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KEEN Voyageur Hiking Shoe Review Facts

Looking for a hiking shoe that is well-ventilated instead of completely waterproof? Look no further than this Keen Men’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe then. For more info on other models of hiking shoes, click here.

This particular model offers maximum comfort and support. It is an ankle-high shoe with a mesh lining and a nubuck leather upper. Terrific for hiking on mixed terrain, this footwear has well-grooved outsoles and deep lugs for superb traction. The toe box is wide, as most Keen shoes have, plus a heel lock that is contoured.

Users will also enjoy the ESS torsion stability shank, gusseted padded tongue, and removable insole. The arch support is medium with the EVA metatomical footbed, and the rubber outsole is not-marking. Choose your favorite color scheme with the available 19 choices offered. The Keen Voyageur has an approval rating with buyers of 4.4, so it is a crowd-pleasing item with customers.

But if you are not sure yet, take time and read our in-depth review. It will give you an insight into all details necessary for smart decision. And if still not persuaded which hiking shoe is the right one for you, compare it with another popular product - Keen Targhee II.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Maximum comfort and support

19 various color schemes offered

Ankle high, durable, and supportive

Insole is removable; well-ventilated

Sizes run wide; fit is true to size

Needs no break-in time

Dries quickly if wet along the trail

Best for hiking, mixed terrain, and trail terrain


Some say the quality of the brand has decreased

Breakdown of construction soon; lace loops might break easily


Many loyal fans of the Keen brand purchase the various models of footwear for hiking, pleasure, work, sports, and activities. They have many pairs of shoes for different purposes because they prefer this brand over any other.

The fit is right to size and Keen footwear tends to favor the person with wide feet. The toe box is usually large and comfortable for those that may have foot issues.

The Voyageur Hiking Shoe is the cousin of the Targhee model with the same stability and traction but minus the barrier for water protection. Instead, it has a breathable lining of mesh material to keep down moisture problems for the user.

Key Features

Heel and tongue are well-padded
EVA metatomical footbed; heel lock is contoured
Arch support is medium; removable insole
Built-in torsion with the ESS shank
Heel support is S3 (shock, suspension, and stability)
Leather eyelets with lace capture secure-fit
Well-grooved outsoles are non-marking
Multi-directional 4mm deep lugs
Made of nubuck leather that is waterproof


Since Keen footwear commands a higher price than most other similar shoes, it is usually the high comfort level that attracts buyers to this well-known name. The Voyageur falls right in line with this same build. It is an ankle-high shoe that is good for wearing all day long with maximum comfort and support with a heel and tongue that are well-padded.

This hiking shoe is great for those that are on their feet at work for several hours on surfaces of hard cement, which is where some buyers find it most useful. You can choose from 19 various color schemes such as black olive/Inca gold when ordering, so there is an incredible amount of flexibility in the colors you can get.

This is probably why most people choose to get more than one pair. It would be hard to pick just one favorite from such a vast selection. The Keen Voyageur has a current 4.4 rating for satisfaction from customers online because of the outstanding construction, design, comfort, fit, and durability of the model.


Made in the USA, this footwear is waterproof with a leather and mesh upper combined with an all-rubber sole. It is a high-quality shoe that most buyers say are the best shoes ever. The traction is superb, which is discussed in greater detail below.

We want to address some concerns that we found online from customers that could be important in your decision to purchase this shoe model. A few people say that the upper is not waterproof in their opinion and that the quality of the brand has decreased over the years. They have older shoes that they purchased a few years back that are sturdier and more comfortable than this version available today.

Loose stitching and some appearance of glue showing at the seams is another remark that we encountered from unhappy customers. A possible explanation is knock-offs being sold. Some pairs have made in China tags on them, and those are not of the best quality. It is almost as if there are two versions of the same shoe model being sold to buyers – a high-quality one and a cheaper one.


Durable and supportive, the EVA metatomical footbed of dual-density is removable.You can air these out often or replace them with other foot liners that may be thicker or firmer for your foot issues.

The arch support is medium and has helped a few people who suffer with bunions, especially with the wide toe box. Inserts can be added for bad arches, plus this hiking shoe accommodates orthotics arch support.

The foot is locked to the footbed with the heel wrap for enhanced support to make the user feel the most comforted. This is why several buyers commented about how they have chosen to wear this hiking shoe as a work or home chore shoe to make their feet feel the best for the whole day and every day.


Probably the first things you notice about these beautiful shoes are the excellent tread and lugs on the rubber outsole. The rough terrain of any type is not a problem with the sure grip of the rugged bottom.

You can walk in rocky, muddy, wooded, pebbled, or sandy areas with ease, as this model will grip all of these surfaces well. It is non-marking for optimal care, so you can wear them on hardwood floors without scuffing them up. A leather conditioner and cleaner can be used on the surface area of this footwear to keep it in prime condition.

