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KEEN Newport H2 Review Facts

In a search of a great lightweight sandal that you can wear every day but also wear it while you are doing some water activities and sports? Well, look no further as we have a great suggestion for you, today.

KEEN has done it again with another excellent Newport model of sandal! The KEEN Newport H2 is a very comfortable water shoe that protects the toes like a regular shoe and wears like a light sandal. It is best as an everyday shoe but is ideal for water activities and sports, such as kayaking, fishing, and around the beach or pool. Plenty of happy customers wear it for walking, hiking, backpacking, camping, and travel. It features an EVA footbed that will conform to your individual foot shape and Cleansport NXT that controls odors.

What makes the KEEN Newport H2 an ideal water shoe is that it has superb traction from the rubber sole that is razor-siped and 3mm lugs to grab onto anything on dry land or in the water. Nothing is better for walking along and in streams, ponds, shallow lakes, and low rivers. Wherever you must do a lot of walking, it is perfect for that too, such as cruises and sightseeing on trips and vacations. There is a protective end cap over the toes and a single-pull lace system for the closure.

Many customers love this model and wear it exclusively during the summer months. If you want to check out what other brands are there to make a comparison, we can help you. All you have to do is read our guide on the best water shoes. And maybe if you do not want to look further and check this model, let's start with our detailed review on this KEEN's model.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable for walking a lot
  • Traction is razor-siped for dry and wet surfaces
  • Highly breathable open shoe
  • Leather upper is water-resistant
  • Protects like a shoe and wears like a light sandal
  • For biking, hiking, backpacking, and camping
  • Good for water activities and sports
  • Perfect everyday footwear in summer
  • Small pebbles can get in - must be taken off to get them out
  • Can be shorter than regular sandals or footwear
  • Stitching in the heel may come unsewn easily


The Newport model has been around for years with different versions that have various features. The KEEN Newport H2 is a lighter shoe than the leather version that was the original model according to buyers who love the brand. This model is made of an upper of polyester webbing that is washable, and the regular Newport is made of leather too. It is better in durability and longevity than other popular brands say customers who have bought other more economical shoes. They missed the durability and comfort of the Newport and only wear this brand now.

One potential buyer wanted them compared to Crocs since they are so similar. The answer from a user was that these are better than Crocs for the outdoors with the aggressive sole and the security of the extra straps to hold the foot. We found out that Keen has plenty of loyal fans for the excellent Newport models.

Key Features

-Features Cleansport NXT and Aegis Microbe Shield for odors
-EVA metatomical PU footbed is removable
-Has a stability shank of TPU
-100% rubber outsole is non-marking
-3mm lugs in the soles are multi-directional for traction
-Toe has a durable and thick end cap
-Polyester webbing is washable
-Leather upper is water-resistant and lined with foam
-The closure is a single-pull elastic cord with Quicklocks
-Pull loops on the heel are reflective


For comfort, you really cannot find a more comfortable shoe than the KEEN Newport H2, especially for summer. Those who have them wear them all summer long and no other brand of water shoe will do for them. if you are going to be walking a lot, this is the one to get. the straps do not cover the ankle bone, yet they hold on snug to the foot.

The EVA metatomical footbed will conform to the shape of the foot for the best personal comfort. You can see in the photos how cushioned and comfortable the inner section of this footwear is. The mesh lining is breathable, and the EVA midsole is compression molded. There are countless places and times that are perfect for these protective, breathable, and comfy shoes, such as cruises, festivals, fairs, sightseeing, and exploring on vacations and trips.


A few people noted that this footwear can be shorter than regular sandals or shoes. The manufacturer does recommend purchasing a ½ size larger because of size. You may want to order up a ½ size for the length too if that concerns you. It was not flexible enough for a few buyers who found it hard to get their foot in and the lacing aspect was tight for them.

They did have wide feet, of course, but it is worth a mention if this will be an issue. We noticed several remarks from customers concerning rocks and pebbles. If you walk through or on pebbled or graveled areas with these sandals on, they could pick up these miniature torture items. You will have to completely remove the shoe to get them out. It is an open sandal but is closed enough that pebbles can get in but not out with shaking them out.


We decided to have a section about the heel area of the KEEN Newport H2 because of the many negative comments we came across from customers who all said the same thing.
The heel stitching might be the first place it shows wear, as it could come loose, said fans of this brand and model. This was noticed after wearing the footwear for some time, but eventually, the stitches were coming loose in that area.

One person knew how to sew, so they handled the problem on their own by patching them. This problem could be caused by machine washing on a cycle other than the gentle one, but this is just a theory. Users did recommend the gentle cycle which we mention in the Ease of Use section below. Just know that the heel is a sensitive spot for the stitching of the shoe.


