Timberland Euro Hiker Men’s Boots Review

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Timberland Euro Hiker Men’s Boots Review Review Facts

Many of you know that if you are on the hunt for a new pair of hiking boots, Timberland is never a bad way to go. But if you want to check what else is there on the list of ten best hiking boots for winter, click here. Timberland has become a world-renowned brand. And what we are going to look at today is if their Timberland Euro Hiker lives up to the hype that it has received from so many different users.

One thing is for sure; the Timberland Euro Hiker is one of those hiking boots that are going to stand up to the test of time; (if you actually take the time to care for it). In addition to the full-grain leather upper, its longevity can also be attributed to other features. One of these is the implemented steel shank.

The Timberland Euro Hiker may take some time to break in a little bit! But it is also pretty darn comfortable and supportive from the word go. Then again, not all is ideal with this hiking boot. Its breathability has been brought into question several times and the sole tread is not the best. Still, for the most part, spoiler alert, it is well-designed. If still not sure you can also check our detailed review on another model Timberland White Ledger.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Has quite the stylish design

Designed with a padded collar and tongue

Sports a premium leather upper

Ideal for multi-day hikes

The rubber sole is quite durable

Features a steel shank

The toe box is spacious

Fairly lightweight


Not the most breathable boot out there

Does not offer elite-level traction

Some users feel the tongue is way too thick


From an overall perspective, it is easy to call the Timberland Euro Hiker a comfortable hiking boot. One of the primary reasons why is due to the padded collar and tongue. With the level of padding that has been implemented, you will not be complaining about pain in this area. Now, ironically, several users feel that the filling is too inflated, resulting in a tongue that looks awkwardly thick (more on that later).

Adding to the comfort is the EVA midsole. If you research footwear, then you should be very familiar with this midsole. It is incredibly common, and it adds a layer of lightweight cushioning and shock absorption to the fold. It does not reinvent the wheel, but it also does not need to.

Now, as this is a hiking boot that sports full-grain leather, you may notice that it is stiff when you first wear it. This is normal with this type of shoe, but once you get a chance to break it in, you will notice it become much more forgiving.


The thing about full-grain leather is on top of being both incredibly strong and resilient; it is also a breathable fabric. Regarding the Timberland Euro Hiker, however, that is not the case at all. Quickly, the largest criticism here is the breathability (or lack thereof).

Not all of this can be attributed to the leather upper as one of the most significant issues is the lack of ventilation. Yes, it makes sense for a hiking boot to be sealed for ultimate protection. At the same time, though, your feet are going to sweat, and you can bank on that happening during your hikes.

So, the lack of breathability could be a significant red flag for some of you and rightfully so. It is probably the biggest issue with the Timberland Euro Hiker, and it makes it a highly questionable choice in the summer (or even the spring, quite frankly). You could also check water hiking shoes for summer hikes.


Thanks to the overall build quality of these boots, it is going to be one that you can rely on time and time again. This becomes important as it is one of the reasons why these are suitable for multi-day hiking or backpacking trips. The overall level of comfort and support it provides, also, make it suitable for such extents.

What also helps is the implemented steel shank as on top of offering enhanced arch support, it also adds an additional level of strength and reliability. On the flip side, with all that being said, it still depends on the season you intend to use this in. As just mentioned, it is not an ideal choice in the summer unless you want to stop and air your foot out every half-hour.

It is also not that great for the winter because it was not designed to be waterproof or anything like that. Really, it is probably better suited in the fall or maybe even in the spring. Depending on your whereabouts, this may either be good or bad news.


Alright, so while breathability is arguably the weakest aspect of this boot, we now get to what is probably the best aspect of it. This, of course, is alluding to its durability and overall build quality. As has been mentioned a few times, the Timberland Euro Hiker was designed with an upper made from full-grain leather.

The thing about leather is it is not all created equally. The full-grain variety, in specific, really stands out as it truly is the best quality leather out there. Check our guide on the best leather shoes. Consisting of all the natural grain of the leather from the hide’s top layer, it is built to last.

Additionally, though a few buyers have had troubles with the sole ripping from the rest of the boot, it is a high-quality rubber and is well-designed overall. It does a sufficient job of resisting wear and tear (specifically its tread). Oh, and another interesting note is the laces have been crafted from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Indeed, the quality here is on full display.


