The Old Town Predator 13 Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a length of 13’2”, this kayak is reasonably fast and, with a width of 33.5”, it’s fairly stable.
  • It has a very comfortable seating system that is also height adjustable, it includes adjustable foot braces, and it has a stand assist strap.
  • The outfitting is absolutely top notch and it has a paddle keeper to keep your paddle from acting like an unruly teenager when you are fishing.
  • It has sufficient dry storage space with a hold in the bow and a tank well in the stern provides a place to carry a cooler or live bait well.
  • It’s available with an optional Scotty Stand-Ready bar which provides you with an added means of balance when standing up in the kayak as well as Scotty Outriggers for added stability and it is compatible with Minn Kota trolling motors via a pre-installed Minn Kota trolling motor mount.
  • With a length of 13’2”, this kayak is significantly less maneuverable than shorter kayaks in the 10’ to 11’ range and, with a width of 33 ½”, it may not be fast enough to suite some anglers.
  • With a weight of 86 lbs. this kayak is a bit on the heavy side which might make it difficult for some anglers to load and unload without assistance.
  • I really don’t like the way that the center console/hatch cover interferes with the standing room.
  • The only other problem that I have with this kayak is the lack of an anchor trolley which I consider to be an essential feature on a fishing kayak.
  • In all honesty, an anchor trolley is really not very difficult or expensive to install yourself.


Consequently, I have the same complaint with this kayak that I have with the Cuda 12. However, the hull on the Old Town Predator 13 strikes me as being somewhat sleeker than that of the Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 because the Predator 13’s hull has a distinct Swede Form hull whereas the Cuda 12 appears to have a more symmetrical hull design.

Key Features

Also, the hull of the Predator 13 displays a sharp bowline to help it slice through the water and a molded skeg in the stern to aid in tracking and the pontoon-like Tri-Hull provides superior initial stability. In addition, it also has a very comfortable seat in the Element Seating System which incorporates a rigid frame that enables the paddler to choose either the “Travel” (lower) position for increased stability or the “Attack” (higher) position for increased visibility and maneuverability or the “Stand-Up” position for poling or sight casting along with adjustable foot braces which enable the kayak to fit different sized anglers.


Plus, the rigid seat frame is considerably more comfortable than most molded sit-on-top kayak seats with standard kayak seat cushions! Also, like the Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12, the Old Town Predator 13 has a center console with a “Mod Pod” cover that provides a place to mount your fish finder and, there is an accompanying, Hummingbird transducer compatible, scupper hole so that you can easily install your fish finder without having to modify the hull.


However, unlike the Cuda 12, the console on the Predator 13 does not provide access to an in-hull rod storage compartment. In addition, while I like the convenient storage space that the console provides, I don’t like the fact that it limits foot room to a narrow isle between the sides and the console when standing up to fish.

Last, there is a large hold in the bow that provides plenty of dry storage space and there is a tank well in the stern which provides a place to carry a cooler or a live bait well.

Innovative Features

On the other hand, another innovative feature I noticed on this kayak is the molded paddle rest (not a paddle keeper) which provides a place to temporarily place your paddle on the gunwales without it rolling off. However, I am not entirely certain just how useful this feature is on a sit-on-top kayak with a rigid seat frame because the only mode that you can use it in is when you have the seat in “Travel” position (lowest) which seems to me to negate the need for it.

Something else that I noticed is that like the Cuda 12, the Predator 13 also has rod retainer system with rod tip protectors mounted on the bow which is very helpful in keeping your rods handy but organized and out of the way. Speaking of organization, instead of mounting SlideTrax rails on the gunwales like many fishing kayaks, this kayak features six removable mounting plates attached to the gunwales (four forward and two aft of the seat) to provide plenty of room for custom mounting rod holders and/or electronics.

A third innovative feature I noticed on this kayak is the locking bar attached to the kayak just aft of the seat which provides you with a means to securely attach the kayak to your roof rack via a cable with a lock on it. Plus, the cockpit has dual tackle holders, a Side Mounted Paddle Storage System (paddle keeper), and a stand assist strap to make standing up in the kayak much easier.

Bottom Line

So, all in all, I would have to say that the Old Town Predator is a well design and well outfitted kayak. I just happen to have a slight issue with its lack of foot room.

I have to admit that while I do like this kayak and think that it is a wonderful fishing kayak that is well designed, well constructed, and well outfitted, with an MSRP of about $1,400 and a total weight of 86 lbs., I am afraid that there are other brands and models that I would purchase this one.

However, that is a personal opinion that totally ignores the superb seat in this kayak as well as the many other innovative features it incorporates. Thus, I certainly would not advise you not to purchase this kayak because, as long as you don’t mind the center console being in the way, it is a fantastic fishing kayak that will undoubtedly serve you well.