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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2 Review Facts
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As a consumer, it is always essential to understand the limitations that some products will have at specific price ranges. For example, a $1000 smartphone is going to perform much, much better than a cheap $50 smartphone. The same ideology can be applied to hiking boots as with the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2; it can be viewed as an affordable model.

Now, this is far from an issue, but it is something that you need to keep in mind as we go throughout this review. Due to this, you will notice that this hiking boot falls short in quite a few areas. Most noteworthy of which is the fact that this is advertised as waterproof boots. At best, it is water-resistant thanks to its polyurethane coating.

Of course, there is also a ton to love about this boot. Columbia has implemented some impressive main components (such as the midsole, outsole, and upper) into their boot for improved traction, comfort, and performance overall. For the price, it is excellent, but it also does not hit the elite stratosphere.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

For a hiking boot, it is quite lightweight in nature

Provides pretty good stability and support

Coated with polyurethane for improved water resistance

Sports a seam-sealed construction

Features a Techlite midsole

The outsole is very impressive

Equipped with breathable mesh

Comes in a great variety of sizes


The ankle support is minimal

Not fully waterproof

Though impressive, the outsole has durability issues

Users have had issues with the laces


For the most part, the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II seems to be a comfortable boot to wear. One of the primary reasons why is its lightweight nature. As opposed to many other heavier hiking boots, you will not get fatigued as often, and this is a huge plus if you enjoy multi-day hikes and weekend hikes.

The tongue is also padded, and this is going to prevent it from irritating the top of your foot. Then again, while this is nice, the same tongue can also be a little stiff at first. Give it some time, and it will break in some, however. Speaking of stiff, the heel cup has the same issue but, once again, break it in some.

As for the support that this boot provides, the implemented firm shank allows it to mostly excel in this area. The same can’t be said for the ankle support, though. One user, in fact, heavily criticized this aspect of the boot and noted that it was highly insufficient in this regard.


Columbia is an excellent brand, and very few people would argue against that (check the guide on the best Columbia jackets). But, admittedly, they deserve some flak with their Newton Ridge Plus 2. As was noted earlier, they advertised their boot as waterproof; it is not waterproof. If anything, it is water-resistant, but there is an astronomical difference between the two distinctions of water protection.

One could see why Columbia thought it was waterproof as they designed it with sealed seams and also a polyurethane coating. Both of these can ensure full waterproofness, but that is not the case here. Now, indeed, there are different levels of waterproofness. Just because something is waterproof, it does not mean it will prevent water from entering inside under any pressure.

There are always limitations, but too many users have had issues with this boot, not holding up to only moderate exposure to water. As such, it is an excellent water-resistant boot that will work well during an average rainfall. While walking in water or snowshoeing, however, your feet will get wet.


Outside of maybe specific technologies, the durability and overall build-quality of products are usually dictated by the price. This is not always the case, but it happens to be a lot of times. And, when it comes to the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2, durability is the weakest aspect of its overall design.

It deserves mentioning that Columbia prides itself on engineering footwear with high-quality materials but there are still serious concerns here regardless. For starters, as excellent as the outsole is at delivering traction (more on that later), it also does not hold up very well. There have been several former buyers who have experienced the outsole tearing off after only a small amount of time.

Additionally, the eyelets of the laces have also been known to bend rather easily. The good news, however, is that the EVA midsole and leather upper do hold up quite well to extended abuse. As for the rest of the boot, it is a different story.


When it comes down to it, this is best used for light-duty hiking. Ironically, it was mentioned earlier that the lightweight build makes it ideal for weekend hikes. Well, this would be the case if not for the lack of durability of the outsole. If you want this boot to last as long as possible, you better not wear it down very quickly (which means wearing it less often).

For hiking, though, this does work like a charm. It is what it was engineered to be, so it is fair to expect nothing less. The combination of its fantastic outsole and its robust protection (again, it is not fully waterproof, but it will at least protect you from light rain and such) makes it suitable for various types of terrain while you are hiking.

Look elsewhere if you need a winter or heavy-duty working boot, however. Due to the lack of insulation, full waterproofness, and heavy-duty build, the Newton Ridge Plus 2 is just not ideal for these types of uses.


