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The Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp is a lightweight and versatile device that can be used by anyone that needs a steady source of strong lighting in dark areas. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, it is best utilized by runners and hikers who love to go out in the early morning or late evening for their activities. This excellent lamp has a rear light for safety in red so those in the back of the user can see them well. As vehicles or others on foot come from behind, the rear light will let them be aware of your presence. Since the battery for this light is stored in the back, it perfectly balances the whole mechanism on the head. This battery is easily rechargeable and comes with its own USB charger.

Hardly any other headlamps currently on the market are as bright as the Black Diamond, and they certainly do not surpass it in quality, comfort, and ease of use. there are several settings on the lamp to adjust the brightness of the front light for different situations. The straps that hold it on the head are just as versatile. There is one strap that goes around the head and one that goes on top of the head. Although this configuration may take some getting used to, it is quite comfortable once it is worn. These double straps hold the strong lamp on the head well, so it does not bounce or slide, even when running at a quick pace. They are also removable, washable, and adjustable for various head and hat sizes. These are just a few of the terrific features of the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp. Let’s now take a detailed look at all of its superb qualities so you can compare it to other models of headlamps such as Black Diamond Spot and choose your favorite one.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Light is very bright for many activities when it is dark
  • Has a red rear light for the user to be seen by others from behind
  • Includes double straps that go around and on top of the head
  • Is perfectly balanced with the battery and lamp
  • Has various settings for the brightness of the light
  • Depth perception is hard to have while using this light
  • Is hard to see muddy areas or puddles because of the lack of reflection


If the Black Diamond Sprinter is one thing, it is comfortable. Many reviewers mention how comfortable this is to wear on the head because of the even weight distribution and the flexible straps that adjust and detach. Even those that wear hardhats can fit this device right over the hat for a comfortable match. The light in the front is perfectly balanced with the battery in the rear, so the user will not feel unbalanced. Even when running, this does not cause a problem with bouncing up and down or sliding around on the skull. The forehead or head will not be irritated, banged, or chafed because of the straps. One customer even wore the main straps that go around the head loosely and let the top strap hold the device on the head mostly. In this way, the lamp was still on tight enough to m=not move around when running, but yet so comfortable and not binding or interfering around the forehead.


Made strong and ready to handle any weather that you must endure in your activities or on the job, this remarkable headlamp can take the punishment. It is durable and weatherproof, being able to still operate in snow, sleet, and rain. This great device was devised for outdoors sports, activities, and tasks that have you out in the elements. It is ready for high impact and versatile. It was specially designed for everyday use in the rugged outdoors. One dedicated buyer who lives in the Northern region of the U.S. said that he used this outstanding headlamp every time he went out for his long runs all year long. whether it was snowing, raining, or sleeting, he never missed a day of running. He always had his trusty Black Diamond Sprinter with him to see him through the whole journey. The durability of this terrific product makes it worthy of the higher price than other brands that it demands.


There are many fabulous features of the headlamp that you will absolutely love. It has a TriplePower LED light with 200 lumens, and the beam is oval and strong. It includes a red taillight for easy sight in urban areas at night or early morning and can be programmed to be on or off as you need it. this fantastic device is weatherproof and can be used in the cruelest of weather conditions. It will keep going through snow, sleet, and rain to see you through the darkest areas and environments. Two head straps hold it firmly in place on the head, so it will not move around or bounce, even when jogging or running. The front light is very bright and adjustable for various lighting needs. Anyone who loves to get an early head start on their running or enjoy a late night run in the twilight should have the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp for a dependable, durable, and comfortable light to shine the way.


You can choose several settings of the front light strength with the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp. Pick from strobe, dimming, and full-strength for the various lighting needs you have. The switch on the side of the headset does this quite easily and trouble-free. The back, red light that is there so others can see you well can be turned off on the trails when you do not need them. This whole device only weighs five ounces, so it can be used and forgotten that it is even in place. You will just have great lighting wherever you go. The sturdy head strap is just as flexible as the light settings and the switches. It can be detached to wash it periodically to keep it clean and in good condition. Being that it is in two sections on the head, the part that goes around the head can be looser in fitting than the over the head strap for the best flexibility in comfort. The manufacturer really made sure that this headlamp could be adjusted to perfectly fit the user’s needs and comfort level.


The Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp is one of the most expensive products of this category because of its superior performance and high-quality. Plenty of buyers attest to its excellent qualities and features that are easy to use and dependable. Other models are less expensive, but it is like the old saying that says how you get what you pay for in the long run. This is quite true of this wonderful headlamp that is trusted by joggers and runners to keep them out of the dark. When compared across the board with other such similar devices, the Black Diamond is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest according to satisfied consumers that have tried many other brands and models.


This splendid headlamp can be used for all sorts of activities, sports, tasks, and jobs, as it is extremely versatile in how it can be used. It is perfect for short or long-distance runners, as it can go from streets to trails simply. When camping, hiking, biking, backpacking, or fishing, it is invaluable when you must be in the dark and moving about. It comes highly recommended by advanced joggers and runners who have used this light exclusively for their daily activities. The Black Diamond is one of the brightest lights that many people have used. Some remark that it is just like running in the daytime because it puts out such a strong clear beam. It is even touted as the best headlamp ever used by some who work in the dark, such as elevator repairmen. One reviewer said that he has never had a headlamp that was so balanced, had such a long battery charge and battery life and possessed such great task lighting than the Black Diamond Sprinter. It is perfect for industrial use as well as recreational use.

Ease of Use

The sleek design and wide distribution of the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp make it easy to use and appreciate. It is much more expensive than the other top brands of headlamps that are in the $10 to $20 range, but this lamp is so well worth the extra cost. This amazing lamp features stormproof PX4 that can take sleet and rain at any angle and a long charge life that rivals the other models. Most people that bought these and use them daily just charge the battery once a week to be safe. It is not that it needed it, but they wanted to ensure they could take it out for a week’s worth of long runs and not be disappointed. It has a low profile and great balance because of the design of the lamp in the front and the battery in the back. This makes it a pleasure to wear and enjoy for lighting anywhere you need it.

Power Source

The power source for this impressive light is a lithium polymer model that is rechargeable. The battery cannot be removed or replaced and must be charged within the device. It comes with its own micro-USB plug and charger for easy regeneration. Much about the long life and charge of the battery in the Black Diamond online from buyers because of its longevity. Most advanced runners said they charged the battery once a week, even though it did not need it to just be on the safe side. It gets a full charge in under six hours, so it is always good to just top off the battery after you use it. For those that take long runs or hikes in the early morning or late evenings, it is best to always have a light that is at its peak power. It will last for several days out on the trail without recharging. The battery will most likely outlast any other component of the lamp, as it is a reliable source of power you can trust.

The Bottom Line

We love the Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp because it offers so much to the user whether they want it for recreational or industrial purposes. The bright front light will help you see through the darkest of areas and situations, and the rear taillight will keep you safe from behind. The dual straps are easy to adjust, removable, and washable to keep it in prime shape for years of use. not only are the straps adjustable, but so are the settings for the front light. Choose from three terrific modes of varying light along with either using or not using the rear light with a simple side switch. These head straps will keep the lamp from bouncing or sliding on the head, even with the most vigorous of activities. The whole headlamp is so lightweight and versatile that you will forget you even have it on. You will just know that the wide space in front of you in well lit for you to move confidently forward. The reliable battery is easily rechargeable and comes with a USB charger to revitalize the battery when needed. Even for daily use on long runs, it will only require weekly charging to keep it in great shape. If you are in dark environments often where you need a good source of lighting for good visualization and safety, then this is just the piece of equipment you need to light your way.