Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

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Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Review Facts

The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is an eight-foot tent for your long-bed truck with its tunnel-shaped design. Made of Hydra-Shield watertight duck canvas of cotton, it is durable, breathable, and waterproof. This canvas is thick and sturdy and is supported by a tube frame of heavy-duty steel. The stitching and YKK zippers are top-notch quality, plus there are interior wall pockets for your gear and five windows for ventilation. One person alone can easily set up this excellent tent that will accommodate one person or two quite comfortably plus their gear. The entry large D-shaped door is covered with a canopy, and there is plenty of headroom with the five-foot height. You can use this tent in any season for the best camping experience that keeps you off the ground. Add a new twist to your next camping trip with this superb product, and you will never go back to sleeping on the ground.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Plenty of space and headroom for two people
  • Durable, long-lasting, and waterproof
  • Stitching and zippers are top-notch
  • Breathable and long-lasting
  • Great for use in any season
  • Fits long-bed trucks of six feet best
  • Comes with a bag for carrying
  • Sets up in less than twenty minutes
  • Can be assembled easily by one person
  • Does not seal tightly against mosquitoes or other bugs
  • Possible dampness and mold growth in high humidity areas
  • Cannot handle heavy snow or weight on the tent


Excellent comfort is what you will get with this incredible Truck Bed Tent. There is plenty of space inside for two people or just one person and lots of gear. Most people that use it for just themselves put in a nice-sized air mattress and a small table and chair with plenty of room to spare for their other gear. It has plenty of headroom with the five-foot height, plus there are two gear pockets conveniently located in the tent on the inside walls. By having your tent in your truck, you stay dry and high off the bare ground and away from the surrounding animals. It makes you feel safer when camping by being able to stay in the vehicle. You can go camping from now on very comfortably and not have to rough it on the ground, which will most likely be uncomfortable.


Most buyers are very surprised by the high quality of this product when they receive it. there are numerous accounts of people being pleasantly pleased with the durable thick canvas and the superior zippers. This tent is constructed of Hydra-Shield which is a durable, breathable, and watertight duck canvas of 100% cotton material. It is very durable, long-lasting, and waterproof. Even in heavy rain, you will remain high and dry to not be bothered with accumulating rain puddles around and near the tent. This would normally be a big concern if you were using a tent on the ground. The stitching and zippers are top-notch, and the whole product is quite breathable and long-lasting. The only drawback that some people noticed was condensation in some climates and weather conditions. Possibly after a rain with the additional body heat inside the tent, you will experience some condensation or white spots. These will quickly disappear when the canvas dries, or you can wipe them off if it bothers you. This would be a normal occurrence with any other sort of canvas-type tent.


This entire tent is quite flexible to your camping needs as it has some versatility built right in. It is great for use in any season but is not adequate for snow accumulations that are heavy. Nothing heavy can be on top of this tent when it is erected, just like any other tent. The edges of the canvas material are strapped to the undersides of the truck bed for a snug fit. This may take some practice to get just right, but with each time, you will better and quicker with the process. You will love the fact that there are five windows in this incredible tent for the best openness and ventilation. This includes the access window of the truck cab too. Those camping in hot or humid areas will appreciate this feature the most, as you will be able to get nice breezes through this trendy truck tent.

Key Features

-Has two gear pockets in the tent
-Constructed of Hydra-Shield - a duck canvas of cotton
-Features five windows and a large door
-The total weight is 30 pounds
-Door is D-shaped with YKK zipper closures
-Entry is covered with a canopy
-Durable design is tunnel-shaped
-Tube frame of steel is strong and long-lasting
-Canvas material is thick and sturdy


The protection of this Kodiak Truck Bed Tent is of superior quality. Among other competitor and Kodiak models, it is one of the best and largest that is currently offered on the market today. You will remain dry during light, moderate, and even heavy rain. It can take a good bit of wind, just like a regular tent would be able to also. This is one of the heavier models of truck tents with excellent supports and tie-downs, so it might possibly be able to handle adverse weather conditions much better than some of the other brands. It cannot handle heavy snow on it because of the weight. Plenty of buyers remained quite warm in this product when the temperatures dropped to uncomfortable levels outdoors. They had the protective gear inside to keep them warm, as this superb tent kept them snug, dry, and out of the wind. The sides of the truck actually help with the supporting of the tent and the protection for the people inside. One problem is that because this is canvas material, other than very dry climates will experience dampness and possible mold growth with high humidity levels. This has nothing to do with the construction or quality of the product, but just the canvas material. one customer also mentioned another negative point about this tent. Because it does not seal tightly against mosquitoes or other types of bugs where the ten meets the truck on the sides, bugs can get into this tent. This would be a big problem in areas that are prone to mosquitoes.


