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Summary: Mammut sent us their Misaun Jacket to put to the test. In short, this one was a bit of a dark horse, hiding a few surprises. The overall performance was actually more than what we had expected.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great waterproofing
  • Fantastic feature set
  • A bit on the expensive side


It's taken me a while to properly get to grips with this Misaun jacket from Mammut. You see, it's a bit of a dark horse and has hidden talents.

It looks like a bog standard light weight hardshell jacket, but the first handful of times that I went out in it, it didn't get a proper test as within minutes of setting off on a walk I would heat up and end up stripping the thing off . (...can't really do a fair review when it's just been tied around my waist!)

Eventually, I got the hang of not overdoing the layers and the penny dropped as to the amazingness of this coat, and more recently as the temperatures here at GWA HQ have dropped into the minuses this little jacket has really been able to show-off.

You see it's a bit of a wolf in sheeps' clothing. The super soft, lightweight-ness and powder pink* exterior belie a pretty hardcore interior. The jacket is made from a combination of a 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric and OTI™ Element synthetic fiber filling - which is based on Mammut's Ajungilak® technology - the stuff found in their sleeping bags.

Yeah - that's a lot of bonkers made up sounding words, but it real life terms it means that it is super waterproof and ruddy marvellous at keeping you toasty and warm in cold temperatures without bulking you out, and if you do get a little warm it will breathe out the first flush of your sweat.

The construction and attention to detail are really superb, and the jacket has the appropriate bells and whistles that you would expect:

Adjustable tailored hood
Spray proof YKK zippers
1 chest pocket with splash-proof zip
1 inner pocket with zip made from elastic mesh material
Pre-shaped sleeves with Velcro cuffs
Drawcord hem, adjustable using one hand
Pit zips
Lycra® hand gaiters
The hand gaiters are a really wonderful touch - they stop any breeze from travelling up your arm, and if like me you are not a fan of wearing gloves they do a grand job of protecting ones digits.

It does have a two-way zip which I do on occasion find a bit phaffy and on on a jacket of this length a bit pointless. However a quick straw poll on GWA's Facebook page leads me to believe that I'm in the minority in my hatred of two-way zips - plus I am on the taller side so will concede that for some people this could be useful.

As a bit of a long-bodied lanky bird, I found the fit on this jacket really excellent. The back is cut a bit lower, meaning it covers your butt so when moving/stretching etc it doesn't ride up and expose your lower back/kidneys. Particularly noticeable when on a bicycle.

In short as you've probably guessed from my choice of words, I absolutely ruddy love this jacket and I have never EVER said that about any outdoors coat I've worn before. It ticks all my boxes and a few more I hadn't thought about.

My sister-in-law nabbed it for an afternoons snowball session and she was equally impressed with the warmth and fit and indeed I think briefly toyed with trying to nab it, before seeing the look of evil warning in my eye!

Now it ain't cheap but it is certainly cheerful… well in the pink it is! However, it is a worthy investment. RRP is circa £300, but I've seen it online for £180 and that is an absolute bargain for a coat of this caliber.

*Other colours available.