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Osprey Rain Cover Review Facts

Are you tired of your backpack getting wet in the unexpected rain shower or want a cover that is more durable and eye-pleasing than a large plastic garbage bag? Osprey makes an excellent rain cover that not only fits their own packs well but almost any other brand too.  It comes in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra-large to accommodate packs from 30 to 110 liters.

The Osprey rain cover has taped seams, reflective graphics, and attachments for blinker lights for fabulous visibility to others. Best used for climbing, traveling, and of course, backpacking as well as fishing. This rain cover is very lightweight, waterproof, durable, stylish, and modern. It has a cinch attachment that hooks into the harness and hip belt of the pack.

This gives the Osprey rain cover full wrap-around coverage. It has a carrying bag permanently attached to the bottom of the cover. This holds the compressed rain cover when not in use.

It is so small that it fits easily into the palm of the hand at just five inches tall. If you have a backpack for any use, you should not be without a cover such as this one to protect your gear. And if you are interested in what else is a neccessaity on the rainy days, check our guide on the best rain gear. Let's go into more into detail below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made of 40D ripstop nylon that is siliconized

Three sizes from 30 liters to 110 liters

Fits in the palm of the hand in storage bag

Stylish, lightweight, waterproof, and modern

Best use for backpacking, climbing, and traveling

For rainstorms and light showers

Pack is fully covered with this item

Carrying bag is attached to the bottom


Can tear easily and is quite thin

Some recommended sizes did not fit pack

Time consuming and cumbersome to deploy

Key Features

-Seams are taped
-Capacity: medium 30-50L; large 50-75L; extra-large 75+L
-Height in bag: 5.6 in (14cm)
-Weight: medium 2.8 oz; large 3 oz; extra-large 3.4 oz
-Cinch attachment with full wrap-around coverage
-Attachment for harness and hip belt
-Velcro strap for the bag
-Attachments for blinker lights
-Reflective graphics for visibility


Made of 40D ripstop lightly siliconized nylon material, the Osprey Rain Cover is not a heavy cover that will add unnecessary weight to your pack. Customers say that it is about as thick as the material is for a tent for backpacking if you are familiar with that fabric. The seams are taped for durability and longevity of the product, so with good care, you should be able to enjoy this cover for many years of use.

Although it is durable, it can be easily affected by abrasions, especially in the field from brush and branches as you travel. Some buyers state that it can tear easily and is quite thin in their opinion. It does come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer if problems do arise. You do get a cute carrying bag that it comes in to use for storage when it is not in use. There is a sturdy handle on the top of this case to carry it easily plus a Velcro closure to keep it packed in.


This Osprey rain cover is offered in three various sizes from 30 to 110 liters to protect your backpack.The one that you get depends on the size of the bag in liters. The amount of protection you get is also determined on whether or not you have gear attached to the exterior of the pack.

Having a sleeping pad or air mattress secured to the outside of the pack will require a larger cover than what is stated. For example, if you need a medium cover for your backpack size, you will need a large one in reality to cover the extras you have on the outside.

The three offered sizes are medium, large, and extra-large.The medium fits packs that are from 30 to 50 liters. The large accommodate backpacks in the 50 to 75-liter area.

You will need an extra-large cover for any pack that is 75 liters or more. We did find one online comment from a customer a bit odd because he has an Osprey pack and the cover did not fit. The buyer has an Osprey Xenith 105 XL, which is their most massive pack, yet their most substantial rain cover did not accommodate it.


When you are not using the Osprey rain cover, you keep it in the attached storage bag that comes with it. It is the little sack you see in the online photo with the Osprey logo of the bird image on it. At just 5.6 inches (14cm) tall, this compressed rain cover will not take up hardly any space in a backpack.

It will fit in the palm it is so small. The company comparison is that it is the size equal to a tennis ball. The full dimensions are 7 x 5 x 3 inches, so yes, it is quite small when packed away. As far as the weight when empty and compressed, the medium is 2.8 ounces, the large is 3 ounces, and the extra-large is 3.4 ounces in weight.

As we stated in the previous section, getting the right size for the volume of the pack you own does not leave space for additional things added to the exterior of the pack. We mentioned sleeping pads above. However, there are so many other items to strap to a pack that will not be covered but need it, such as jackets or extra clothing.

