The Jackson Kayaks Cruise 10 Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a hull length of 10’ 3”, the Jackson Kayaks Cruise 10 Angler is a highly maneuverable fishing kayak that is perfect for those who prefer maneuverability over speed.
  • With a beam of 32 ½ inches, it is also a relatively stable fishing platform. Also, with a weight of only 58 pounds, it is one of the lighter fishing kayaks on the market today and thus, it is within the capability of the average angler to load and unload the kayak from a vehicle unassisted.
  • This kayak has one of the most comfortable kayak seats on the market, adjustable foot braces enable it to accommodate anglers of different sizes, and a stand-assist strap makes it easy to stand up in the kayak. Plus, both RAM and GoPro mounts make custom mounting of electronics easy.
  • Both the day hatch positioned conveniently forward of the seat as well as the large bow hatch provide plenty of dry storage for both bulky items and those items you would like to keep close at hand such as a digital camera and a cell phone.
  • When one compares the pros of this kayak to the cons, it is easy to seek that this kayak is a clear winner. In fact, one of it very few drawbacks is that with a hull that measures only 10’3” in length and with a beam of 32 ½ inches, this kayak is relatively slow compared to some other models of fishing kayaks.
  • Also, I find that even though a “standing platform” has been molded into the bilge, the day hatch cover and water bottle positioned in the center of the bilge tends to limit foot room a bit.
  • Two important features that are missing from this kayak that I feel should definitely be included are a paddle keeper and an anchor trolley system.


It’s not a bare bones model like the Perception Sport Striker series kayaks but instead, it’s actually a quite sophisticated fishing kayak.

Featuring Jackson Kayaks patented Elite high-low seat which enables the paddler to choose either the low position for increased stability or the high position for increased visibility and maneuverability, this seating system consists of a nylon fabric cover stretched over a rigid, aluminum, frame that provides considerably greater comfort than kayaks with nothing more than a molded seat well and a thin cushion.Therefore, when this seating system is combined with the adjustable foot braces to accommodate paddlers with different inseam lengths and the stand-assist strap as well as the self-bailing scupper holes, it is clear that the Cruise 10 Angler is a well thought out kayak design.


In addition, although the cockpit does contain both a day hatch for dry storage of items that you like to keep handy as well as a water bottle, the bilge is molded in such a way that a wide “standing platform” is created on either side and thus, the day hatch and the water bottle only provide minimal interference with standing in the kayak while fishing.

Additional Features

Another advanced feature of this kayak that I especially like is the molded-in RAM and GoPro mounts that allow the angler to add the tech he wants and to position it where he finds it most convenient. Furthermore, the bow hatch allows access to a large dry storage hold in the bow for those bulky items and a tank well in the stern is perfect for carrying a small cooler or a live bait well.


Although this kayak is a little short and a little wide to suite me, it is nonetheless very well designed and the excellent job of designing of the cockpit as well as the forethought given to the kayak’s outfitting make the answer to this question a definite “yes”.

However, due to its short length and wide beam, I would limit my use of this kayak to ponds, small lakes, and protected estuaries where maneuverability is more valuable than speed or the ability to handle rough seas.

Bottom Line

So, although Jackson Kayaks may bill this kayak as an entry level fishing craft, its many features clearly place it far above the bare bones models on the market today.

Also, I would retrofit the kayak with both a paddle clip to keep my paddle out of the way when fishing and an anchor trolley to enable me to position the kayak either facing into or with the current or wind.