Streamlight Siege Compact Hand Lantern

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The Streamlight Seige Compact Hand Lantern has 540 lumens and puts out 360 degrees of steady soft light that can illuminate small to large spaces well. This is a lantern that can be used indoors or outdoors and for sports, activities, and at home. Its possible uses are endless, as anywhere you need a source of strong light. The lights are C4 LEDs that are strong and can be blinding on the high mode. It is perfect for emergency use such as power outages or problems at home, use for basements and cellars is great also. There are two handles on this light, one at the top and one at the bottom. It can be hung in many different ways and on various things, such as pipes, cables, and ropes because of the included hook in the middle of the handle. This lantern can be used without the outer globe for a wider source of light for a larger area. With the globe cover on, the great lantern will float and can be submerged in water up to one meter. It has an indicator light for the battery life, and the grooved battery door makes changing the batteries in the dark simple and easy. This is one of the best lantern models on the market that you can buy. Let’s look now at more of the features in detail that make this product so superb.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is waterproof and it floats
  • Is easy to change the batteries in the dark
  • Is lightweight, compact, and versatile
  • Can be hung upright or upside down
  • Globe is removable for a wider light area
  • Comes on high when first turned on – can blind some people not expecting this brightness
  • Product description is misleading a bit saying 340 lumens in some areas and then 540 lumens in others


Streamlight has a long-standing reputation for making quality products, such as the Seige Hand Lantern since 1973. They have real-world experience and know-how, plus a hands-on approach in visualizing and creating their items. The people at Streamlight are outdoor-loving folks who know and understand the rugged equipment that is required to enjoy outdoor adventures. They use the products in their time off just as their customers do, so they know they are the best on the market. The Seige Lantern is rugged, compact, and cordless making it perfect for all of your transportable lighting needs. It has the technology of C4 LED lights in red and white. The model is offered in the color choices of yellow, pink, and brown for your preference. The Siege has an extremely good rating from buyers online that are completely satisfied with their purchase. They would buy these again and have bought them again to have in various places in their lives. Some people even gave these as gifts to friends and relatives to have for emergencies in the house. Whatever your need for portable outdoor or indoor lighting, the Siege is a brand you can trust.


There are many hand lanterns on the market from manufacturers, but none of them really come close to the durability and quality of the Seige. The lenses of polycarbonate are unbreakable, and the lantern is resistant to the impact of two meters. For outdoor adventures where equipment must take quite a punishment from the weather elements and movement, this is important. This is a stable device on uneven or slippery surfaces because of the molded rubber base. You do not always have a smooth flat place to put a light or lantern on, so having some traction on the bottom is terrific. The flexible handles will come into play also when there is no place to put the lantern on a flat surface. It has an extended run time and can be used well for outdoor dinner lighting. One review stated that his light was for using on his porch at night as he enjoyed the cool night air at home each night. there are just so many uses for this fantastic lantern.


With 540 lumens, the Seige gives off 360 degrees of soft light that will light up a large space. When the outer cover is removed, the lighted area gets even larger. It has an indicator button for the battery level in the on/off button and can be used with or without the globe cover on. You will never be without the light because of dead or low batteries because of this wonderful feature. The battery door is keyed, so the batteries can be changed easily in the dark. Other models have battery doors that are not operable in the dark and must be placed on the lantern just so, or it will not work properly. The Siege does not put you through this trouble. It includes an emergency SOS feature and an incorporated hook in the top handle for hanging on pipes, cables, and ropes. The reflector is Streamlight-engineered for a darkness-piercing beam of light, plus the C4 LED creates powerful, brilliant, blinding light when you need it most.


Including five modes of output, the Seige Lantern can light up small or large areas with ease. It is also flexible in using it with or without the cover. To light a larger area, remove the outer globe cover and hang the unit upside down by the included D-ring. The sturdy D-rings to hang the light from the top or the bottom fold in compactly when they are not being used. The Seige Lantern will float as long as the outer globe is in place, and it can be safely submerged in water up to one meter. Hardly any outdoor adventure, activity, or sport involves only sunny perfect weather. The equipment you depend on must be weatherproof to the extent that it is trustworthy in the times that you need it most. The Siege is trustworthy and suitable for any outdoor use you can think of doing or trying.