Bottles in the side pockets should be protected, but it is more than likely that they will not need rain protection. We found online buyer comments of several people who ordered the correct size for their pack capacity, but the rain cover did not fit. Returns are possible if you get it in before the return policy window closes.


With the logo on the front of the storage bag and being black in color, this Osprey rain cover is as stylish and modern in appearance as it is efficient at covering your pack in a torrential downpour. This very lightweight cover is a no-brainer for those of you with Osprey backpacks, but most other packs can have a marvelous fit with one of these covers too. Just look at the capacity of each and choose the best one for your gear load and pack size.


To hold the Osprey Rain Cover onto a backpack it has a cinch attachment with full wrap-around coverage. This cinch strap makes the cover tight from the waist to the neck. To pull in the sides, there is a middle strap to hold it all together. It also includes an attachment that is secure for the harness and hip belt of a backpack.

The bungee cord for cinching can be fastened over the backpack hip belt to make it stay on in windy conditions when it is not being worn. This is possible because there is a cinch channel opening on the sides. There is also a buckle on the top for added security from being pushed or blown off the pack.

As you can tell, this is a bit involved to get over the pack and fastened in a matter of seconds, so don’t wait until the last second to put it on with a storm bearing down on you in the open wild. There were a few online comments concerning this issue because this process cannot be completed in a matter of seconds. However, most people feel that the good protection it gives is well worth the trouble.


Anywhere and anytime you use a backpack is the perfect time to use this cover for it. You never know when a light shower or rainstorm will come up, especially if you will be outdoors for more than a single day. Having your gear covered and protected from rain is just as important as having the supplies themselves.

There are so many things to protect that cannot stand to get wet such as clothing items and all electronic devices you carry. The Osprey Rain Cover is used mostly for backpacking, climbing, and traveling of all kinds.

You don’t have to be backpacking to use a backpack, so you don’t have to be backpacking to use a cover. Plenty of people use bags for work, school, commuting, vacation, general use, and travel. This cover is perfect for all of those times.


As we know so well, backpacks are not waterproof, but the gear you keep inside needs to be protected from the rain. It is very easy to make your pack waterproof with this simple cover. For rainstorms and even just a light shower, you should cover your gear. This model even works great in the heaviest of downpours and thunderstorms, so your stuff remains dry and safe.

This Osprey rain cover is waterproof and covers the pack completely. Once you have the correct size for your backpack, you will not have to worry about being caught in a storm when trying to enjoy your outing.

You also will not have to wait out a storm or shower to keep your pack dry if you want to continue to move on. In essence, this rain cover can give you flexibility in your travels and the freedom of movement in unfavorable weather conditions. For more info on waterproof hiking clothing, check our guide.

Ease of Use

Some users have stated that this item is cumbersome to deploy in the field because it takes time to put it on the pack. It takes a few minutes to get it out, open it up, and strap it in place correctly. Yes, it does take more work than say using a plastic bag or some other kind of makeshift cover.

Still, it is worth it in the long run to have something that looks nice, fits perfectly, and is durable. The Osprey rain cover has reflective graphics on this cover to ensure that you are always visible to others plus attachments for blinker lights. You get a carrying case that is attached to the bottom of the bag that has a Velcro strip for the closure when it is tucked away.

There are no worries of losing the carrying bag since it is permanently attached to the bottom of the rain cover. Pack it away in your backpack for when a storm comes up or carry it in hand with the strong handle. You'll then be ready for that fast-moving storm that appears out of nowhere.

Bottom Line

Whether you use your backpack for school, work, travel, commuting, or general use, you will want to get a proper cover for it at some point. Packs are not waterproof, so anything inside could get wet and damaged if you are caught outdoors in an unexpected shower or storm. Some people make do with a plastic bag of some sort because it is cheap and replaceable.

However, having a rain cover that fits the pack well and looks stylish is a much better option. The material of this Osprey rain cover has been criticized as being too thin. It can tear easily if you are not careful with it, but that goes with anything if you think about it.

Since it fastens onto the hip belt and the harness of the pack and goes on a certain way, the deployment of it takes a few minutes. This was disappointing to a few users. Some people had problems with getting the correct size for their pack, even with the recommended capacity suggestions.

However, if you have an Osprey pack, then you should certainly have this Osprey Rain Cover. Most other brands of backpacks do well with it too. Once you see it and use it a few times, you will be glad you have this cover that is appealing and efficient.