Best Miter Saw Stand

Looking for the best miter saw stand? It is really hard when you want to buy a new and perfect sawing stand for you. That too, when you are looking to purchase something online, it is messy to straight down to the perfect one you are looking for. You will have to take a look at the specifications, the extra features, and compatibility, all based on your needs.

Although you can build one for yourself, we only suggest you do it, if you are confident enough that you know about these things. Moreover, it will be expensive for you to build on by yourself according to your preferences. If not, go for the already made great miter saw stands that we have got in the below list.

Before jumping into the list, we suggest you go through the following if you are confused and know very little about the miter stands. In such a way, you will clearly have an image of what you specifically looking for and your preferences will start to kick in.

Best Miter Saw Stand 2020



Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

The Bosch T4B saw stand has this universal mounting system that is compatible with basically any saw of any brand. Even if you have those old saws lying around, it would be perfect because they will fit on this stand perfectly. Also, these works with multiple saws which is quite helpful in performing heavy-duty chores.

Weighing around 91.6 pounds, the Bosch T4B can withstand a weight of around 300 pounds which is quite phenomenal. The incredible design of this miter saw stand comes from the Gravity-Rise engineering as it tells you from the name of the product itself. The highlight of the product is that it can withstand rather long materials on it as well.

The Gravity-Rise technology helps you in lifting the stand in a vertical position and maneuver it with ease without any discomfort. As mentioned above, the capacity of the saw stand is to support a huge 18 feet of material without any issues at all.

Can be termed as the highest capacity of any fully portable miter stand available in the market. Also, it comes with sturdy and strong wheels for you to carry it around easily which makes it ultra-portable. Although it weighs a pretty lot, for the features and the capacity that it offers, it makes a great deal to own this saw stand.

To the warranty part, you get a 1-year manufacturer warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee when purchased through Amazon. In the box, you get 8-Inch Pneumatic wheels along with Rapid Release tool mounts.

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  • Can move without detaching the saw
  • Ideal for heavy-duty


  • Shabby customer service (From what we can see on Amazon)
  • Hard to find spare parts


PM-4000 Portamate Folding Miter Saw Stand

In this list that we got hanging, we can say that the PM-4000 is the best budget buy a miter saw stand that you can buy. Even though you can’t expect much from this cheap buy saw stand, this not-so-little stand offers all the basic requirements. It has got all the more than basic needs that you require to buy a miter saw stand.

It falls under the lightweight section weighing just 30 pounds which is around 13.5 kgs on the sheet. The far better part of this saw stand is that it is capable of weighing up to 500 pounds or 227 kgs at maximum. The PM-4000 comes with dimensions of 44 x 10.2 x 6.1 inches and supports the length of the material till 10 feet or 3 meters.

The stand is so lightweight enough and it is easy to move or carry it around with ease. Although the downside is that it doesn’t come with any wheels for adding to the ease of usage.

Another user-friendly feature that it has got is that its snap pin folding legs which can be pretty useful to keep moving it around the workshop. When folded, you can easily fit it into your vehicle for traveling and when not in use, you can fold it comfortably so that you can keep it aside idly.

Coming down to the warranty part, you will get a 1-year warranty if you buy the product through Amazon. In addition to this, you get a 20-inch quick attach mounts in the box along with the product.

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  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • No extra features
  • Not very precise cuts


DEWALT DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

The DeWalt tools are known for the standard and build, aren’t they? Although it weighs just a little, it can hold up a three-digit weight. And for what does it hold the potential of all the features; you’ll know.

It comes with an adjustable work stops which allow you to adjust more than once for multiple cuts bearing the same length without losing any measurements. This will save a lot of time making the work more professional and productive.

Coming to the specs, it weighs just 35 pounds and can bear a weight of up to 500 pounds which is a huge sum of weight for such light saw stand. Also, it is capable of accommodating a material length of up to  16 feet long which makes the DWX723 saw stand with second-highest capacity.

The dimensions being, max height of 32 inches when extended and 72 inches when folded; max. length of 150 inches when extended and 6 inches when folded.

Quality is extremely sturdy allowing you to handle material up to 16 feet long without any discomfort whatsoever. All thanks to the table extensions, which will lock into the set positions solidly. And with a maximum support weight of up to 500 kgs makes it an exceptional saw stand to carry out a wide range of projects.

It also comes with mounting brackets and a quick-release feature which allows you to fine-tune the saw’s position after mounting it according to your preferences. When you are done with the work, it can easily fold up in just a couple of seconds make it ready for storage.

And moreover, it comes with a carrying handle which makes it easier for carrying it around. The warranty is a good 3-month returnable policy along with a 12-month free maintenance service when purchased through Amazon. In the box, you also get two mounting brackets and two heavy-duty work stops.

