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Danner Acadia Boot Review Facts

You’re looking for a new pair of boots to add your collection of footwear. Danner is a leader in the footwear industry and they are among the best when it comes to boots. The Danner Acadia boots are slip resistant and built strong. If you are like everyone, you want a pair of boots that will last for years. If a boot is designed to last years it needs to be constructed of high-quality material, and comfortable. The boot should also be breathable, waterproof, and be slip-resistant. If this is what you are looking for then check out the Danner Acadia boot. Danner footwear is popular with members of military forces and law enforcement. Yes, there are a lot of different alternatives on the market, but the 8 inch Danner Acadia boot is a top choice. Made in the United States, the Acadia boot features Danner’s stitch down construction which provides stability and durability. The boot is constructed with Gore-Tex lining for waterproofness and breathability.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vibram outsole which provides safety and traction on multiple types of surfaces
  • Waterproof exterior which keeps the feet protected from water, mud, or snow
  • Absorbent lining that soaks up sweet, ensuring feet stay comfortable and dry while providing breathability.
  • Perforated Airthotic footbed which provides support to the heel and breathability
  • Fiberglass shank that provides maximum protection and support
  • A lightweight boot that anyone can wear while remaining comfortable
  • The boot has a narrow design. It is recommended to order a size larger than your regular size to include the width to ensure comfort
  • The boots are stiff when new and they will need to be broken in
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  • These boots are durable and have last years for many reviewers.
  • High quality materials and good craftsmanship are apparent.
  • There are positive reviews from correctional officers, EMS workers, ex-military, and other people who spend long work shifts on their feet or in unpredictable conditions.
  • The outsole has good traction.
  • These provide good ankle support.
  • After breaking them in, the fit is comfortable.
  • They work well in cool, warm, or wet conditions.
  • Fans of Danner boots are not disappointed by these boots.
  • Compared to boots from other makers, reviewers are impressed by the performance and durability of these.
  • Some reviewers were happy with their Danner customer service experiences.
  • Wide sizes are available.
  • Staying true to the Danner brand, these boots are manufactured in the U.S.
  • Most buyers say these are worth the price.
  • Resoling is possible on these boots which can extend the life of them significantly.
  • There are positive reviews from men and women.
  • These will keep your feet and toes protected.
  • They are water resistant and can be hosed off to keep them clean.
  • They are easy to shine.
  • These boots are narrow so even people with average width feet may need to get a wide size.
  • If you use orthotics, you will need to get a larger size to accommodate them.
  • These require breaking in. For some buyers it took weeks for them to get a comfortable fit.
  • There are a few complaints of quality control issues with the laces and stitching.
  • These are a bit heavier than similar boots from Danner and other brands.
  • Although rare, there are a few complaints from people who had trouble with heel rub.
  • Buyers are disappointed by the included airthotics.
  • A few reviewers needed to replace the laces to get a good hold.
  • The opening is snug for people with large feet.
  • There are several reports of issues ordering from third party sellers.
  • There is limited arch support and no cushioning.
  • These won't help to relieve plantar fasciitis pain.
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The Danner brand was established in 1932 by Charles Danner in a logging town of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Over the years the brand grew into the brand it is today. The Danner Company continues to manufacture and design a complete line of hunting, uniform, hiking, work, and lifestyle boots. The company is now located in Portland Oregon with specialty retail stores, direct customer sales, mail-order companies around the world.


The Danner Acadia boot is sleek and offers a slender profile with a stable fit. These boots fit individuals with more of a thinner foot. The design of the boot ensures a tighter fit to provide stability and support when on the job or out in the environment. If you have a wider foot it is suggested to order wide (EE).


The Danner Acadia boot is constructed with vibrio sole. With this sole construction, you will not have to question if it will hold up to slippery floors. The boot material is designed to last for consistent use for a long time. This is due to the design of the sole, it is a dependable boot in the cold and will provide stability on the slipperiest of conditions.

The lining is constructed of Butchery Tex, this lining provides breathability keep your feet dry the entire time they are worn. The breathability helps to keep the feet from getting sweaty in hotter temperatures and the lining also makes the boot waterproof. The Danner stitch-down design also helps make the boots waterproof.

Key Features

-Made in the United States
-Fiberglass shank
-Airthotic footbed
-Breathable GORE-TEX lining which makes the boots waterproof
-Vibram slip-resistant
-Waterproof leather upper with full-grain


The Danner Acadia boot has an 8-inch shaft which provides protection and support to the foot and ankle area. The boots are constructed of a corduroy and cowhide blend which gives weight to the boots. The tall shaft features a fiberglass shank and this provides the stability. At first glance, the corduroy material may not seem like the best option but the material very durable. The boot design keeps the leg secure and protected from pointy or rough objects. This material is also scratch resistant. Combining the material and the height of the shaft provides a great design which helps keep the feet comfortable and stable.


The Acadia features a stitch down construction which is a famous design by Danner. This stitch provides superior solidness and a stable stage underneath. The boot is constructed with a Gore-Tex lining which makes the boot waterproof. The boot material is also constructed of full-grain calfskin and 1000 denier. Another nice thing that is nice about a leather boot is if you work in an environment when you may come in contact with fluids you do not want to come in contact with your skin than leather is a great choice because not only is a higher quality material it helps protect you

The sole of the boot is made up of Vibrio Kletterlift and this provides great shock absorption along with stable footing on both dry and wet surfaces. The Acadia boot also features a non-metallic toe, which is great if you working around metal detectors because you will not have to worry about setting off the metal detector.