A few negative remarks from customers addressed problems they had with the rubber sole coming undone after a short while. As many satisfied people commented, the soles are the first to go and show signs of wear, leaving the upper remaining in excellent condition.

Especially if you wear this product on cement or rough flooring every day, the soles will not last as long as they would on natural ground areas. This is to be expected of any durable rubber sole.


Several features that help with the comfort of this model can be addressed in this protection section as they protectively aid the foot. The heel lock is contoured for support, and there is closed-toe coverage for full protection.

An ample toe protector on end made of rubber keeps the toes from being harmed when walking and hitting debris along the way. The heel measurement is about two inches, and the size of the platform is 0.75 inches. There is a pull tab on the tongue and another on the back heel for adjustments in fitting the shoe. The gusseted padded tongue relieves lace pressure and deters moisture and debris from entering the footwear.

Several buyers felt that the padding in the tongue was minimal at best and not enough for them to be the most comfortable. Some users experienced a breakdown of the construction of the shoe after a short while and were not happy with this model or the brand. Overall, the Voyageur is a protective hiking shoe that can be depended on to safeguard the foot in all sorts of terrain types.


Implemented into this Keen hiking shoe is the ESS torsion stability shank that gives protection on rocky terrain and other uneven surfaces. The torsion stability of this shank ensures a secure ride when the model is worn.

There is also the S3 support heel structure that decreases the chances of the ankle twisting and dissipates shock supporting the foot for impacts. The meaning of the S3 type is for shock, suspension, and stability, or the three S’s.

Buyers noticed that because of the marvelous fit of this footwear they did not experience any heel slippage or toe jams when traversing inclines and descents in hills and the mountains. Your foot is securely stabilized in the shoe and protected well with the durable and sturdy materials.


We have already mentioned that one of the main reasons that fans stick with the Keen brand is because of the beautiful fit and sizes that are true to regular sizing.

Its footwear models, like this one, tend to favor the person with the full foot in the toe box rather than those with a narrow foot. Even those with small feet find this brand more comfortable, mainly if there are foot problems that require some extra space in the toe area.

Some people will buy no other brand name for shoes because they are assured of what they will receive with this company. The Voyageur is comfortable, pliable, and good to go straight from the box. It requires no break-in time, so you can wear them all day the very first day you received them with no issues.


We find that the laces and the lace loops are part of the stability of any shoe model, and the Voyageur has terrific examples of this. This shoe has a lace-up closure with secure lace loops that are reinforced on the upper.

The leather eyelets are sturdy with the lace capture secure-fit system as well. There are a couple of online comments of those who had the laces break with just minimal use of the shoes, so we wanted to mention that to you. The webbed pull loops on the back of the heel and the tongue aid with exit and entry of the footwear.

Without those, the user would naturally grab another vital part of the shoe and wearing it down each time it was put on or taken off. The pull loops take this abuse and help the person in dressing.


The outsoles were already mentioned above, but we felt that the lugs on this model were so incredible that they deserved a separate section just to highlight them. The Keen Voyageur has tread grip that is fantastic and multi-directional 4mm lugs that are deep to aid with the traction you get when walking. The well-grooved outsole helps the wearer breeze through wet or dry surface areas and those that are littered with debris and rocks too.


Having a lining of mesh for airflow that is continuous, the Voyageur Hiking Shoe dries quickly if it gets wet along the trail or anywhere.This fabric is breathable for increased aeration since it does not have the usual eVENT lining that is popular on Keen hiking shoes. The upper is stylish and looks great since it is made of nubuck leather that is said to be waterproof. A few customers noted that when this shoe became wet, it did not change in shape after drying as some footwear is known to do. The upper and lining will far outlast the rubber outsole according to buyers.


Stable for hiking, the Keen Voyageur has many places it can be used comfortably. It is suitable for trail terrain and mixed terrain that may be encountered during day hiking. Some people have them for home repair work and roofing chores to protect their feet the best.

One fan has fourteen pairs of Keens because of the incredible fit that is appreciated. This great model is well-ventilated to keep the foot fresh and deter sweat build-up so that you can focus on your task at hand. Whether you choose this footwear for work, play, chores, tasks, sports, or activities, it is a sturdy model with fantastic traction and tread.

Bottom Line

Keen is such a popular brand of footwear for both men and women that hardly anything really needs to be said about their superior products. This includes the Voyageur which has a substantial satisfaction rating and plenty of loyal fans. The few negative comments were isolated to early breakdown of the soles, laces that could break early, and the supposedly decreasing quality of the brand. This footwear model is durable, long-lasting, comfortable, rugged, and structured for an excellent fit. The positives far outweigh the negatives, so it is a hiking shoe product worth serious consideration folks!