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  • Heavy-duty work made easy
  • Comes with an extension arms
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry


  • No wheels
  • Difficult to move around when a saw is attached


POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

The MT4000 can be termed as one of the best miters saw stands available with a premium quality build. The stand is built from the steel tubing which is of high quality and has gone through several rigidity tests as claimed by the company. Weighing just a bit and along with the wheels to make it easy for carrying it around, it is one of the best deal that you can get.

As earlier said, it weighs just around 37 pounds and is capable of having a weight of up to 330 pounds without any discomfort. With the durability that it offers, it has also got a secure and quick saw attachment.

It has got a standard universal mount which makes it unique but can be usable with a variety of miter saws. For the accuracy and stability that it offers, we have to thank the 11.5-inch steel rollers which support the work surface length along the bench.

The 8-inch rubber wheels are fully spring-loaded locking wheels which will help you in handling them easily even if there is any saw attached. Folding it up is as easy as assembling it, all thanks to these spring-loaded legs.

In addition to this, the quick-release mounting brackets make it easier for the miter saw attachments. Also, the 3-outlet power strip is helpful even if you are away from power sockets. These other saw attachments can be easily mounted and removed with quick-dash release universal mounts. For stability, the feet are made adjustable for making it work even on uneven surfaces.

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  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-portable
  • Quick disassembling


  • Hard to find spare parts
  • Not so accurate in holding


DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand

The DW7440RS falls under the lightweight section and for the compactness that it offers, it can be termed as a great saw stand. The footprint that it offers is large enough for it to provide stability altogether being available in small size and not being uncomfortable. The legs of the stand fold and retract quickly and with an ease that you won’t have to put much effort. In addition to this, the tote handle and the wheels that are provided make it super easy to carry it around.

Weighing just around 33 pounds, it is capable of carrying a weight of up to 300 pounds. The table comes with the dimensions 9 x 20 x 34 inches along with the table of length 40 inches, height and width 36 inches.

The sturdy, large wheels are capable of handling site debris, steps, and curbs easily. And thanks to the ground-centered weight, it doesn’t make much effort to roll it behind you. Also, the adjustable cutting table comes in handy while adjusting it to your perfect height.

Coming to the build quality, the DeWalt products are always known for their sturdy and well-made design and build. The aluminum legs that come with the stand get a rubber padding which will protect the flooring and minimizing any sliding that you might encounter.

Apart from what we see on the other miter saw makes like the table saws can be fixed and be supported by two fully adjustable mounting brackets. And with the quick-connect levers that you get, it helps you in connecting and releasing the saw in an instant, which will spare you time and a lot of effort.

When it comes to warranty, DeWalt provides a 30-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee, 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty if you purchase it through Amazon.

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  • Lightweight – 33 pounds
  • Folding legs
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Ultra-portable


  • Lack of beam extensions
  • Difficult for all users to use with a short-based table saw


Ridgid AC9945 Miter Stand Utility Vehicle

The AC9945 is one of a kind saw stand which has a rather interesting design. The setting up doesn’t take much time and it is easy to figure it out without having to open the instruction manual. Once you have fastened the mounts to the miter, make the assembly set on the work rails according to your preference. The far better thing is that the adjustable mounting system sees to it that the position of your saw close to the work surface without lifting the saw at all. The AC9945 has got a table that will support even the hefty miter saw makes which makes it a pretty great deal.

In terms of weight, it falls under the heavy section weighing around 65.5 pounds and supports a weight of up to 300 pounds. It has dimensions of 22.6 x 11.2 x 52.5 inches and has a table length of 41 inches, a height of 32 ¾ inches, and a width of 22.6 inches. With the sturdy wheels that it has got, it makes easier to carry it or drag it around by rolling by your back, thanks to the low-centered weight and the multi-grip handle.

The additional features that it has got add up a lot of features including the Glide feet assist when loading and unloading the truck bed without the bed surface being damaged. The best part is that it is compatible with almost all the saws that are available including the 12-inch slider and 10-inch portable model. It also comes with a comfortable work surface for different tape measures, pencils, and other such tools.

Coming to the warranty part, it comes with a limited three-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy. Moreover, it gets a lifetime service agreement when purchased through Amazon. Inside the box, you also get two large wheels, two work support brackets, and two saw mounting brackets.

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  • Ultra-portable in spite of heavyweight
  • Comes with leg support
  • Storage master


  • Lowers down a bit when arms are fully extended
  • Not ideal when working with big timber pieces


Craftsman Universal Miter Saw Stand, 2-Height-adjustable Compact Design

As the name itself suggests and points, the Craftsman Universal Miter Saw Stand is made in a compact yet sturdy manner. As the miter saws can sometimes be deemed dangerous, with these advanced miters saw stands, it has become easier and safer to use them. And with the super-strong frame that this has, it helps in working without any worries to have that it will break.

