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Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP Boot Review Facts

The Salomon Toundra Pro CWSP boot is a lightweight, winter sports boot featuring innovative features and a great fit. Whether it’s hiking down a tricky snow-laden trail or digging out the driveway, this boot makes winter weather a little easier to get through. A solid winter boot overall, the Salomon's watertight, Climashield layer safeguards your foot while the Aerogel insulation guarantees warmth even when temperatures are as low as -40F. Underneath the Toundra Pro, you’ll find a molded dual-layer EVA midsole that fuses responsiveness with outlasting comfort, and the Contagrip rubber outsole stays flexible and holds traction even better when temperatures hit subzero. The faux fur lining the top feels soft against the skin and the gusseted padded tongue adds comfort while keeping cold weather out. Both the toe and heel have rugged covers for extra durability, and the heel has a built-in notch for easily strapping on snowshoes. These are extremely well-built for regular low-temperature exposure and live up to the Salomon reputation of quality, hard-working products. We go over all of the fundamental qualities and minor faults in our comprehensive review below that is sure to get you hiking with confidence this winter.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True-to-size fit with a little extra room for wider feet
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended use
  • Innovative insulation materials providing extreme warmth
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Built-in notch for adding on winter sport accessories 
  • Expensive 
  • Sole is not 100% slip-resistant


This winter warrior is provided in an all black stealth look for Men’s that is great for all winter activities, and stylish enough to go with any look. The Women’s shoe is styled in a dark grey with black and ice blue details, both available in size’s 5-14. Made of 100% synthetic material, the upper is ultra waterproof and warm with a Contagrip sole at the bottom that is reliable. Sitting well above the ankle in a streamlined fit against the lower leg, the thin profile of this shoe fits under most pants. Wear them with jeans or pants while running errands, or over your everyday athletic gear for ultra protection. Whether you're outdoors for hours exploring the city or in the backwoods, any activity will be more satisfying not having to worry about what's on your feet. Online customers highly recommend this shoe because of the polished qualities that are rare in a rugged snow boot. They look good, feel light and perform tough in the snow, ice, and slush making this an easy everyday choice in the winter time.


An important factor of any footwear is, of course, comfort. Especially on those longer than expected trails or cold weather that makes you want to keep on as many layers as possible you need something that will last. You’ll be glad these tactical snow boots are on your feet surrounded by a breathable membrane that is fully lined with space-age Aerotherm and a fluffy faux fur collar that traps air within the shoe. Pairing them with a warm wool sock is the perfect combination for keeping feet warm. For users online, some say stiffness occurred at first along the seam near the top of the toe box but once on they were able to move comfortably without restraint. It’s also possible to experience a longer than expected break-in period with the Toundra Pro. A wider than average space along the toe box and the secure lacing system play a big role in incorporating comfort within this shoe. A tight lace-up will leave the ankle supported and plenty of wiggle room for toes with no rubbing or pressure points.


While other competitors like to pack winter shoes with heavy insulation giving customers the illusion of warmth when really they end up with an overweight shoe that has no utility if you can't stand to wear them. The Solomon Toundra Pro uses advanced technology to line the shoe while leaving spacious wiggle room for the feet and toes. Salomon's footwear is known to generally run wide and sometimes large in size. Previous reviewers have had issues with the size and length, though most ordering their normal or a half size up had no problem with the fit of this boot. This particular version has a wide foot which is roomy enough to throw on a thicker pair of socks on those colder days. With synthetic fur rimming the cuff, a wider toe box, and a tight fitting heel cup, these boots provide a soft and secure fit when laced up and ready to go. You will have confidence ordering your normal size in this shoe knowing feet will stay warm and comfortable on those long days in the snow.


The Salomon Toundra boots are outfitted with an entire rubber outsole made from non-marking Contagrip for multi-directional traction on ice and snow. Dispersed lug grips leave you with a lot of confidence during each step and only have one fault in their design.

Other than warmth and comfort, a good winter hiking boot needs to have positive traction in snowy and icy conditions that won't quit on you when the path turns treacherous. Unfortunately, the Toundra Pro doesn’t completely pass the slip-resistant test and for some users online they experienced poor performance over both fresh and melting wet ice. The tread design isn’t as aggressive as many have come to expect from a boot in this price range and the low profile lugs aren't exceptionally deep. This flaw almost seems intentional by Salomon to conserve weight. Where you save on weight you lose out on safety. So literally, tread lightly in these shoes to avoid injury.

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Tested by multiple customers that have submerged the shoe in puddles, fresh snow, and many of the snowy elements, the Toundra proves its ability to be 100% waterproof. The breathable Climashield membrane keeps out water, ice, and snow while allowing perspiration to escape. Most users feet remained noticeably warm but not overly sweaty where moisture might accumulate. However, depending on your climate, activity level, and the type of socks worn are elements that can affect the outcome of foot comfort of any shoe with a membrane. As a precaution, it is recommended to pack different types of socks with different widths while on longer trips to avoid issues with sweat build up. A high gusseted tongue and extended rubber along the toe box also improve waterproof capabilities with improved resistance to water up to a certain level. This boot is ready to follow you through the muck and mess that winter likes to throw at you.


