Ocean Kayak Trident 11

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Editor rating: 9.5 / 10
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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a length of 11’6” and a width of 30 ½”, the Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler is an excellent compromise between a short, wide, slow but highly stable, fishing kayak and a long, slim, fast but tippy fishing kayak. Also, with a weight of only 56 pounds, it is one of the lighter fishing kayaks on the market and thus, it should be within most angler’s ability to lift this kayak onto and off of a vehicle.
  • While the seat on this kayak is not extravagant by any means, it is both comfortable and adequate for the job and, when combined with the adjustable Support Trax Foot Brace System, it accommodates different sized anglers. Plus, the Modular Fishing Pod combined with the two, flush mounted, rod holders aft of the seat are both excellent features.
  • There is a pair of paddle keepers molded into each gunwale and there is standing room has been molded into the bilge on either side of the console. Plus, the hull is transducer compatible so no drilling is required to mount a transducer.
  • This kayak does feature a large dry storage area that is accessed via the huge bow hatch.
  • With a hull length of 11’ 6”, some anglers might find this kayak to be less maneuverable than they would prefer. Also, with a beam of only 30 ½”, some anglers might feel that this kayak is not stable enough to suit them.
  • Some anglers might feel that the seat is a bit Spartan for their taste. Furthermore, the outfitting is meager with only two flush mounted rod holders aft of the seat and one mount on the console and last, but not least, there is no anchor trolley.


According to Ocean Kayak, the Trident 11 angler was specifically designed to blend both stability and maneuverability with considerable carrying capacity and it does seem to manage that goal with a carrying capacity of up to 400 pounds. Yet, with an overall weight of just 56 pounds, it is one of the lightest fishing kayaks of this length available.

Consequently, such a light weight along with an 11 ½ foot length and a 30 ½ inch beam combined with Ocean Kayak’s experience in creating efficient hull designs culminates in a rather fast kayak that requires far less effort to paddle than many other hull designs which, in turn, results in less fatigue over the course of a day’s fishing.


Also, the cockpit features Ocean Kayak’s Comfort Hybrid seat back which is extra tall for increased comfort and is adjustable to enable the paddler to place the seat back in the most comfortable position combined with an adjustable Support Track Foot Brace System to accommodate paddlers with different leg lengths. So, while there are certainly more elaborate seating systems on the market, this one is both comfortable and adequate for the job.

Additional Features

In addition, Trident 11 Angler also features a Modular Fishing Pod center console which provides a convenient place to mount a fish finder and/or a rod holder and also serves as a hatch cover for the in-hull rod storage compartment so that you have easy access to your rods while on the water. Plus, the hull is transducer compatible and thus, it does not require modification to install a transducer for your fish finder. However, the center console does limit the available foot room to two narrow spaces on either side of the bilge and thus, standing room is limited.

Last, there is a huge, oval, hatch in the bow that enables access to a large dry storage hold for carrying bulky items and the tank well in the stern is perfect for carrying a small cooler or a live bait well.

Bottom Line

In answer to this question, I would definitely say that “yes”, I would buy this kayak. Although it a bit short for my taste, as I mentioned earlier, it is an excellent compromise between a short, wide kayak and a long, slim kayak.

Also, the cockpit has been excellently designed and, although the outfitting is a bit meager and it lacks an anchor trolley, both shortcomings can be alleviated with a little aftermarket outfitting.