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Editor’s Conclusion
It's all in a name. Speed is precisely what you'll get with the Merrell Moab Speed - its lightweight, responsive and protective hybrid design. Choosing quality comes easily with the Merrell reputation and its decade-plus experience in creating first choice and bestselling hiking shoes.

Merrell has outdone themselves with a hiker that's versatile, durable, and comfortable from the get-go. So why not treat your feet to dry, cushioned support and balanced stability with the Vibram Traction Lug outsole sole and Gore-Tex waterproof membrane? I've no idea how Merrell manages to create such a super lightweight yet supportive shoe, but they do.

With a FloatPro Foam™ midsole that provides a lightweight and enduring ride, this shoe is best suited to light and speedy adventuring (as the name implies). The Moab Speed should keep you steady from braving demanding technical terrain to trudging through muddy ground in any season. Check out the rest of this review if you'd like to check out these shoes in more detail.
Merrell Moab Speed Athletic Hiking Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Great traction

Reasonable price

Good heel cushioning




Some heel lift and potential blisters

Key Features

Ease of Use

Let me count the ways these shoes are easy to use. There are so many brilliant features that make the Merrell Moab Speed simple to use under pretty much any circumstance.

Firstly, ample cushioning from the FloatPro Foam™ midsole sits in conjunction with an internal rock plate, allowing easy and painless navigation against anything sharp and jagged. Rocks, stones, and other debris are inconsequential with this torsional stiffness.

Trail running push-offs and a fast pace is effortless with a forefoot that has an easy flex. But most importantly, stress-free hikes are possible because of the super-grippy Vibram traction 4mm lug outsole, which provides optimum traction and stability. Be brave as the Moab Speed lets you twist and turn down difficult descents, move through muddy slopes, bound out of boggy fields and ricochet over rocky cliffs with all the stability and support you'll need.

Never fear; the newest Merrell hiking low-top has other great features. There's an easy and secure lace-up system, a fabric pull-on tab on the heel, and a heel cup ridge for kicking off the mud to make walking and running simple.


As standard with Merrell hikers, you'll experience out-of-the-box comfort. I've had many a shoe that's left me with rubbed, red toes and blistered bloody heels, so it's always good to find a shoe that doesn't need any wearing in.

Merrell promises comfort, and blimey do they deliver. Many reviewers and I found the Moab Speed extremely comfortable for long walks and all-day hikes on cement, asphalt, loose dirt, mud, or rocky paths. Many crafty features create this comfort, and the long list includes a padded collar, protected toe cap, EVA foam insole, foam midsole and thick 10mm drop. There's also plenty of arch support without needing to add an insole.

You'll never stay comfortable with soggy feet, so rejoice as the famous Gore-Tex membrane does a stellar job of keeping your tootsies dry. After that, slopping through torrential rain, crossing streams, and even canoeing shouldn't be a problem. Your feet might seem a little hot on scorching days, but many seemed to find their feet adjust to a cooler, comfortable temperature in no time.

Don't be surprised if you find the Moab Speed runs a little on the large side, so you may want to go down half a size. However, the width seems about right to suit most. I'm not too sure if this sizing issue is the reason or if it's because of the heel cup design, but there appears to be a slight degree of heel lift, which could cause blisters. The heel lift is probably made worse by adding a seam running along with the heel cup inside, forming a slight ridge.

Although heel lift and blisters are a significant risk with hiking shoes and not experiencing any critical issues with the Moab Speed, I think this may have been down to the large sizing. Sizing down a half size would probably solve this.


One of the things that stand out about Merrell is its environmentally conscious ethos. Constructing the Moab Speed partially out of recycled, completely synthetic, and vegan-friendly material makes me think Merrell is a company I can trust. I wish all companies behaved in this way.

The shoe's laces and inner mesh lining are made from 100% recycled synthetic material, and the Vibram Ecostep rubber is 30% recycled. Impressive, don't you agree?

Additionally, the upper sole comprises a synthetic mesh and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), along with a padded collar and tongue. This, combined with the EVA foam insole and removable PU foam insole, results in superb comfort, extra cushioning, and arch support.

Despite the responsive and athletic design, you'll find a midsole made of a rock plate. This plate is stiff and sturdy and gives extra protection for the foot against uneven and rough terrain. Merrell's FloatPro Foam makes up the rest of the midsole, allowing for lightweight cushioning.


Durability comes easily with a shoe made of good-quality, durable materials. Despite its reasonable price, you can see Merrell hasn't skimped on top-class materials.

For example, the protective toe cap and rubberized eco-step should allow for more prolonged use before you see any wear. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) upper sole also a wide rand and should protect the mesh from wear.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

Standing out from the crowd with an ultra-grippy sole, waterproof GTX membrane, breathable design and stable traction that fights valiantly against mud, wet grass, boggy patches, and just about anything else, the Merrell Moab Speed is a top choice for your next hiker.

However, if your feet do tend to run extra hot, you might want to give the Merrell Choprock water hiking shoes a go with their super primarily breathable mesh upper.

I find the Moab Speed similar in engineering and design to the Best Women's Walking Shoes round-up category-winning Merrell MQM Flex 2. However, the Moab Speed is most certainly lighter for use on speedier hikes and trail running. On the other hand, for treacherous scrambling, perilous downward slopes, and heavy backpacking multi-day trips, you may want to try something more serious like the MQM Flex 2.

Although I already think these shoes come at a reasonable price, if you're looking to save a little, you can purchase the Moab Speed without Gore-Tex for about $27 less.


The Moab Speed isn't just for hardened hikers; the breathable comfort and stability allow for dreamy wear even if you need an excellent walking shoe.

The Merrell Moab Speed is clearly a lightweight shoe designed for fast and light runs and hikes on any terrain, from putting it to the test. This hiker is a complete all-rounder with immediate comfort right, ample support, dry feet, and a stylish design.

If you're looking for a mid-price shoe that copes well in many conditions, then this could be a good choice for you. Whether you're looking for a model that can take long work weeks, city sightseeing, light backpacking, technical terrain or even canoeing during any season, this option should keep you dry and protected.