If there is one thing that you can take comfort in, it is that you should be able to find a size that works for you. Timberland engineers and offers their Euro Hiker in several different sizes.

They even offer half sizes and also sell most of their sizes with the options of wider widths. So, even if you initially get a size that does not fit you correctly, there is a good chance that another one will.

Speaking of which, most buyers have agreed that this tends to run true to size. Then again, naysayers have opened up their mouths, most of which complained about these boots a little bit. Part of the reason this may be the case is due to the spacious toe box and how the footbed is designed.

Both the footbed and toe box facilitate more space, and for those of you with larger feet, this will be a blessing. Those with narrow feet, however, may find the need to go down a size. It may be better to stick with your standard size, though.


There are multiple manners in which you can analyze the traction of this hiking boot. One of which is positive and the other is not so much. Let’s start with the good one, shall we? The Euro Hiker has been engineered with a rubber outsole, and this is extremely common for just about any footwear out there. So, there is no surprise here.

The tread pattern of this outsole does allow the boot to grip fairly well on off-raid terrain. Indeed, this is the type of terrain that you will encounter on your hikes, so this is good news. Looking at the glass half empty, however, will have you realize that this same tread pattern is not quite ideal enough.

Because of the lack of aggressiveness of the tread, you will find yourself gaining little to no traction on slippery surfaces. For example, during rainfall, if you decided to walk on rocks, then you would run the risk of slipping right off of them.


The variety of colorways that are offered to you is quite bare, honestly. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing as the few color options that are provided look sharp, some of you will be slightly disappointed in the lack of variety. For the record, brown and wheat leather options are available for you to choose from.

Do you like the appeal of leather? Then you will be fond of the aesthetics of this shoe. Not too many people disapprove of leather’s natural shine. The bigger story here is the extent of the padding of the tongue.

This does not provide discomfort but there have been some buyers who have noted that the excess padding makes the tongue look ridiculous in proportion to the rest of the boot. This is all subjective, but it is worth bringing to your attention.


Timberland deserves quite a bit of praise for the amount of support that they engineered into their Euro Hiker. As mentioned previously, this does come equipped with a steel shank. For those unaware, this is just a flat piece of metal that has been inserted just below the arch of the boot. Though it may not seem like it, this shank adds protection on top of added arch support.

It does not stop there, as the leather upper also comes into play here. The stiffness of leather is somewhat of a benefit as you will notice your foot remain quite stable in this shoe (granted you have the right size).

Even when the leather begins to become more forgiving, the support is going to be there still. Then, over time, what you will have is a hiking boot that is comfortable and supportive. That is a pretty good gig, wouldn’t you say?


As you already know, this is not a breathable boot. The reason this is brought up is that weight often affects breathability, but for the Timberland Euro Hiker, it can’t help it quite enough. If you did not just catch the little hint there, these are reasonably lightweight boots. It clocks in at 1 lb 5 oz per boot.

Do note, however, that this weight is about size 9. The weight is not going to fluctuate too much either way, but it will vary slightly. This still gives an excellent point of reference and backs up the claim of this being lightweight.

Several users have lauded the men's timberland euro hiker boots for this and have noticed how light it felt on their feet. Of course, to put this out there, there are lighter hiking boots on the market if you still are looking for something a little lighter.

Bottom Line

From top to bottom (or from upper to outsole to be literal), most of you will be quite impressed by the design of the Timberland Euro Hiker men's boots. Its ideal combination of comfort, support, and durability make it a perfect choice if you enjoy hiking for more than one day (possibly weekends).

The implementation of the steel shank coupled with the full-grain leather and the ample padding make this possible. Still, there is one glaring weakness with this boot and another one that could spell doom for some of you. The non-breathable nature of the Euro Hiker does hurt its value overall.

Even when the weather is not scorching, you will still probably need to take this off to allow your foot to breathe from time to time. You can combat this slightly by wearing highly breathable bamboo socks, but the point remains. As for the other issue, the traction is excellent, but not great.

Really, without those two design hiccups, we would be talking about the Euro Hiker is one of the best hiking boots on the market. It goes like this; if you can live with those aspects, then you can get some excellent use out of this boot that you can count on.