It weighs just 37 pounds making it easier to carry around if we had to. It is capable of handling a load of up to 330 pounds which can be pretty useful in carrying heavy-duty work. But, let’s see what’s in the wait for us.

It has dimensions of 51.5 x 12 x 9.9 inches and comes with a flexible 80-inch arm. Along with that, it has a 2 level height adjustment based on your needs. The design of the stand is exceptional and the stand can fit almost all the miter saws available in the market easily.

With the universal bracket that it is equipped with, it can fit a 10-12 inch miter saw along with other bench-mounted workshop tools. All in all, it makes a great deal for the price that it comes to considering the fact that they are providing great features.

The only downside, it doesn’t get any wheels which means you will have to keep carrying it around with the handle that it is provided with. Anyhow, keeping aside the size of your working tools, the stand will supposedly give you great working experience. And with the flexible arm that can extend up to 80 inches, it makes it easier to ensure the long work-pieces fit smoothly and accurately.

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  • Flexible Arm
  • Lightweight
  • Universal saw mounter


  • Unstable when working on heavy pieces
  • No wheels to carry around


Buying Guide: The best miter saw stand

As mentioned earlier, it is entirely okay to build a saw stand of your own. It is also easy considering the material is not that expensive. But, as the work keeps going on and on, and when the stands you use get taller, it becomes unstable.

And when you’re working on an uneven surface, it gets really difficult. That is where the miter saw stand comes in handy as it eliminates such issues that you face.

The other part being portability, it is extra comfortable and easy work if you have a stand that you can carry around and use anywhere you want. And the better part is that they do come in different sizes and you can pick the compact ones if you are mostly on-road traveling to the clients.

If you don’t move much, you might want to consider buying heavy ones that offer great stability and are capable of going through heavy-duty work. Additionally, if you are a regular worker who works on longer pieces of lumber and as such, the additional support of a miter stand will be deemed void.

It is also better if you buy the ones which have brackets and can be mounted with just any miter saw in minutes. Also, the addition of spring-loaded clamps comes in handy because they allow you to adjust the saw however you want resulting in easier effort when working on long pieces of timber.

And the telescopic supports help in adjusting the table for people based on their height. And the stability that these miter saw stands offer is impressive. Once you set up the stand perfectly with all the four legs, the stand can be deemed as a solid rock.

So, all the above-mentioned perks put up a great deal in buying a miter saw stand for your work to be more efficient and easier.

Narrowing down the aspects of a miter that you have to check before buying a miter saw stand, we will start up with the list of miter saw stands that we have used and wrote about how good they were in terms of usage including our readers views on them.

First off, you need to check on the durability. So, you will have to check on the build quality of the stand on point. There are stands which are not that strong; consider buying the best ones which will last for years to count.

Next up is the ease of usage. Even if you have the best saw which can be started using quickly, it is important to have a stand which when coupled with the saw works perfectly. That’s the reason you have to buy the one which can be set up quickly and easily when and wherever you need it.

Coming down to stability, it is one of the main aspects you have to look out for when buying a miter saw stand. If the stand you buy doesn’t offer great stability, it is apparently not so useful because the output of the work won’t be precise and accurate.

That’s the last thing you want when working on something, isn’t it? If at all the table or the stand that you work in wiggles, wobbles, or is shoddy, the output of the work would be really bad. The next point that needs work is the capacity.

Because that is the first thing you will be looking for when buying one of the miters saw stands. So, if the stand you buy can’t withstand much weight, it will probably be unstable or might break ultimately. Check for the supported weight and buy the saw stand that satisfies your requirements and preferences.

One other thing you might check on is the adaptable nature of the miter stand. Make sure that it can withhold various different miter saws that are available. Along with this aspect, it is also important to have portability as one of the highest sought.

Because, if you are someone who needs to travel and work at other places, consider buying a lightweight and a compact one. Also, look for the ones that come with wheels so that you can easily move it around places.

Now that you have got a clear image of what kind of miter saw stand you are looking for, continue reading down below, the best options that we chose to write about.


Hopefully, you might have picked the best miter saw stand from the above list, the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw makes a great deal in all the aspects.

Even though the other ones are nothing less, you can also have a look at the DeWalt ones which have been there for a while and for a matter of fact, DeWalt surely does know how strong to make their products.

From the above list, we do hope that you have narrowed down to one of the best miter saw stands. From what we have earlier talked about, you could easily pick the right one of your choice and preferences. Also considering your budget and preferences, make a perfect choice considering all the aspects that we have spoken about. However, if you still are confused about which one to buy, feel free to comment down below so that we can help you out.