Fishing Licenses: When Do You Need One?

Fishing Licenses: When Do You Need One? Fishing Licenses: When Do You Need One?

The real truth about any resources on earth is that they are not infinite. This means that if their use is not properly regulated, they will soon run out and future generations will not be able to enjoy them. Some of the natural resources which are under constant pressure from human activities are those in the oceans, particularly fish. In order to mitigate the damage that could be caused by human beings on fishing resources, many governments across the world regulate the rivers, lakes, and oceans through requiring those who fish in them to be licensed. If you like fishing, you need to know the information contained here so that you do not end up breaking the law without knowing that you are.

Why you need a license to fish

Many people ask why there is even a need for fishing licenses now when in the past people would just take their fishing rods and head wherever they thought the fish could be found. The reality is that nowadays, there are more people than there were in the past. The number of people in the US and in many other parts of the world has been rising to the extent that the balance between available natural resources such as fish has been affected. This has forced authorities to govern how these resources are harvested and fishing licenses are some of the ways that ocean resources are preserved. Without them, it’s most likely that the fish in the ocean could one day be extinct.

What is a fishing license?

A fishing license, which could be referred to as a fishing permit in certain countries, is a statutory mechanism which authorities use to regulate fishing in areas that they are responsible for. The fishing license could be required whether you are planning to fish for recreational or commercial purposes.

When do you need a license?

fishing licenseIt is most likely that if you live in any civilized place on earth that has some semblance of law, you are going to need a fishing license before you go out fishing. However, the type of license you need in different states will be different and will also be governed by different regulations. So, it is safe to assume that wherever you are you will need a license before you go fishing, whether for recreational purposes or commercially.

It is important to note that different states have different rules on how to get a fishing license. What this means is that you can’t just start fishing in another state because you have a fishing license from your state. However, it is common that a body of water is shared by more than one state. In such cases, the states may share the same license.

And then there is the issue around whether you need a different fishing license depending on whether you are fishing in salt or fresh water. In most cases, your saltwater license does not give you permission to fish in freshwater streams, rivers or lakes. However, in some states, you may discover that all fishing can be included in the same license.

Do you pay for a fishing license?

The fact is that the process of issuing out the license itself costs money as the people who work in that department and other resources have to be paid for. This is the reason why you will need to pay some money for a fishing license. However, the amounts paid will vary depending on the place where you are going to fish and on whether you are doing recreational of commercial fishing. It is most likely that you will pay more for a commercial fishing license than you would for a recreational license.

Do you need a license for catch and release?

If your idea of fishing is catching a fish and then releasing it back into the water, you are still fishing. For this reason, you will need a license. Even though you are not taking the fish away, someone is responsible for maintaining the area and waters where you do your fishing.

Fishing in a private arearecreational fishing license

A private area is generally defined as a pace that is owned by an individual person or private entity. In the majority of cases, states do not interfere in what happens to the natural resources on a private property. However, if you have been given permission to fish on someone’s private property, it does not mean that you have just received a license to do as you please. Find out if there are any fees that need to be paid and any rules that the owner has put in place. Sometimes, even though the property where you are fishing is privately owned, a fishing license may be required by the owner of the property.

Is a fishing license required in all countries in the world?

In some countries such as Belgium, Cyprus, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, you do not need a license for recreational sea fishing. However, you will still need to understand what is meant by the recreational fishing in each of these places. There are certain rules that still need to be followed with regards to the numbers of fish and the size that you can catch. You may also discover that certain species of fish such as sea trout and salmon may still require a license in those places where a fishing license may not otherwise be required.

How to apply for a fishing license

The process through which you can apply for a fishing license is different in different places. The most practical way to know what the process would be in the area where you want to fish is probably to find out. The good thing is that the internet has made information available about anyplace available at all times. Many places are also making it possible for people who want to go fishing to apply for licenses online.

As you can see, the regulations pertaining to fishing licenses differ according to the territory, state or country where you are going to be fishing. This is the reason why you need to find out as much as you can before you head out fishing.