The Emotion Grand Slam Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The most striking feature of the Emotion Kayaks Grand Slam Angler is that it is fast! At 14 ½ feet, it is noticeably longer than most fishing kayaks which greatly increases the waterline length for greater hull efficiency. Plus, with a relatively narrow beam of 30 ½ inches, it is less likely to pitch and roll in rough water which makes it easier to control.
  • It has an excellent seating system that is very comfortable and the adjustable foot braces make it easy to customize them to your individual leg length. Also, I like having the day hatch positioned a little farther forward than it is on many fishing kayaks and I really like the ability to stand in the bilge forward of the seat when fishing.
  • With a length of 14 ½ feet, this kayak is not nearly as maneuverable as shorter kayaks in the 10 foot to 11 foot range are. Also, with a beam of only 30 ½ inches, it is not nearly as stable as some of the wider fishing kayaks available. In addition, at 72 pounds, it strikes me as being excessively heavy and thus, it would likely be difficult for anglers with slight or petite frames to load and unload from a vehicle without help.
  • If you happen to forget to detach the seat before transporting the kayak, then the wind resistance it encounters may cause it to rip loose. Last, it lacks both a paddle keeper and an anchor trolley which are both features that I would really like to see incorporated on this kayak.

Distinctive Features

At 14 ½ feet in length, the Grand Slam Angler has the speed needed to make it out through the surf zone to reach offshore waters or zip across your local lake to those secret fishing spots that only a kayak angler can reach. Also, another feature of the Grand Slam Angler that I found especially appealing is that it can be outfitted with an optional rudder system so that you can concentrate on paddling on windy days while the rudder keeps you going straight.


Also, I found the molded seat and the Comfort Rest Seating System cushion and backrest to be both comfortable and supportive and the adjustable foot braces are nice because they accommodate paddlers with different inseam lengths as well as providing a positive grip. In addition, the deep foot wells are also very comfortable and work to relieve a lot of the pressure that you feel on the back of your heels when paddling most kayaks for extended periods of time.

Additional features

Also, there is a day hatch positioned amidships in front of the seat which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view. For instance, having dry storage space for small items that you use frequently such as digital camera is definitely a good thing but, the position of the hatch limits standing room to two, narrow, troughs on along each side of the hull. In addition, I found both the cup holder and the rod holder to be positioned too far forward to be of any real use and thus, I would like to see both features moved back closer to the seat. On the other hand, the bow hatch provides access to a large cargo hold and the tank well in the stern is well suited for carrying a small cooler or live bait well.


Last, as much as I like this kayak, overall, I felt that its weight was excessive at 72 pounds even though the extra weight does dampen the ride a bit in rough seas.

Bottom Line

Considering that I have a distinct preference for long, slim, fast, kayaks and because I happen to like both the hull design and the cockpit design of this kayak, the answer to this question is “yes” I definitely would buy this kayak!

Not only is it relatively long and slim (which makes it reasonably fast for a sit-on-top kayak), the narrow beam makes it easier for an experienced paddler to control in rough seas.

Also, I happen to like the way that the cockpit is designed. But, if I were to purchase this kayak, then I would customize it by adding both a paddle clip and an anchor trolley.