As far as the size of this Kodiak tent, it is one of the biggest that the company makes and even among competitors. It fits long truck beds of six feet the best, as the tent itself is eight feet long. It uses the bed and the tailgate for the length of the tent when in place. The weight of the tent alone is thirty pounds, so anywhere your truck can go, you can have your tent for camping. It comes with a handy bag for carrying and storing it properly. The truck models that are suitable for this tent the best are the Ford S Series, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra 2016 and previous models, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and Nissan Titan. You will be very surprised at how roomy this tent is on the inside when you have it in place.


The Kodiak Truck Bed Tent has a large door that is D-shaped and closes with high-quality YKK zippers. The entry is covered with a canopy for the best protection entering and exiting the tent. It looks so incredible that many people are being asked about their tent when others see it and even want a tour of the inside. It certainly has a fantastic rating online from happy customers that are recommending to others to get one for themselves. You will probably never go camping again on the ground in a regular tent, and you might even go camping more than before just because you have this product. It certainly makes camping more enjoyable when you have excellent gear, such as this tent for a truck bed. Plenty of buyers recommend putting it up at home before your camping trip to get used to the tent. This was mentioned so often in feedback that we cannot stress the point enough in this review. It is not difficult, but it will take some practice to get it perfect. Don’t ruin your camping trip by not working with this tent before you go.


The sturdy build of this marvelous product makes it durable and long-lasting for many years of rugged use. the tube frame of steel is sturdy with ¾-inch pieces that clamp onto the rails. These rails mount on the bed of the truck easily for a fit that is secure. With the tailgate down on the truck, the usable space is expanded to accommodate the eight-foot tent. The design is tunnel-shaped to make the most of the truck’s interior space with a ceiling height of five feet. There is plenty of room inside for one or two people and lots of gear.


Using this Kodiak Truck Tent when it is up is just like using any other type of tent, except that it is not on the ground. You have to crawl inside using the tailgate of the truck. One of the best parts about having your tent erected inside the truck is that if you do not like your camping spot or you want to move it often during your trip a few feet away, you can do that so easily. This would be very frustrating to do with a regular tent. The canvas is thick and sturdy with that “new canvas” smell, plus there are plenty of tie-down straps for securing to the truck bed. There is no bottom to this tent as it uses the truck bed as the bottom or floor. You will not have to sweep out the tent when you are done and ready to break it down, which is a plus. Some people did not like the fact that there was not a bottom to this product. Just be ready for others to stop and admire your tent when you have it up, as that seems to be a regular occurrence.


This Canvas Truck Bed Tent model has sold more than other popular truck tent models and has a much higher satisfaction rating. Compared to the Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent, the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent, and the Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent, the Kodiak is higher in price, but it is wider, longer, and taller than these other items also. If you have the larger-sized truck bed, then this just may be the version of truck bed tent that you want to have.

Ease of Use

It is highly recommended by most of the buyers online that you practice putting this tent together at home first before you must use it for camping. It fits a six-foot bed perfectly, so short-bed trucks of five feet might have to make necessary adjustments for a good fit. If it is too long, you will need to pull it snug to the truck cab first. This great tent can be assembled easily by one person and sets up in less than twenty minutes with some practice. It has good construction, however, some people had trouble with the assembly, the instructions, and the pieces not being marked adequately. You will enjoy your camping adventure much more with this item if you first become familiar with its parts and how they fit together on your model of truck.

Bottom Line

Camping in any sort of shelter is never without its drawbacks but using this excellent Kodiak Truck Bed Tent will certainly keep you from experiencing most of the problems associated with usual camping trips. Online customers have mentioned that it does not seal tightly at the edges where the canvas meets the truck sides, so mosquitoes and bugs could possibly enter the tent. It will not stand up to heavy accumulations of snow, and in high humidity areas, you could experience some condensation and even possible mold inside. These are issues with any sort of camping and not really flaws of the design or construction of this product. This Kodiak tent is very unique in its build and ingenuity to give campers a better place to rest during their excursion. We think, along with most of the happy people who have purchased this incredible item, that you will be very pleased with it. it is durable, sturdy, protective, comfortable, flexible, roomy, and easy to use. Happy Camping!