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Timberland White Ledge Review Review Facts

Sometimes, when you are in the market for a well-designed waterproof hiking boot, you will run into only water-resistant options. This can be incredibly frustrating as there is a vast difference between a boot being water-resistant and fully waterproof. Why is this relevant to today’s review, you may be asking? The Timberland White Ledge is a full-blown waterproof hiking boot that is advertised accurately and correctly. It is not merely a boot that will protect you only against mild rain. No, this is equipped to handle extreme situations and even submersion.

The Timberland White Ledge is also primarily made of leather and is relatively lightweight for being a hiking boot (if you are interested to find some other models of leather shoes check this guide here). Of course, its usefulness does not need to be limited to just the trails. Then again, all is not what meets the eye here. There are a couple of serious concerns that may have you drawing the white flag on this particular boot.

Today we are looking in-depth of this Timberland model and we strongly advise you to take time and read it if you are interested in buying a pair of hiking boots. So, with that, let’s begin, shall we?

Editor's Pros & Cons

Equipped with a removable EVA footbed

Designed with a rubber outsole for traction

Features a fully gusseted tongue

The speed lace hardware is rustproof

It is lightweight for being a boot

Different shades of leather are available

Features full-grain leather that is waterproof


They are quite stiff right out of the box

They do not have a ton of ankle support

Some users have complained about a narrow fit


Right from the get-go, you are going to notice that Timberland took the time to cover just about every little detail with their ankle boot. This all starts with comfort as there are small details that go a long way to enhancing it. Two great examples are the heavily padded tongue and collar.

Of course, what is also nice is the fact that the Timberland White Ledge has been designed with both an EVA footbed and EVA midsole. EVA is a type of foam that is well-known for its superb cushioning properties. It is one of the most common materials for footbeds and midsoles, so it is no surprise to see it show up so prominently here.

However, the upper is made of full-grain leather, and while this is good for longevity, it is not surprising for comfort. As many of you are aware of the leather of this nature, it is going to take some time to break in. Indeed, the White Ledge is going to feel quite stiff right out of the box. Give it time, though, and it will get much better.


This will be discussed in-depth later, but as was noted, the Timberland White Ledge is indeed a waterproof boot. It can then be ideal to be used in any situation that you would need such protection. One such example is when you are hiking as this boot excels at that.

Given the protection, you already know it provides and the rubber outsole, which offers superb traction (more on that later), it works very well out on the trails. At the same time, it does not offer a ton of ankle support and may not be the best option if you hike for multiple hours a day. For light hiking, however, this is a terrific option.

Outside of hiking, the Timberland White Ledge can be utilized as gardening boots for typical situations. It is not the best heavy-duty working boot, however, as it has no steel toe or shank present. During the winter, it is also not going to keep you very warm (even though it will be able to combat the snow, but if you are on the lookout for such read here about the best snowshoes).


As was already mentioned, the Timberland White Ledge has been engineered with a full-grain leather upper. If you know anything about leather, then you know that this is the highest grain that you can buy. Not only does it come from the hide’s top layer, but it also features all the natural grain. You can expect this leather to withstand the test of time quite well.

As for the other components, the sole is made of rubber, and the speed lace hardware is rustproof. The fact that this is the case proves that Timberland took the time to design their White Ledge. However, there have been a few users who have had negative experiences with the longevity of this boot.

In specific, a few reviewers pointed out how the rubber sole began to come loose in a few months. Similar users also reported that some of the eyelets started to break in around the same period.


In addition to the full-grain leather upper, the outsole is arguably one of the most impressive features of this entire boot. Past the fact that it has been made of rubber, which is not a surprise given that these are hiking boots, it also comes with multi-directional lugs. As you would expect, these lugs provide enhanced traction as they are going to dig into the ground with more authority.

What is also unique about this outsole is its unique system, which is dubbed B.S.F.P. This is an acronym, sort of, for brake, support, flex, and propel. As can be garnered from this, the traction and overall control that are provided from it are sensational.

Wait, though, as it gets even better when you look at the support it provides. Due to the dual flex grooves that are present, this sole is going to correspond to the natural flex of your foot accurately. While you walk or hike, it is going to deliver the support that your foot craves.


