RAVpower Solar Charger

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The RAVpower Solar Charger is an essential piece of equipment for those who love to rough it outdoors, yet still have their electronic devices such as phones, tablets, iPads, and cameras. It will charge any device that is USB compatible in just a matter of a few hours. Whether you like to go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or backpacking, this is the perfect solar charger for you. When a source of electricity for charging is not available, this will be your most prized possession in the backpack or gearbox. It is waterproof and foldable into a size much smaller than a regular magazine. Its compact form allows it to be placed in the smallest of spaces in duffels and packs to be taken everywhere you go. It gives the most energy in the slightest time frame, and it does so quickly.

There are two durable USB ports that can be used at the same time with accuracy. As much as 23% of the sun’s power can be turned into electronic power for your needed devices for free in the great outdoors. This wonderful solar charger is packed in a sturdy material case where the ports are safeguarded well. It is half the weight and one-third the size of other leading brands of solar chargers currently on the market. The RAVpower is truly a marvel that is a valued necessity for those who love the outdoors but who do not want to be disconnected from the world. We will now take a look at the finer details of the RAVpower Solar Charger and how it can benefit you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gives you the most charge in the least amount of time
  • Will charge all of your small electronic devices that are USB compatible
  • Is free solar energy whenever and wherever you need it
  • Is waterproof, foldable, and compact
  • Ports are protected in the durable fabric case well
  • Some people experience frequent disconnections with their devices hooked to this charger
  • Charging was low or extremely slow for a few buyers


The RAVpower brand is known worldwide in over sixty countries for it mobile and reliable charging solutions. They are known and trusted by millions of people for their advanced technology and outstanding product performance of their creations. This wonderful solar charger is just one of many products the company puts out to make the lives of their customers more pleasurable and more enjoyable. This brand of solar charger is ideal and advantageous for those who are roughing it without hookups nearby or those that like to travel often. Its beauty is in its versatility, durability, and usefulness in what it can do for the person who is away from a power source. It is not only effective, but it is quick and trustworthy. Many online buyers conducted their own comparisons of this product against other popular travel solar chargers to determine the best one. Hands down, the RAVpower always came out the winner, even though the cost was always more than the others. The extra price did not seem to matter though to the customers that truly wanted a dependable charger they could rely on that exhibited all of the RAVpower features.


Durable and long-lasting, the RAVpower Solar Charger comes in a heavy fabric case that protects the ports well. This mechanism should last for many years of satisfied use in charging your devices when you need it most. It is also waterproof, compact, lightweight, and foldable, so it can be placed almost anywhere a thin magazine or book could go. Even though these are pricier than other models, it would be wise and worthwhile for those on the go to invest in more than one of these chargers to have in multiple locations. You could use one at work, at home, and in the car. You could use this excellent charger to power your phone on the way home from work during a long commute rather than the cigarette lighter device in the vehicle. Being waterproof allows it to go even in the most adverse weather conditions possible and still work well. It will take cold and heat, as well as any precipitation or wet conditions that you may encounter. When folded it easily fastens together with durable Velcro straps to keep it closed tight. The manufacturer did make a point to say that this charger will overheat if placed in direct sunlight on rock, concrete or sand, so make sure to choose options other than these when charging in the sun.


Nothing could be more flexible than this compact small solar charger that is the size of a magazine. It is so lightweight, you will not even realize it is with you until you unpack. This is a great device to have with you at all times, even if you are not away from electricity. You never know when something of this nature will be needed for emergencies or power outages. You will be ready for whatever problems come your way. it allows a portable way to make use of the valuable sun’s energy and can even be used as an economical alternative to plug in devices. A sunny window at home or at the office could power up your gadgets for free with this remarkable charger. It is more fun too to watch it provide you with natural energy. This great solar charger is 47% lighter and 30% smaller than other similar products, and it can be used in so many flexible ways. When outdoors use the four included hooks to attach it to your tent or backpack as you hike to get the most power for your devices from the sun. Unbelievably, it also works well in trees too. Wherever you can place it safely in the sun for a charge is the best way to use this free power.

