Humminbird 120 Fishin’ Buddy Fish Finder Review

  • Humminbird 120 Fishin' Buddy Fish Finder Review
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    Out of all of the fish finder brands available on the market, the Humminbird brand is one of the most popular among anglers. One fish finder produced by said brand is the Humminbird 120 Fishin' Buddy Fish Finder. This fish finder has the potential to substantially increase the success you experience on your next fishing trips.


    The Humminbird 120 Fishin' Buddy features a display that is four inches when measured diagonally. The display of this fish finder unit is definitely on the small size, so it may take some time for you to get used to this unit if you're used to units ones with larger displays.

    The monochrome display of this fish finder unit supports 8 Level Grayscale. Therefore, anglers may experience some trouble distinguishing details.

    Fortunately, the display makes up for its small size and lack of color with its 240 x 150 resolution, which is impressively high for such a small gadget.

    SideFinding Sonar

    Unlike many fish finder units on the market, the Humminbird 120 Fishin' Buddy sports a side-imaging sonar. Such a sonar proves very useful when it comes to finding fish near a shoreline holding off the bottom. Therefore, you will experience much more success when casting at the shoreline from a lake.

    This fish finder will allow you to see fish at a distance of 30 or 40 feet from the sides of your boat. Without a fish finder unit with a side finding sonar, you would never be able to spot these fish, unless they happened to make a rise.

    Video Demo

    For such a low price, the Humminbird 120 Fishin' Buddy Fish Finder has lot to offer to you, as a fisherman, whether you're a greenhorn or a fishing master. While this product does have its disadvantages, the advantages of this unit more than makeup for them.