Indeed, this is where the Timberland White Ledge shines the brightest. When it comes to its ability to repel water and prevent water from penetrating inside of it, it could not be any better. There are a few reasons for this and the first is that the leather has been treated beforehand.

During the process of constructing their boot, Timberland treated their leather with waterproof properties while it was tanned. As the company makes a note of, their treatment process is quite advanced, and it shows with the performance of their boot. That is not all, however, as this has also been seam-sealed.

What this means is not a single droplet of water is going to be allowed to penetrate inside the seams. If that was not enough, this has also been designed with a fully gusseted tongue. With the White Ledge, you can even pass through creeks without worrying about your foot becoming wet.


Timberland offers its White Ledge in both men’s and women’s sizes, and they also provide it in a plethora of different sizing options. What is also lovely is the fact that they offer half-sizes and even extended versions of each size. Indeed, you should be able to find a size that fits your foot in the manner that it needs to.

And, speaking of which, most users have agreed that this does run true to size. Due to the sheer popularity of it, however, there have been others who have complained about the fit being too narrow and small. Remember, this can also be attributed to the full-grain leather upper as a break-in period is probably going to be needed.

What also deserves mentioning here is the speed lacing system. You already know that the hardware is rustproof, but the implemented system allows you to speed up the time it takes you to secure your laces. It may take some time to get accustomed to, but once you do, you will be happy to utilize it.


When it comes down to it, the Timberland White Ledge is excellent when it comes to the protection it provides to you. This will be particularly noticed if you do decide to go out on the trails with it on. You are already fully aware of the seam-sealed and waterproof nature of this boot. This alone provides suitable protection.

Additionally, as noted, this also sports a fully gusseted tongue. While this does prevent water from entering inside the tongue, it is also going to avoid other types of debris from entering too. Debris such as sand, dirt, pebbles, etc. will be stopped from creating discomfort for your foot.

Also, it helps that the full-grain leather upper is about as protective as it gets. Let’s say that the White Ledge has got your back in a big way.


Let’s just cut right to the chase, this is a good-looking boot, and very few of you are going to disagree. That is the joy of leather, after all, as it is not just famous for its functionality and durability. It is also often selected due to its appeal, and that is on full display here.

And, even though full-grain leather is not the most polished leather out there, it still looks perfect. What also helps is the fact that Timberland sells its White Ledge in an array of different shades. Among the choices available, you have black, medium brown, wheat, natural brown, brown nubuck, and also dark brown.

As you can see, there are several different shades of brown, but that is not precisely uncommon when it comes to leather. The black option is an excellent alternative if you wanted to avoid brown leather, though. To put it, unless you do not enjoy the appeal of leather, you will easily find a color option that is suitable for you.


When you assess the weight of the Timberland White Ledge, you need to keep in mind that it is a boot. As simple as this sounds, you can’t compare it to a lightweight running or trail shoes. It does not work that way as you simply need to assess its weight as a hiking boot. And, for what it is, many people would call this lightweight.

Each boot (and this is going to alter depending on the size that you get) weighs right around one pound each. Collectively, they will weight right around two pounds and that really is not that bad when you consider the weight of some other hiking boots out there.

You also need to consider the fact that this boot is fully waterproof, which makes the lighter weight of it even more impressive. However, it is also not as if this is lightweight enough to feel like a feather on your foot as you are going to notice that you are wearing it.

Bottom Line

If you need a hiking boot that is going to protect you from the elements, then the Timberland White Ledge is one that you highly need to consider. While it is not exactly ideal for brutal winter hikes, it is fully waterproof and is also sealed to prevent any debris from getting inside. And, when we say it is fully waterproof, we mean precisely that.

Thanks to its seam-sealed design, fully gusseted tongue, and waterproof full-grain leather upper, it is as protective as it gets. And, for the most part, it is also quite comfortable to wear. Of course, the full-grain leather will require a break-in period, so do not expect this to be comfortable from the word go.

The Timberland White Ledge is not exactly a workhorse, though. It is better suited for light hikes and light-duty working tasks. It does not have a steel toe and lacks proper ankle support for all-day hikes.

Still, the White Ledge certainly looks the part as the different available shades of leather are all merely superb to look at. Overall, quite a few of you will be impressed by this hiking shoe. Thousands of other users around the world have.