hence, you should consider the area where you are planning to install the unit and take a measure of it. Any heater which can fit space will obviously be the ideal heater for you to choose. Especially, if you are planning to install under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink, you should narrow down your search to compact sizes.


Buying a tankless electric heater is easier if you have comprehensive knowledge about the factors to be taken into consideration before buying an ideal one for you. We have listed the best 5 electric water heaters which have got commendable reviews from its existing users for their advanced features and great quality.

It is important to pen-down your requirements first including your budget and narrow down the search for the models which fit in your parameters.

Each unit comes with certain pros and cons. Hence, a unit which suffices your preferences to the maximum and fits your budget is ideal for you. The amount and kind of usage is also an important factor in governing the best electric water heater for you. 

Best tankless electric water heater: FAQ

How to choose an appropriate size of electric water heater?

If you want to run two showers at the same time, you will require a 5 gpm flow rate to ensure steady and continuous hot water supply. If you need one shower at the time, a water heater with less than the prescribed flow rate can work for you.

Does electric water heater require a vent?

No, an electric water heater does not require a vent and this makes them a preferable choice over gas water heaters which necessarily require a vent. However, substantial energy requirements are required by an electric water heater.

Is it judicious to invest in expensive electric tankless water heaters?

If you look up from the perspective of long term, electric tankless water heaters are proved to be more cost-efficient by cutting don your utility bills and maintenance cost. Although the initial cost of these heaters is higher, they proved to save more energy than their traditional counterparts in the longer run.

Are electric water heaters more energy efficient than its tankless counterparts?

When compared with a propane water heater, electric water heaters are cheaper. With regard to energy saving, electric tankless heaters have 99% thermal efficiency while the gas tankless heaters have an efficiency between 80% – 80%