Key Features

-Perfect way to power up for those in remote areas it without hookups nearby
-Charges many types of devices quickly and efficiently
-Waterproof, compact, lightweight, bendable, and foldable
-Housed in a heavy, durable fabric holder that guards the ports adequately
-47% lighter and 30% smaller than other competitor top products
-Folds up neatly to a compact size much thinner and smaller than a regular magazine
-Has two USB ports that will power two devices at one time
-Will exchange as much as 23% of solar power into free energy
-Provides the greatest amount of power in the least amount of time
-Powers cameras, phones, tablets, Kindles, and other USB devices


Perfect for cycling, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, and any sort of travel where a source of electric power is not available, this wonderful charger will set you free to go anywhere you choose. You can remain connected and still go do all of the activities you want to because of the fabulous technology of this great device. You will probably start to look for gadgets that can be charged with a USB port just so you can use this solar charger to power them. Small appliances, such as fans, can be powered by these, as one buyer related in his review. It has dual USB ports where two devices can charge at the same time with great success and will convert as much as 23% of solar energy into energy that is free for the taking. One savvy consumer gave the suggestion to put the devices charging under the solar panel to prevent them from overheating in the sun. this will protect the devices from becoming damaged by the direct rays of the sun. You will think and find many uses for this fabulous charger and wonder how you ever lived without it.


Providing the most amount of power in the shortest amount of time is the connectivity genius behind this amazing solar charger. It features iSmart technology that will give out current power for as much as 3.2A and has 2.4A for each of the two ports. The RAVpower is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in giving consumers the best connectivity in the most suitable form for travel and outdoor purposes. You can still remain connected to family and friends with charged phones and tablets even in the most remote environments. This splendid charger includes a conversion panel that is almost 24% higher than competing brands. It outperforms other models and is better suited to the small space that can be devoted to such a device in a backpack or duffel.

Power Source

This reliable product will give your linked devices the correct amount of power needed for the charge when they are connected. The smart technology in the charger can read the suitable charge limit of the device and power it accordingly. It takes the guesswork out of how long to keep the gadgets plugged in and will not charge them past their limits. This terrific charger powers cameras, phones, tablets, Kindles, and other devices that need power via USB connections. A small USB fan was powered by one buyer with this for his tent, and he had a constant light stream of air from the fan as long as the sun was out. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Note, and Nexus, as well as the other devices mentioned. Basically, any mechanisms that can be connected to a USB port can be powered by this wonderful charger.


Never be left without a source of power again for your devices with the RAVpower Solar charger, as it will keep your USB compatible necessities charged wherever you have access to the sun and its rays. It eliminates the problem of running out of power in the outdoors and having to stay in range of a plug-in close by. This terrific charger comes with four sturdy hooks to get you the most solar power as possible, so you can hang it anywhere that is suitable to catch the solar power. It minimizes the time of charging with its superior charging current and is much faster than competitor models of the same type. This great charger gives you a reliable source of energy conversion that is dependable and reliable for years to come. It is a stable device that can be trusted to work every time you need it no matter where you are using it. Because of its simple design, you just unfold the charger case, plug in the devices that need power, and wait. It only takes a few hours for a full charge on most gadgets, and the charger will never lose its ability to convert solar energy into a usable form for your much-needed electronic devices.

The Bottom Line

Just because we like to get away from civilization once in a while and set foot into the wondrous outdoors doesn’t mean that we want to do without our phones, iPads, and cameras. These devices need to be recharged periodically and will not hold enough power until we get back to a USB port to plug in. Thus, the need for solar energy in a compact travel form was created just for this purpose. The RAVpower Solar Charger is ideal for those that are outdoors backpacking, hunting, camping, hiking, boating, and biking for one or more days. It is perfect for traveling because it is foldable, lightweight, and compact. Even if you are in adverse weather conditions such as snow, sleet, or rain, that is not a problem because the RAVpower is waterproof also. This great device can also be used in a vehicle instead of using the cigarette lighter to power up your gadgets. It has two ports for charging quickly and with the most power possible. Best of all is that the charge is free for the taking from the sun’s huge supply of energy. This wonderful solar charger will pay for itself with the first use because of its flexibility and dependability where you need it most. We really like the RAVpower Solar Charger and we hope you do too.