As you are beginning to realize, this boot has some severe limitations and reasons for concern. But, that is not the case with the midsole. It can safely be claimed that midsole is one of the most impressive features of this entire design. And, it is one that you will only find in a Columbia boot.

If you are familiar with the brand, then you probably have heard of their Techlite midsole. That is the bad boy that is integrated here, and it does wonders for the overall performance and comfort of the Newton Ridge Plus 2. In addition to providing you with fantastic and supportive cushioning shoes, they also promote high energy return.

While this is mostly coveted for running shoes, it can still be useful when trying to get some extra spring in your step while hiking. And, the best part about this midsole is it is Columbia’s patent-pending design. It could make the boot worth it alone.


Outside of the midsole, the outsole is the other feature of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2 that shines the brightest. As this was designed to be a hiking boot, the outsole is overflowing with rubber. It is also another trademark design from Columbia and it is officially known as Omni-Grip.

The reason it is so effective out on the trails is due to the rubber compound as it is quite advanced in its design. You see, it has been specially formulated with treads and other various compounds to create a sole that grips on all different types of terrain from gravel to slippery stones. In regard to its performance, very few of you are going to have any complaints about it.

As was documented earlier, however, its longevity is a totally different story. So, in spite of the wonderful performance, it is somewhat tough to give Columbia a pass for its well-documented durability problems.


If nothing else, you can tell that Columbia took the time to design their upper. They did not just randomly throw it together as they thought about what materials would work the best. Now, most of the top is comprised of both suede and leather. This boot has a shine to it, and this can be attributed to that.

As noted before, this leather has been treated with a polyurethane coating. In addition to protecting it from general weathering, this also helps against abrasions and anything else that will degrade the leather. However, that is not all that has been thrown into the mix. To ensure that this boot would be breathable, the mesh was also implemented into the upper.

Past helping to prevent blisters, this also better protects against bacterial growth. It also means that you will be able to wear this boot in warmer climates (also remember that it is lightweight too). Overall, the upper is constructed quite well and is not the area where the Newton Ridge Plus 2 draws its criticism.


One of the many reasons why Columbia has become a household name is because they are always striving to engineer garments and footwear that are both highly practical and aesthetically pleasing. This is really what they do best, so it should not surprise any of you to learn that their Newton Ridge Plus 2 is quite striking in its appearance.

That is one of the benefits of leather, after all, as who does not honestly enjoy the appeal of leather? Furthermore, what enhances the visual nature of this boot is the fact that it is offered in a wide range of different colorways. However, as this is leather, most colors are merely different shades of brown and black (which is certainly not a bad thing).

There is one specific color option that will catch the eye of many men out there, though. The collegiate navy colorway is one that is incredibly unique and one that will go quite well with jeans. Even if you do not like the color of the navy, you will indeed find an option you do enjoy.


To account for as many people as they possibly could have, Columbia engineered their hiking boot in a plethora of different sizes for both men and women alike. Speaking for the men’s version sizes from 7 up to 17 are available for purchase. And, for the record, there are half-sizes available, as well.

But, what happens if you have wide feet? This boot has got you covered as although every single size is not offered in a full version, there are quite a few of them that are. If you know you have wide feet, then you may want to consider such options. It is worth noting that some previous buyers have had issues with the sizing, though.

Most users who have complained have been all over the place. Some feel the boot runs small, while others feel it runs a little large. But, the majority of reviewers believe that it runs true to size. Oh, and as for the laces, this is outfitted with a D-ring lacing system. It is nothing too fancy but does get the job done.

Bottom Line

The key is to be objective when you look at the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2. Some of you will let your emotions get the best of you and claim this to be a complete waste of money. That is not true as there will be plenty of you who will get a lot out of this hiking boot.

If you are someone who enjoys hiking now and then (maybe once or twice a month during appropriate seasons), you will probably get great use out of this. The combination of its midsole, upper, and outsole creates a comfortable, breathable, and good-looking core.

On the flip side, those seeking a workhorse hiking boot to provide ultimate waterproof protection will want to look elsewhere. If these are your expectations for this boot, then you will probably end up despising it. It is not geared for this level of performance out on the trails.

As a whole, however, this is far from an incompetent design. All you need to do is accept the limitations of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 2, and you will be fine. The real question is, are you capable of doing that?