Kozi Kidz Snowflake Baby Snow Suit

  • Kozi Kidz Snowflake Baby Snow Suit
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    This year I’m praying for snow. Just so I can send the little man (18 months) out in this Kozi Kidz Snow Suit.

    To start on a positive, these folks have read my mind and sent a unisex but still cool looking design, which I’m happy to zip him into. Gone are the dull days of outdoor wear being ‘blue for boys’ – yawn. This suit is red and white striped with blue and yellow detailing. He’s too young to understand me spouting about gender stereotyping in kids clothes, so this suit made me happy even before I tested it.


    The suit (and indeed the rest of the range) is sold in your child’s height rather than age, which seems incredibly sensible to me. Kids, as adults, do not come in age/size ranges so I liked this feature. So just get your toddler to stand still(!) and measure them top to toe in centimetres.

    As with a previously tested rain suit this snow suit has a double-zip feature from knee to neck. So just pop feet into feet holes and arms into arm holes like a coat, then zip up to the neck. This was easy at home, not so easy post-walk in a cafe. You can see from the photo’s it’s a pretty good fit, just a tiny bit long in the body to fully zip to the neck. He proceeded to run around like a loon and I felt oddly unconcerned if he fell and got muddy or wet. He was lovely and padded and his clothes stayed dry underneath.


    The Snowflake Baby Snow Suit retails at £69 and the website says ‘it’s key for little ones to be cosy in the car, buggy or pram’. It’s 100% polyester with water resistant PU coating, padding, reflectors, with fold-over hand and feet covers on the smaller sizes. I wouldn’t advocate wearing it in the car as I think a wee toddler may bake, but we’ve tried it in the pushchair to the park and had a number of parents comment on it there. Good work Kozi Kidz as word of mouth has gotta be great advertising, hey!

    Having worn this suit a good ten times I can say that the little fella always seemed warm and toasty with only one or two layers underneath, even in the most bitter weather Yorkshire threw at us. That will be rain, sleet, wind and snow then. The brand is Swedish designed though, so the testing in the UK should be a breeze.

    If you’re an outdoorsy parent anyway and bought one of these to last autumn through to spring it would be worth the price tag. Twice the price of a coat but far more versatile. I’ll be keeping my eye on their website for the next season’s offerings.

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     Price: £69