Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The most striking feature of the Lifetime Sport Fisher is that it is stable! 10, it is noticeably more stable than other kayaks on this size range. Plus it can set up to three people which makes it great for family fishing days or taking a friend and a cold one.
  • Hull design provides extra stability and great Tracking and multiple footrests for different size riders.
  • The length of this kayak, at only 10 feet long makes it really maneuverable which is great for perfect positioning for the angle to cast its lines.
  • Even when it is very comfortable, the lack of cushioned seats is a major turn down as 6 hours outings sitting on a plastic seat can be tough.
  • Because of its design and lightweight construction, it might not be very suitable for moving waters or adverse weather conditions.


The Sport Fisher by Lifetime Is at a whole new level for fishing kayaks under 1000$. It is designed with ease of and comfort in mind. Its tunnel hull allows you fishing standing up or to site side-saddle without fear of tipping over, as a result you can fish at your own preference and not the boat restrictions.

Key Features

It features multiple foot rests for people of all sizes, it can fit up to three riders with ergonomic seats, and it’s perfect for riding solo, tandem or family fun. Its high seats keep the riders off the floor of the kayak making it easier to stay dry.

It is very fishing friendly, and it comes with a full set of features to make your fishing outings more pleasant. It features four fishing rod holders, a 6-inch storage hatch in the back, ditty trays and shock-cord straps to secure loose items, plus the cockpit are features scupper holes to drain any water that could get in.

Plus, the kayak is easy to carry thanks to the molded front and rear handles and lightweight 60-pound frame.

Bottom Line

Considering that I have a distinct preference for long, slim, fast, kayaks, I would say that this is a great fishing kayak with tons of possibilities, I like the idea of a fun family fishing trip.

Also, I happen to like the way that the cockpit is designed with multiple footrests to make it more comfortable for anglers of all different sizes.

But, if I were to purchase this kayak, then I would customize it by adding both a paddle clip and an anchor trolley.