COROS APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch

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Editor’s Conclusion
For a sports technology company in its infancy, Coros is an up-and-coming brand to watch. Coros first started releasing its product in 2016 with the LINX Smart Cycling Helmet, which allows you to listen to music without blocking out necessary traffic noise.

This superior technology meant Coros' was an instant hit, with its popularity and technology continue to grow. Coros' up-and-coming watch brand status is undoubtedly leaving them under the watchful eye of other watch giants like Cartier, Citizen, and Omega.

Since their implementation, Coros has knocked it out of the park with subsequent, well-executed products. First impressions of the Apex Pro are impressive; it looks great, feels great, and has a range of excellent features likely to make other watches jealous.

Coros' focuses on their technology upgrades with each new product, with the Apex Pro a versatile update on the Coros Apex and Coros Vertix. Combining the two watches creates an all-in-one watch that does everything you need.

At around $500, the price is a little on the high side, but when you consider how much a reasonable watch costs and the features you get with this Coros watch, it’s not too expensive/ For use on multisport, with a 40-hour full GPS battery, 24/7 heart rate and Pulse Ox monitor, Barometer, Touch Screen, and Saphire Glass, this is one hell of a watch.
COROS APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Fast GPS

Long lasting battery

Great user experience

Durable and long-lasting


Some people find the screen fiddly

Key Features

Ease of Use

One of the things that stood out for me is the user experience, which stands out a mile. Firstly, activating runs and other exercises is super simple, with as instruction manual completely unnecessary. That’s handy as Coros don’t provide one.

To prevent accidental pauses, you must first roll the center dial a certain amount to unlock the watch, eliminating the accidental breaks in runs. Finishing the run is easy enough; unlock the watch, pause the run, then go to finish and hold for three seconds. Again, I love the 3-2-1 timer, which stops this accidental pausing, which is so annoying when on the move.

Not only is it easy to track and stop your runs, but the run time appears to be very accurate when running. The watch's tracking capabilities also appear correct, such as the heart rate monitor, precise distance, and elevation. However, some reviewers claim the heart rate monitor is good but not perfect.

One of the biggest gripes I noticed from other reviewers is the lack of brightness on the screen during runs on sunny days. The backlight is relatively weak, and due to the varying light conditions when out on the run, especially on sunny days, you must make sure you step into the sunlight to get the contrast needed to view the watch.

The next thing I'd like to mention is the battery life of the Apex Pro. It is fantastic, usually lasting about two weeks even with 40+ miles of running. In addition, a GPS watch isn't much use without excellent GPS service. So, it was nice to see that the GPS starts up within five to ten seconds. But don't forget the crown dial knob, which is nicely oversized to make it easy to scroll through menus and workout screens.

The screen is also quite sensitive to the finger, with changes easy with one easy finger roll, even with gloves on.


Weighing in at 59 grams, the Apex Pro is slightly heavy for a sports watch, but I wouldn't say the weight is enough to cause any bother. There's also a pleasant and comfortable silicone strap the comes in a variety of colors. You could consider the three buttons basic, but I’m happy with these basic buttons as I don’t swap watches that often.


This multisport watch is nothing if not hardy and long-lasting. The titanium finish and Saphire glass look and feel great. You can no doubt bang the Coros up all you like, and you'll not see any visible scratches. Just check out the amount of Amazon reviews that say the same thing.

However, when buying a watch at around this price, it can feel a little on the daunting side. But with Coros two years warranty, you have nothing to lose.

Materials and Technology

Both the materials and technology of the Apex Pro make it one hell of a watch. For athletes training in multiple terrains, on roads, trails, and the mountains, you'll have no issues with this perfect training partner.

Some of the great technology that makes this watch fantastic are the Original APEX features, combined with an added Altitude Advisory, Touch Screen Technology, and Pulse Oximeter. All these features make this one of the most versatile watches on the market.

I also particularly like the look and feel of the Coros Apex Pro, with the Titanium and Saphire Glass standing out as stylish and durable.

Comparison to Similar Watches

The Coros easy use features make it very hard to consider other sports watches, but we should consider other products.

Other similar options to the Apex Pros multisport watch include the Polar Vantage V Titan and Garmin Forerunner 235. Although their features and run trackers are nearly identical, the Vantage V Titan is slightly cheaper and slightly lighter, but perhaps not as stylish.

A much more affordable option is the Garmin Forerunner. But, again, although much more inexpensive and nice-looking, the running doesn't quickly match the number of miles I’ll be doing.


I'd highly recommend this watch for anyone who's looking for an all-rounder watch with the most extended battery life, durable materials, a reasonable price, and an excellent user experience.

With minimal changes to the app for the updated Apex, it's nice to see the intuitive features still there. Covering all the standard indoor and outdoor training options, the skies are the limit with exercise choice.

Check out this top-quality smartwatch for yourself for any of your cardio, strength training, cycling, running, winter, and water sport's needs.