Adding on to the complete waterproof capabilities of the Toundra Pro, Salomon has also added in a top of the line insulation that provides reliable warmth in temperatures up to -40° F. So if you’re planning an arctic exploration or spending some time in Aspen in the peak of winter, this super warm boot is worth picking up. Aerogel insulation is a low thermal, hydrophobic insulation that has the added benefit of being very lightweight, which is important when winter hiking with heavy snowshoes. The lining of the boot is Spaceloft, a featherlight, thermal regulated fabric getting its namesake from being designed by NASA. Other built-in features include a thick toe cap for additional toe protection and a heel notch on the back of the boot to hold crampons, a convenient add-on to ensure a reliable connection. A gusseted tongue also provides extra protection against water penetration and clearance in up to 5 in. of standing water. From the sole to the laces, your feet are protected by all of these features working together and guaranteeing that moisture and debris will not penetrate the boot.


With a high weight to warmth ratio, these boots weigh in at just under 3 pounds. Insulated with Aerogel which is a porous, silicon-based material that is less dense than glass and has the highest thermal insulation value of anything available now. The molded EVA midsole also helps aid in keeping down weight as well as it’s thin rubber sole. Extreme lightness sets this shoe apart when compared to countless other winter boots on the market, making your decision easier. With the long list of features, most customers online got the impression they were purchasing something closer to a heavy ski boot and were pleasantly surprised when the Toundra Pro closer resembled a lightweight hiking boot. You can easily consider these boots for a myriad of winter activities with the combined lightness of foot and excellent warmth. These will keep you agile while out and about reducing the amount of fatigue that can be experienced hiking steep hills or using snowshoes in frigid temperatures. Play in the snow or go snowshoeing down a new trail with ease in the Toundra Pro; they are made to get you outside and keep you there.


This well-constructed footwear is only described as top of the line, a comfortable pair of boots that lasts online customers a long time. This Solomon boot's loyal patrons can attest to the long life of this durable shoe, as they will only buy the same pair after many years of use and after the previous pair has completely worn out. One customer specifically had this shoe for five years of daily rugged use delivering mail in the North. High quality, long-lasting comfort, and excellent design ensure that Solomon customers return to a product they know, love and trust. These boots will last in all kinds of environments for years and years of reliable use.


In the winter time, once you’ve found a middle of the road boot like this one, the uses are almost endless. The Toundra Pros are great for winter cycling, snowmobiling, city sight-seeing, snowshoeing, running, working outside, and even daily walking. A built-in heel notch helps pry off the boot or secure snowshoes and crampons in place. They are comfortable enough to wear in freezing temperatures for many hours while shoveling snow or visiting the local grocer. As well as versatile in use they are also very easy to maneuver, the high gussets along the tongue can be worn fully laced and tied or left undone and worn as slip-on to quickly run outside for more firewood.

Key Features

-Winter Contagrip outsole
-Waterproof-breathable membrane
-Molded EVA midsole
-Gusseted padded tongue
-Polyester lining with faux fur top closure
-Extended rubber toe cap
-Rubber heel cap with a molded notch for snowshoe or crampon strap
-External heel counter
-Self-locking eyelets

Bottom Line

Conquer the arctic in the Toundra Pro CSWP boot. It works hard to keep feet warm, comfortable, and exceptionally dry. Salomon put a lot of knowledge and experience towards building the ultimate cold weather boot that keeps customers coming back for more after years of use. Remarkably rugged, lightweight and sleek design, if you’re looking for footwear to keep you warm and mobile in sub-40-degree temperatures than this is the boot for you. The protective membrane and synthetic material work together to create a durable barrier that makes it difficult for moisture and standing water to enter. Many enjoy the wider space in the forefoot giving them the option to wear different types of socks comfortably, only adding to the boot’s versatility. The extra room could be a concern for some of those with narrow feet. This can be easily avoided with ordering a smaller size or with the use of thick wool socks.

The issue of the traction faltering on certain cold weather surfaces such as fresh ice certainly isn’t a reason to totally dismiss the Toundra. Winter terrain can be unpredictable no matter what kind of footwear you choose, it gives cause to knowing your environment, staying alert and treading with caution to increase safety. An ideal waterproof snow boot for snowshoeing and a great easy wear winter walking boot for those cold days when the ground is frozen, it’s easy to see why they are well loved by the average of 4.2 out of 5 stars it currently receives on Amazon. We think you will be happy with this investment in lengthened foot comfort and can get good use out of this boot for many years.