We found two mentions of odor control for the KEEN Newport H2 in product descriptions, so it is unclear if the footwear has them both or just one and the other is incorrect. We will list them both here from our research. Some places say that it has Cleansport NXT to control odors and others claim the Aegis Microbe Shield reduces odors. We did not find both of these listed in the same place, so it is highly unlikely that the shoe has them both.

The footbed is made using probiotic technology which breaks down sweat naturally without the use of hazardous chemicals or heavy metals. This footbed is removable for possibly replacing or washing it without washing the shoe. plenty of buyers love this shoe for the comfort of the midsole saying that it is long-lasting for many years of luxurious wear.


Including a 3mm lug pattern that is multi-directional for enhanced traction, the sole of 100% rubber is non-marking and has a stability shank of TPU. There is great traction with the KEEN Newport H2 over both dry and wet surfaces. Also aiding with traction is that the sole is razor-siped.

This model will not show wear on the soles even after much use in rugged environments, such as on mountain rocks that are sharp according to buyers. This superb traction makes the Newport H2 perfect for places where you will be in shallow water and on lands, such as hiking through creeks, ponds, streams, or low places along riverbanks.


Made of materials that are free of perfluorinated chemicals (PFC), this unique sandal will protect your toes from being harmed or scuffed. PFC is frequently used for water repellency, but it is not on this footwear to be safer for the environment. The toe has a durable and thick end cap to protect the toes from being stubbed or hurt.

This toe protection is patented by Keen. Many people purchase this sandal because of the protective toe piece since they will be in places where that feature is needed yet gives them the freedom of a sandal. It is great for sightseeing and doing a lot of walking outdoors, especially for travel purposes.


Produced in the USA, the Keen Newport H2 has a current rating from mostly pleased customers of 4.3. this is a great rating considering the huge market for sandals today. Part of the excitement about this sandal is the terrific assortment of colors you can pick from. Some of these hues include dark olive/ vintage khaki, dark shadows/Bombay brown, dark Earth/acacia, midnight navy/Mallard blue, and raven/bossa nova.

Whether you like the colors or not, the names sound fabulous! We just love some of the names they came up with for the color combinations! We do want to mention that the manufacturer says the Newport H2 runs small for about ½ size so order up a ½ size for the best fit. Buyers agree that this is good advice for future buyers, especially if you do not want it to be too snug on the foot.


Made of a polyester webbing that is washable, the upper is lined for fit and comfort with a hydrophobic foam material. Even the leather portions of the upper are water-resistant making this an incredible water shoe for all types of water adventure fun.

We did find that the majority of customers wear it for hiking, backpacking, or camping, but any kind of activity is perfect. The highly breathable open shoe is so comfortable that once people try it, they wear it all the time in summer and whenever the weather allows a breathable shoe.


The KEEN Newport H2 protects like a shoe and wears like a sandal, so it is a perfect everyday shoe for the outdoors. It is really fantastic for water activities and sports because you can walk through water comfortably and safely without losing your footing. As a superb water shoe, buyers have used it while hiking, kayaking, fishing, hiking, trekking, and backpacking with ease. This footwear can handle the rough surfaces and protect the toes while giving you the ventilation you want and need during warm or hot weather.

The excellent traction makes them all the more suitable for almost anywhere you decide to go. We think the best places to wear them because they are so stylish and trendy for travel purposes where there is a lot of walking to do. Even on cruise ships, you can wear this model as it is sporty and fashionable.

Ease of Use

A couple of qualities of the Newport H2 make it simple to use and wear and so enjoyable. The pull loops on the heel and front of the ankle make it easy to put on and take off, plus those are reflective. If you wear them at night, others will be able to see the tabs shine. You will not have to worry about laces or Velcro straps with this product. It has a system of lace capture that is a secure fit. This single-pull elastic cord lacing secures the foot with Quicklocks for simplicity in dressing.

Once you have these laces set to your ideal position, you can probably remove them by slipping them off quite easily. This marvelous shoe is best machine-washed and air dried for longevity but be sure to use the gentle cycle for the washing machine. This will prolong the life of the footwear for you. Just slip them on and enjoy!

Bottom Line

As with most shoe models, sizing can be a problem when purchasing the Newport H2 from Keen. Some people said it was shorter than regular sandals and even the maker suggest purchasing a half size larger than your normal size. We found many people that said the heel stitching coming undone is the first thing that will most likely go wrong with this footwear. Since the sandal is open but also somewhat closed, it could be an aggravation when pebbles or rocks get in them when walking on gravel or pebbled surfaces.

You must remove the shoe to get them out every time. As these are not major flaws of the footwear and the majority of customers absolutely love this brand and model, it is truly worth considering for purchase. Loyal fans would not wear anything else on their feet every day during the hot summer months, and you may find that you love their comfort and durability that much too.