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Teva Kayenta Sandals Review Facts

It can be a challenge finding footwear that is suitable for all terrains but yet still stylish and appropriate for all ages. However, if you are searching for a classic sporty sandal with a twist, or shoes that will combine fashion and functionality, the Teva Kayenta Sandals could be a perfect choice. These attractive sandals have been purposely designed for walking, and they will keep your feet feeling fresh for longer. They are soft enough to cosset the foot in all-day comfort without compromising the stability of the shoe. You will always be able to go the extra mile with this pair! The Teva Kayenta is durable and versatile,  and they can be worn on all manner of terrain. You can wear them on the land or water, as they take you wherever you need to go.  The EVA soles feature Durabrasion™ rubber to provide outstanding grip, and Teva’s innovative Shoc Pad™ design allows for maximum shock absorption; reducing the impact on your joints as you walk.

While they are designed with performance in mind, the Kayenta is the perfect holiday shoes. They pack to almost nothing, are lightweight, versatile and durable, and can be worn everywhere. Whether you are taking in the local sights or landmarks, sampling the cuisine, or hitting the strip for the night, these stylish sandals will never leave your feet. I have had my Kayenta for years and wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without them!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durability: These sandals are well-made and have been built to last.
  • Comfort: The majority of reviewers gave a 5 Star rating for comfort!
  • Waterproof: These water-worthy shoes dry quickly, with a waterproof upper and sole.
  • Ultra-Versatile: Can be used on many terrains and worn for just about any occasion.
  • Lightweight: The Teva Kayenta sandals feature a lightweight design, which also packs easily into a small suitcase
  • Easy to use hook and loop straps
  • Need more colours!
  • The black sole can get hot when left lying in the sun
  • Sizes run large


First established in the 1980s by a Colorado River guide, Teva is an iconic brand that strives to provide top quality outdoor and adventure footwear. With over 20 years of experience in making sandals and outdoor footwear, they are world leaders in the field. The Teva Original was a simple design, a Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop, and yet this original shoe soon grew into the ‘strap on and go’ philosophy that the company continues to embody. Teva is a Hebrew word that means ‘nature’ and each pair within their top selection of shoes, boots and sandals have been designed with outdoor adventure in mind.

Teva uses only the best materials and ensures the finest craftsmanship to provide you with the footwear that you need for your next adventure. Step this way for top quality boots, shoes, and sandals, for men, women, and children, which have been purposely designed to keep you safe and comfortable during your adventure.


The Teva Kayenta sandals have been made in the spirit of adventure, and they can be worn for so many different activities, climates and occasions. These shoes are ultra-versatile, providing support and protection for your hiking adventure whilst being stylish enough to wear with a skirt or dress in the evening.

While they are particularly well suited to warm or sunny days, they can be worn on wet or chilly days as well; although, we do recommend a closed toe shoe, or adding socks if the weather is particularly frosty. The hook and loop closure on the straps means that you do not have to fumble, and this also means that these sandals could be the ideal option for anyone who has restricted mobility or has difficulty reaching to tie or buckle their footwear.


The Teva Kayenta sandals feature outstanding, versatile traction, making them suitable for use on lots of different surfaces. Although designed with land use in mind, they could also be used on the water and reviews have reported that Kayenta-wearers have worn them up and down rugged mountain paths, to hit the shops, and even when setting sail. The Spider365 Rubber outsole provides superb grip, which is surprisingly effective for such lightweight shoes.

However, these sandals may not be the right choice if you are walking on particularly steep or wet terrain or if you are walking through long grass or anywhere where there is a risk of being bitten; with full outdoor shoes, such as the Teva Arrowood, being better suited for these conditions.


The Teva Kayenta sandals have been built to last, with many customers stating that they have been wearing them for a number of years. Whilst they are at the slightly pricier end of the market, these walking sandals are a worthwhile investment and are still relatively budget-friendly when you consider how long you will be wearing them.

The longevity of your shoes will depend on how well you look after them and how often you wear them. However, they are relatively easy to clean and maintain, just use clean water and a soft brush to remove any dirt, and hand-wash the straps with anti-bacterial soap and a brush.


Walking sandals have never been known for their sense of style, and yet the Teva Kayenta are pretty shoes that could be worn with so many different outfits. There are various styles of the Kayenta available; including the Kayenta Suede, the Kayenta Dream Weave, the Kayenta Studded. The one that you pick is a matter of personal taste. If you are shopping for sandals for on the water, there may be some issues with the suede option, and we would advise selecting a different pair. The other designs are waterproof, and if you do get them wet, they should dry in no time at all. There are so many glowing reviews of the Teva Kayenta sandals, but many reviewers have stated that there only wish is for them to be available in a wider choice of colors. Yet, the black, chocolate brown and duck egg are the most popular options, and these can be worn with so many different colors.


