Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is just one in a line of impressive tents produced by Coleman, and this model is designed at family size.

As with all campers, the two main priorities are waterproofing and space. This tent has waterproof features designed into it via inverted seams and welded corners and Coleman does put their tents through rigorous waterproof testing. As for space, it has 16 x 7 feet standing room.

The tent has even been tested for the ability to withstand strong winds up to 35 MPH. Moreover, if the weather takes a downturn and you need to stay inside and wait for better weather, this comes with an e-socket so that campers can have access to electricity, laptops, smartphones, and other electronics which are fun to take along on a camping vacation.

For families and large groups of friends planning a camping trip, this tent is a must for consideration.
Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleep 8 people, lots of space

Good weather protection in reasonable seasonal camping weather context

Built-in night light (requires batteries)

E-socket for power

Double thick tent fabric

Hinged door for easy access

Angled windows protection from rain


Easy enough to set-up


Avoid over challenging rainy weather out of camping seasons

Key Features


Coleman has a long positive history of producing good tents and innovation for weatherproofing is always evolving. The durable ground base in previous models included welded seams this design feature has been extended to include the main corner seams, along with inverted seams which deter water.

The tent has another defense if the weather starts getting wet. This model comes with a rain-fly which can be quickly stretched and secured over the main tent to stop the water from reaching the main structure.

The seams around the entrance door are inverted and treated to boost protection from the rain. This model has undergone rigorous water testing with gallons of water rained onto it to test how well it keeps out the rain.

Wisdom dictates that no matter how waterproof your tent is, it is a good move to invest in a waterproofing spray to regularly treat the tent fabric and buy a few rolls of seam tape, just in case the need arises.

Access and Ventilation

This Coleman tent has an impressive large door that is mounted on hinges and very easy to open and close. On warm days the upper half of the door will allow ventilation. The door entrance is large so it's incredibly easy to take gear in and out and for adults to enter and exit.

An awning is designed into the tent which gives a lot of cover for the door if the rain comes. In windy weather, the awning enhances protection from wet weather at the main entrance to the tent.

There are two windows at each end of this model and they are more than just effective ventilation and for allowing in light. The window design means they are angled to tilt forward to allow a good flow of air but not take direct hits from rain falling from above or rain coming at the tent from an angle.

The door and window seams are inverted and treated to stop rain from getting in through the seams; all campers know that seams are often vulnerable when a steady downpour of rain happens.

Good advice: take seam tape whenever going camping, and pre-spray your tent and seams regularly, regardless of how waterproof a tent is. Enough heavy prolonged rain is always going to challenge even the best-designed tent.

E-socket and Light System

A very good feature is the built-in e-socket which gives access to power for electronic gadgets, laptops, portable TV, any useful appliances which don't require a voltage level expected for a heavy-duty house oven. T

Keep in mind that the built-in light system requires batteries and it really is a cozy feature much appreciated by users.

Space and Frame

This Coleman Montana 8-person tent has a lot of space. Coleman states the tent can comfortably house 3 queen size air beds whit still enough space to move around.

The ground surface is 16X7 feet. It's not difficult to imagine that 8 people laid out sleeping have plenty of space, not only for themselves but for anything they want to keep inside the tent. For additional storage and hanging a camping light, the tent has built-in pouches.

The tent frame is seriously sturdy and the structure is designed to allow standing room in the central area up to 6X2 inches. The poles are durable and strong with slight flexibility which deals well with strong winds.


Coleman tents are all about durability, designed and tested to withstand strong winds. The brand takes a step further with its durable double-thick fabric which is specifically designed to last many seasons. The likelihood of tearing is extremely low..Double thick fabric not only ensures longer durability, but it also becomes another defense against rain and wind.

For seasonal camping in standard vacation types of camping weather, the tent, the poles, the fabric materials are highly durable. Coleman designed this tent with a purpose in mind, to comfortably house 8 people in reasonable seasonal camping conditions, and for that, this model gives very good functionality.

The tent has not been designed to set up in serious rainy conditions. It is a seasonal camping tent for outdoor vacations on camping sites, and this is why you should waterproof spray it regularly.

A Quick Pitch

The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is quick to set up. Two people working together can have the tent ready in 15 minutes. Taking down the tent requires thought and attention and this model comes with a strong carrying bag. The tent weighs in at 22.3 pounds and will fit any trunk.

Comparison to Similar 8-Person Tents

This model compares favorably against many other 8-person tents in that it gives a lot of space. The hinged door is certainly a popular and useful feature in comparison to the standard zip designs on many other tents.

This tent steps ahead in terms of a lot of space inside, and the design which presents a long structure means lots of sleeping space and plenty of room to store gear. The built-in night light is very good but do remember to bring backup batteries.

Coleman is specific when it comes to fabric durability and the double thickness of their tent fabric will always give them an edge over a good number of other makes.


If you are a family looking to hit a nice campsite in decent seasonal weather, this tent fits the requirements for a comfortable, spacious and practical family-sized tent.

There are a string of well-designed features to enhance comfort and protection. Durability is very good so you will get a good number of years of use out of it.

You won't be cramped for space and you can store a reasonable amount of camping gear inside the tent.

The price tag is lower than many other options and you do get value in the form of useful features such as a hinged door, angled windows that allow ventilation airflow and deter rain from getting in.

Certainly worth trying out!