The Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a hull length of 13’ 6” and a beam of only 29 ½ inches, the Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler is an exceptionally fast fishing kayak that is perfect for those who prefer speed over maneuverability.
  • With a weight of 67 pounds, it manages to be more in line with what a fishing kayak should weigh and thus, it is within the capability of the average angler to load and unload the kayak from a vehicle unassisted although smaller anglers may need some assistance.
  • While it is far from fancy, the seat is adequate for the job and the adjustable foot braces allow it to accommodate different sized paddlers.
  • Although it is limited, there is standing room molded into the bilge and the center console both provides a place to store your rods and a place to mount your fishing electronics.
  • It does include a pair of paddle keepers and there is dry storage space in the bow. Last, it is available either with or without a rudder system.
  • With a hull length of 13’ 6”, some anglers will likely find this kayak to be less maneuverable than they would prefer.
  • With a beam of only 29 ½”, some anglers will definitely feel that this kayak is not stable enough to suite them.
  • With a weight of 67 lbs. some anglers might find it a bit difficult to load and unload unassisted.
  • The seat is a bit Spartan by the standards established on the Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 and the Old Town Predator 13 and the cockpit outfitting is meager except for that which is molded in to the center console hatch and the two flush mounted rod holders aft of the cockpit.
  • It lacks a stand-assist strap and, last but not least, there is no anchor trolley. But, at least that is easily remedied if you are inclined to do so.


This is another one of those fishing kayaks that I happen to really like but, also have a small issue with. Therefore, it is perfect for reaching those distant locations where a fast kayak is needed to cover the intervening miles between you and your quarry. Also, it is a wet dream when attempting to punch through a line of breakers off of the beach but, it can also be a bit tippy for in rough water if you are not an experienced paddler.


However, for those of you who also own sea kayaks, I suspect that you would like this craft as well. Also, although it features a standard molded seat with Ocean Kayak’s Comfort Hybrid seat back which has a tall backrest with a lumbar support instead of one of the more advanced, rigid-framed, seats found on the Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 or the Old Town Predator 13, it is nonetheless a comfortable place to plant your rear posterior for a day of fishing and it features an adjustable Support Track Foot Brace System so that you can adjust the height of your knees according to your personal preference.

Storage Compartment

In addition, there is a Sonar Shield storage compartment that is specifically designed to store a fish finder out of the way when traveling with a hatch cover that doubles as a sun screen when the unit is in use combined with a Modular Fishing Pod center console mounted in the center of the bilge forward of the seat that provides easy access to your fishing rods while on the water and which has seven, uniquely positioned, portals that can accept Scotty and Cannon rod holders and RAM mounts along with a series of pilot holes for mounting GPS units, fish finders, water bottle holders, ect.

Then, for dry storage space, there is a large hold in the bow that is accessible via a large hatch and there is a tank well in the stern that is perfect for carrying a cooler or a live bait well.

Additional Features

Plus, the hull is transducer compatible and thus, it does not require modification of one of the scupper holes to install a transducer. However, the center console does limit the available foot room to two narrow aisles on either side of the bilge and thus, standing room is somewhat limited; and thus my only real issue with this kayak. Hmm…, come to think though, it also lacks a stand assist strap which I find odd since that is a feature that I really appreciate on other fishing kayaks and really miss on this one.

In addition, I also noticed a distinct lack of SlideTrax rails, RAM mounts, or GoPro mounts on the gunwales of this kayak although they are wide enough to accept them. On the other hand, there is a pair of paddle keepers on either side as well as a pair of flush-mounted rod holders on either gunwale aft of the seat for trolling.

Bottom Line

So, all things considered, I have to say that I like this kayak somewhat better than some others in this price range but, I still have an issue with the center console limiting foot room.

Despite the Spartan seat, the lack of a stand-assist strap, and the limited foot room, I would consider purchasing this kayak because it has a very efficient hull design that is perfect for experienced paddlers who are impatient to get where they are going so that they can start fishing.

So, as long as you are not looking for a Cadillac model, don’t mind the somewhat limited foot room, and have a distinct preference for speed over maneuverability or stability, then the Ocean Kayak Trident 13 is an excellent choice.