Kelty Grand Mesa 4-P Tent Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Kelty Grand Mesa 4-Person Tent is a good option for carrying when out on a few days trail hiking or a car camping trip. Designed for use in three weather seasons, this freestanding tent is fine for two to four campers, with a vestibule area for storing gear overnight.

A nice set of designed-in features include a polyester rain-fly which is UV resistant, a set of color-coded tent poles to aid easy set-up, and three large mesh windows to ensure good ventilation. This model can be carried easily with the usual gear at a weight of around 3 pounds - not overly heavy when carried on the back in a hiking backpack. dependable protection from bad weather.

For tent stability and dependable wind resistance, it comes with strong DAC Press-Fit poles, a built-in loop for a flashlight, internal pockets for storing personal items and a quiet zip system that seals the door when it's time to sleep.
Kelty Grand Mesa 4-P Tent Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Two walled, for warm and wet weather

Comes with a rain-fly

Vestibule feature for storage and protection

Mesh windows

Loop for hanging a torch

Built-in mesh storage pockets


Easy to set-up

Buyer friendly price


Could offer more space

Caution when hammering in the pegs on hard ground

One door - some prefer two

Key Features

Set Up

The Kelty Grand Mesa 4P is very easy to set-up for use; the two poles and a single vestibule makes assembly really easy. With 4 guy-lines and 7 guide points, the tent can be securely pitched quickly.

Useful hint: think about bringing some extra cord to secure the mid-wall guy points as this will help keep the rain-fly from touching and passing water onto the main tent surface during heavy rainfall.

User feedback suggests that the tent stakes could be more durable so its worth bringing spares just in case. If you do, choose light durable stakes. This is a point to consider for those that like to hammer stakes deep into the ground - it does not detract from the quality and performance of this model.

Overall, set up is easily done in around 5 to 10 minutes and though instructions come with the tent, feedback from many happy users say set up is simple even without reading the info sheet.

Internal Space

Not as big as some other 4P models but enough for comfort and functionality. This is a one door tent so those that are used to two-door options will need to adapt.

The door zip shut effortlessly with a user-friendly zip system. The vestibule entrance offers good protection and the door opens to half its height so you will need to crouch to get through. This feature offers good protection during rain and wind as well as somewhere to store camping gear.

The peak height is around 55 inches so this is not a stand-up inside tent, though movement inside is relatively easy.

Useful Features

Ventilation comes through designed in side-wall vents. When not needing to use the rain-fly, the ceiling is mesh which means a nice view of the stars on warm summer nights.

The floor is a bathtub design and includes welded seams. Feedback states the floor is durable and protective though some suggest investing in the Kelty Grand Mesa Tent-Footprint tarpaulin which preserves the durability of the tent-base while bringing extra weatherproof protection.

The walls are polyester 68D -190T with a durable Taffeta floor. Two nice-sized mesh windows promote a nice flow for ventilation on warm nights and if the weather turns nasty, you can put rain-fly into place and it will shield those windows.

All seams in the tent and the rain-fly are securely taped to ensure protection. The pull-up sides for the floor are good for keeping out water. A useful flashlight loop and built-in mesh pockets let you store small items which need to be close at hand.

In windy weather, the tent features extra guy points to increase secure stability. The press-fit poles are aluminum and this means strength and stability. They are clip operated when extended as well as color-coded though assembly is very easy even without instructions.

The main door is meshed and this is good for ventilation and when weather threatens, the door is enclosed by adding the train-fly; the extended vestibule area works as a shield.


This model has a low profile which means it can stand up to buffeting from the wind and the single door design comes into play to give more protection.

When wind and rain hit this is a good time to use those extra guy ropes to secure the front and back and ensure the rain-fly is pulled up away from the main tent structure.

Even though the tent is a double-wall design, many users suggest the rain-fly is not needed in warm weather and that the use of mesh in the structure of the tent allows for great ventilation and good vision to see out and around the tent.

As far as wet weather is concerned, the tent gives good protection and this is a feature campers will appreciate when the weather does turn.

Keep in mind the smart lean tent design and if you do encounter strong winds, you can move the tent to face into the wind so that the fly and vestibule give a degree of aerodynamic stability.


Expect a good level of durability. The fabric is tough and can stand up to challenging weather, the seams are taped and hold up well, the floor is a thick durable fabric with a bathtub style to bring extra protection from water. The aluminum stakes are durable though care and attention are worthwhile if you use the tent on hard ground in rough weather.

Comparison to Similar 4-Person Tents

This is a good quality budget tent that serves its purpose really well. Not as light as some other models such as the Terra Nova Solar Photon 2, but certainly transportable and very functional.

In comparison to other similar-sized tents, the weight is moderate, the materials are durable and of good quality. For those new to backpacking, it is certainly worth trying out for a few seasons. For those going on long car camping trips, this tent might feel cramped and the use of a car does give the option for trying a larger tent.

If you are looking for more space, try out the Mountainsmith Morrison 2, which is a little larger. Keep in mind if you go for a bigger model you will most likely pay more.

Users have questioned the quality of the stakes and suggest some caution when hammering these into hard ground and advise bringing a few back pegs.

When comparing this tent to other options and taking into consideration heavy rain, it is good to regularly give the tent a waterproofing spray coat and carry some seam tape. One comparison for all tents is that the weather can get through eventually unless you are prepared to top up the waterproofing.

This is not a bad tent at all, especially when considering how much you pay and what you get in comparison to a good number of similar models.


Those new to backpacking and camping will appreciate how easy the Kelty Grand Mesa 4P is to set up and carry. As a two-walled tent, it's good for warm weather as well as for bad weather since rain-fly does give protection.

The vestibule is a nice feature with three design benefits: it's great for storing a couple of backpacks, it gives defense against bad weather for the main door and windows and in windy weather, the rain-fly tapers the tent aerodynamically to deflect the wind.

This tent comes at a standard budget price and it does perform to the levels of expectations you would want for a higher priced model. You get a durable product with a nice set of designed-in features and the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent is sure to serve well through three types of seasonal weather.