The Teva Kayenta sandals have been built for comfort, and the padded midsole will help to ensure that your feet stay in tip-top shape, even on long journeys. The EVA midsole is made from a light anti-microbial material that is odor-resistant and waterproof, and the yoga-mat-inspired footbed will provide cush comfort underfoot. It has also been noticed that even when the soles of these sandals get wet, your feet are not likely to slip around and you will still be able to walk easily.


The Teva Kayenta sandals feature Teva's Durabrasion ™ rubber non-marking soles that will provide you with outstanding grip. Don’t just take our word for it, lots of customer reviews stated that the tough soles on the Teva Kayenta mean that their feet felt supported and that these sandals are winners when it comes to stability.

The Spider 365 rubber that is used to is suited to both wet and dry terrain and offers maximum traction and durability in a wide range of environments. The sole of these sandals also features a water-channeling lug pattern that has been purposely designed to enable any water to flow freely underneath the shoe. This patterned tread will help to ensure that you will not slip or slide when walking across wet surfaces.


Absorbing the impact as you walk, the slight heel on the Teva Kayenta Sandals has a height of 1.91 cm. This also includes the Teva Shoc Pad™ feature, which is a polyurethane unit that they have placed into the heel for added cushioning and improved shock absorption. It works by transferring the impact throughout the footbed, providing you with more bounce in your step while also taking the pressure off your joints.


The upper section of the Teva Kayenta is created using gathered straps, offering a pretty feminine sandal that is available in various colors. It is designed with web straps that form a ring near the top of the base, offering sporty style with a twist of fashion. The hook and loop straps, also mean that your feet will have plenty of wiggle room, and you can customize the strap to fit you perfectly.
The upper section of the sandal is made from durable polyester webbing, which will ensure that the sandal stays securely on your feet, whatever you are doing. These shoes have been designed to allow for maximum flexibility, and the open toe design will keep your feet cool, even on those scorching hot summer days.


The Teva Kayenta sandals are available in all standard sizes of footwear, and most reviewers suggested that they offer a secure fit. Plus, the ankle straps on the shoes are adjustable, which enable you to customize the fit of the sandal. However, it is important to note that some customers have suggested that they can run a little large. For example, if you usually wear a 5.5, the 5 could be the perfect size for you.


The Teva Kayenta Sandals feature adjustable webbed front straps and a secure heel strap that has been lined with super soft pigskin leather. These straps not only provide comfort but also offer distributed support to ensure that your foot is held properly in the shoe. The cushioning used to make the sole is super-responsive, and the yoga-mat design will ensure that these sandals are functional and comfortable, all day long. It is important to note that the comfort of the shoes will depend on getting the right size, and we advise measuring before purchase for the best possible fit.

Several customers did suggest that their foot moved forward in the sandal while they were walking, and this may have been due to the shoe being slightly too large. The majority of customers, however, report that these sandals have offered premium comfort for a number of years. The Teva Kayenta sandals are breathable and lightweight, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor adventure in the summer sun.

Key Features

When you look at the Teva Kayenta sandals, it is easy to think that they are your run of the mill, strappy sandals. However, Teva has made sure that they have been packed with the latest in footwear features, including:
-Shoc Pad™ heel for maximum shock absorption
-Durabrasion™ Rubber that will protect and last
-Spider 365 outsole for superb grip
-Adjustable hook and loop heel strap for a secure, customized fit
-EVA anti-microbial midsole
-Easy care and maintenance

The Bottom Line

The Teva Kayenta sandals are lightweight, attractive, and breathable and can be used on a wide range of different terrains, providing better-than-most stability while also being on trend. They are typical of Teva’s commitment to creating footwear that will take you wherever you wish to go, with shoes, boots, and sandals that are perfect for your next adventure. No matter your destination, the Kayenta sandal will ensure comfort and function, without compromising on fashion and style.

One of the best things about the Teva Kayenta sandals has to be their longevity. Many customers have reported that shoes have carried on being their favorites for many years after purchase, and I can personally vouch for that! However, it has been noted that these shoes can get particularly hot when left in the summer sun, mainly due to the black sole. If you are lazing on the beach, check the temperature before you slip them back on to ensure that they are not too hot. It is also suggested that we need more colors and designs. If you are looking for a sandal that can take you from the trail to a restaurant, the Kayenta offers a walking shoe that is both stylish and comfortable — getting a big thumbs up from us!