Key Features

Has a night vision mode that increased the runtime
Includes five lights - one red and four white
Weighs less than a pound
The handle has tension enough to stay upright even when at an angle
On/off button will not blink when it is not being used as other brands do
Batteries can be changed easily in complete darkness
Will float as long as the outer globe is in place
Can hang the unit upside down by the included D-ring
Can be safely submerged in water up to one meter


When it comes to stability and dependability, it is hard to beat the Seige Lantern. One of the best features is the tough handle. Its design is ergonomic to lock whether it is in a stowed position or upright. It makes it easy to remove the lantern from hooks or ropes because the handle will not be loose and try to catch or stay on the hook. This terrific model is RoHS compliant and well-built to last for many years of rugged use. The construction of polycarbonate thermoplastic is tough and almost indestructible. The advanced engineering that went into the creation of this amazing lantern is evident when you use it. many buyers were so pleased with this lighting model that they purchased extras to have around the house and for relatives. This model is more expensive than other leading brands because of the high-quality level and long life of the product. Online consumers commented of the higher price of this fabulous lantern, but when they compared it to the other top brands, the Siege was their choice for value.


The Streamlight Seige will run on low for twelve days without changing the batteries or recharging, plus it includes an emergency SOS feature when you need it. This wonderful lantern can be used anywhere and at any time, whether you are boating, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, or just staying home. Whenever you need a source of light in a dark area, this is the light to have. It has an incorporated hook in the top handle for hanging on pipes, cables, and ropes to make it versatile and usable in many different situations. If you live in an area that is prone to power outages because of storms or other occurrences, you should always have a dependable light source such as the Siege ready to provide light for you and your family. Some consumers purchased these for their elderly parents to have in the house, as well as outdoor sheds and garages. They are invaluable when the lights go out and so easy to use.

Ease of Use

Changing the batteries is simple and trouble-free with this superb light because the cover will go on perfect every time. This is because of the orientation of the center post. The battery door is keyed, so the batteries can be changed easily in the dark. This terrific model is easier in changing out the batteries and has a brighter light than the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern according to some buyers. While some of the other models may have some comparable features, none of them come close to the well-thought-out components of the Siege. One buyer online that reviewed the product said that almost too much engineering went into this lantern because it seems to cover all possibilities of how you will need to use it. The grooved battery door gives you an advantage in the dark in changing the batteries. Competitor brands assume that you will have adequate lighting for changing the batteries, but if you did, then you would not need the lantern, right?

Power Source

The Siege utilizes 3D cell alkaline batteries for its power, so the C4 LED lights can create powerful, brilliant, blinding light for you anywhere. It does have a high and a low mode for the light brightness, but it does come on in the bright position, which was a complaint of a few buyers. It may be hard to adjust the yes from complete darkness to a bright light for some people. Rechargeable batteries work really well with this lantern. Regular batteries will last for about thirty hours of constant use until the batteries die out. As the battery life is used up the indicator light will go through the stages of green, yellow, red and then begin to flash in red when the end of their life has been reached. Don’t ever leave the batteries in the lantern when storing it because they will corrode in the device quickly. Batteries are prone to leaking and will affect the metal parts of the lantern making it inoperable shortly. Another great power feature of the Seige Hand Lantern is the power button. It is recessed in the device to prevent it from accidentally being turned on or off. This makes it great for active sports and activities such as boating and hiking where the lantern will most likely be jostled around in moving camp and in transport in the moving waters.

The Bottom Line

Even if you are not the outdoor type, you can still benefit from owning the Streamlight Siege Compact Hand Lantern. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for emergencies. You should always keep one of these in the house in case the lights go out during a power shortage or bad weather. They are wonderful to have in the cellar and basement for a transportable light source, also. It is lightweight, waterproof, and can float. The Siege has night vision capabilities and five lights. This exceptional model can be hung upright or upside down by the included D-rings that fold away neatly when not in use. The top handle can remain upright even when it is tilted because of the great tension. Not only is the on/off button recessed to prevent it from accidentally being turned on or off, but it will not blink constantly when in use. the batteries can also be changed so simply with this model, even in complete darkness, because of the design of the battery door. There are so many reasons to own the Streamlight Siege Compact Hand Lantern for those times in life that such a light can be a life saver.