The boots feature a Gore-Tex lining with a Vibram Kletterlift outsole which protects your feet from water, snow, mud or any other wet conditions you may encounter. As most know, having wet feet makes for a very uncomfortable day, but you will not have to worry about wet feet in the Acadia boot.


The Acadia boots are designed with ventilation which ensures your feet stay dry from moisture build up all day along. The boot features DXT Vent, a breathable technology which provides maximum ventilation from heel to toe. Breathability is a key feature when you are required to wear a boot for a long period of time, keeping the feet dry helps prevent blisters or soreness in the foot.


Danner provides high-quality boos for any type of use. The Acadia is a great boot for daily use among firefighters, law enforcement or military in the tactical field. It is also great for survival team members because the boots will provide superior traction on slippery surfaces like mud or walking through the swap. The boot is also a great choice for someone that is just looking for a slip-resistant boot that provides comfort and support that hikers or walkers look for when searching for a boot.

The average length and use of the boot can span over years. The Danner Company offers to recraft on certain boots they manufacture and based on multiple reviews on the Arcadia boots is that some users have had their boots recrafted multiple times over a span of many years. The boot is built and constructed to last a long period of time and once you find the perfect boot, why not just get some of the minor ware items fixed instead of paying a completely new pair of boots.


The Danner Acadia boots are popular among factory workers, Law Enforcement, military personnel. They are also a great boot for hikers, hunters or everyday use. These boots provide a high level of comfort, making them a top choice among those who want a comfortable, stable and durable boot.

Along with comfort, these boots keep you safe. The boots are slip resistant, so they can be worn anywhere and you will not have to worry about traction because of the Vibram soles. Combining the traction and slip resistance it makes a good boot for hikers.


The Acadia boots are designed and constructed to last for years. The reason the boot will last a long time is due to the high-quality leather and Danner’s stitch down construction. At first glance, you may be thinking this is an expensive boot but if you can wear the boots for years and not have to worry about your feet becoming sore or wet the price really is not that bad.

Another nice aspect of the boot design is the tall shaft because the height and material of the shaft provide protection and stability. The quality of the material of the shaft also provides a barrier to keep the foot safe from hazardous material including chemicals.


One nice thing that the Danner Company offers is it can recraft worn boots. The process starts when completing an order form and shipping your boots to Danner. Danner provides this service to only boots that have the stitch-down construction and on boots was the leather is not damaged, torn or cracked. The boots need to still have stitching around the entire boot sole perimeter without any gaps in between. The first step of the recrafting process is the inspection process which is ensuring there is enough workable leather around the perimeter of the boot. Danner will remove the stitching around the perimeter of the boot and as long as the leather at the perimeter is not showing any cracking, and is not too weak Danner will be able to recraft the boot. Part of this inspection process is they insert a plastic foot mold is inserted into the boot, this maintains and restores the boot to the original shape. This process causes an increase in size to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the leather to ensure the material is workable to reattach a new sole. If the boots pass inspection the repair process starts. The recrafting process takes between five and six weeks.

Danner offers multiple recrafting packages to include the supreme, premier, liner, resole and basic packages. The supreme package includes replacing the lining, midsole, outsole, shank, heel counter and broken hardware. The package also includes repairing the leather along with reconditioning, cleaning and polishing the leather and you get a new set of laces and insoles or inserts. The basic package includes replacing broken hardware, repairing damaged stitching, reconditioning, cleaning and polishing the leather along with a new pair of laces and insoles or inserts.


Many factors can affect the life of your boots. The Danner Acadia boot needs to have occasional conditioning and cleaning to help prolong the life of the boots. It is important to use silicone or water based products to ensure that there is no damage or to clog the pores of the leather. Danner does offer a line of boot care products developed specifically to help get the most life out of your boots. Danner recommends not putting your boots in an oven, next to a fire or using a hair dryer to dry them because this can cause cracking in the leather or other damage. It is recommended to keep your boots in a shaded area and not in harsh direct sunlight. If you need to dry your boots it is recommended to use a boot dryer.

Danner also sells multiple products for reconditioning and smooth-finish leathers. It is very important to take care of your boots because the boots will not take care of themselves. It is recommended to purchase the Danner Boot Dressing because it is key to maintaining the quality of your boots. The premium dressing is designed to keep smooth leather from cracking and drying and it is also recommended to put on the boots after hard use. The Boot Dressing is water resistant and it allows for breathability. It is especially important to use this on Gore-Tex boots, because of the waterproof membrane needs to breathe through the leather to be efficient. The Danner Boot Dressing is available in clear, brown and black. Danner also offers a leather cleaner. It is recommended to use a leather cleaner because small particles of debris can get into the pores of the leather of the boot causing the leather to deteriorate and dry out. So to prolong the life of the boots, without causing damage to the waterproofing, it is recommended using Danner Leather Cleaner. The cleaner utilizes a foam that removes oil-based particles and unseen grime. All you have to do is simply apply the cleaner to the leather when it is still wet and using a wet rag, sponge, or soft brush to clean the boot. Once the boots are clean just simply let them air dry.