Introducing the SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gauntlet Gloves

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Introducing the SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gauntlet Gloves Review Facts

The SealSkinz Ultra Grip gloves are a lightweight, highly durable unisex glove that has done well to keep customers coming back for a second or third pair. The exterior layer of combination nylon and spandex fibers, a warm Merino wool softly lining the inside, and the middle layer of waterproof hydrophilic membrane all work together to protect hands from wind, rain, and cold temperatures. These are considered by customers to be an extremely hard working pair of gloves for a range of outdoor activities. They can last up to a year of use in most cases with proper care and include Stretch-dry technology with grip prints along the palm giving excellent control and dexterity to covered fingers. The long, stretchy, gauntlet cuffs will sit under jacket sleeves protecting wrists and forearms and keep moisture out. Many have chosen the SealSkinz while working in wet or cold conditions because of the ultra protection and their versatility in use. They are ideal for window washers working in winter, ranchers looking for that extra grip on heavy machinery, or cyclists and skiers braving the elements at a fast pace. The Ultra Grip Gloves come with a lifetime guarantee from their manufacturer and won't hurt the wallet. The construction, design, and materials of this versatile product make them one of the top-rated gloves available today. In this review, we will look at all of the unique features and benefits of the SealSkinz Ultra Grip gloves.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Totally waterproof
  • Extremely durable design
  • Long lasting materials
  • Very affordable
  • Grip marks that hold tight
  • E-finger marks for convenient smartphone use
  • Unisex
  • Vulnerable to tears
  • No color options


Based in the UK, the SealSkinz brand has over thirty years' experience developing and manufacturing endurance accessories. They work in partnership with some of the world’s greatest athletes in numerous outdoor specialties to come up with innovative products and participate in team events as sponsors all over the world. SealSkinz is known for its extremely waterproof capable products that include weatherproof socks, hard-working gloves, and stylish winter hats. One online reviewer even remarked on a known fact that in the SealSkinz factory after each pair of gloves is made they are checked for leaks by being filled with water. It’s easy to believe their high ratings on Amazon with that type of care and ingenuity. This brand offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products and free delivery to European countries.


Available in XS-XXL, the Ultra Grip Gloves made by SealSkinz offer a comprehensive infographic on how to properly measure your dominant hand around the middle of your palm to take the guesswork out of deciding on a size. When you first put these gloves on users note the fit may be a bit snug, almost giving them the idea they bought the wrong size. These hug your skin, almost molding to your hand for a second skin feel without interrupting use. Fit should be the same around fingers and wrist.
There are some concepts to consider when choosing the right size for any glove. If you buy the wrong size and repeatedly taking them off for relief you risk exposing your skin to cold temperatures and that isn't doing your body heat any favors. When first putting on the glove look at the fingertips, there should be some room between the end of the glove. This space creates a small pocket of air that traps warmth. Notice how the glove fits at the base of your fingers around the webbing. If the glove is stuck against your finger base it compresses the insulation and makes it difficult for the glove to trap the air. If this is the case you will notice your hands becoming chilly after some time. The further the glove extends down your wrist, the fewer chances to expose skin between glove and jacket sleeve.


These full finger gloves come in a classic black color and feature a silicone dotted pattern on the palm that extends up fingers for extreme grip. Marbled grey tabs on the tops of the thumb and index finger on each hand are touchscreen friendly. According to online commenters, the texture on the palm and fingers is not as obtrusive in person as it seems in photos. It is a minimal design that makes a big difference in comparison to other multi-use gloves. The gauntlet sleeves are made of the same quality materials and go up to the middle of your forearm for added water protection. A slimming feature that some users note is not as waterproof as the rest of the glove so be wary of submerging hands in water too close to the label. There is a SealSkinz logo spanning across the index finger and a label on the cuff that also acts as a pull when putting the gloves on.


A tough outer shell comprised of a nylon-spandex blend is protecting hands from the elements, while the 84% Merino wool lining is working from inside out to keep hands comfortable. These gloves have a snug fit that molds to your fingers and acts as a second tougher skin. They not only offer terrific protection from the elements they keep your fingers unrestricted with a non-slip lining that improves dexterity in a way that other gloves won't. Since these gloves don't restrict motor skills and actually aid in reducing friction between skin and fabric, users are able to use their hands as they would glove free. Easily grip onto everyday objects with the tacky grips along the fingers. The Merino wool is a moisture control cradle that is soft and comfortable on your skin. Each fiber absorbs almost its entire weight in moisture that is then wicked through the membrane keeping you feeling warm and dry. Some outdoor enthusiasts are known to use them every day, and comment that the fit and style accent the warm properties of these gloves for an all around great product.


Protection is a big factor to consider when picking a glove to invest in, one that will accent your lifestyle and also hold up in cold weather environments. SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gloves have been designed to manage cold and wet conditions, offering protection from wind and precipitation while still being breathable. They build up heat quickly and deal with the elements competently, keeping hands protected and dry. A touchscreen friendly tab is featured on the index finger that enables you to take calls, take photos and check your bearings, all without having to take your glove off and exposing your hand to the biting cold or rain. This SealSkinz glove has a thermal rating of 2 out of 5. Given by manufacturers, this rating describes a product that is ideal for cooler days when extra warmth is needed. The mixture of lightweight materials in this glove makes them ideal for higher cool temperatures above 30 degrees F but some users note making it to single digits in these SealSkinz and their hands were still very warm. You wouldn't want to go for a run in a pair of snowboarding gloves so before making a purchase consider what activities and settings you’ll be while wearing them in. If temperatures go below freezing we suggest a glove liner to add warmth.


Durable, and abrasion resistant the nylon outer shell of these gloves has a close-fitting stretch. This resilient fiber allows for free range of movement in the outdoors so you can complete all tasks as if you had no gloves on at all. The Ultra Grips are well wearing, resistant to pulls and keeps their shape even when wet making them suitable for most types of outdoor activity in temperatures where you’d want extra warmth. One satisfied reviewer said this excellent product held its shape and performed well while cycling in hard weather. They remarked on the fit as if it was the first time they had been worn with no signs of pull or excess bagginess occurring in the gloves even after regular use.

A disadvantage of an outer shell made of fabric, even rugged nylon is its susceptibility to tearing if snagged on sharp objects such as branches or rocks. These tears can jeopardize the waterproof membrane of the glove letting water and moisture permeate the skin. Taking precautionary measures to be aware of your surroundings and avoiding obstacles will alleviate this issue and extend the glove’s lifespan.


Fitted between the outer shell and insulation, a hydrophilic membrane acts as a breathable barrier to prevent moisture from rain getting into the glove while still allowing water vapor to escape. If you work in the outdoors, are an avid skier, or all season cycler you aren't going to let bad weather keep you from going out into the active world. These gloves will aid in stability and add extra comfort. The outer shell also works fairly well to repel snow and water beads off before reaching the center. Online reviewers have tested the strength of the waterproof capabilities by submerging their gloved hands up to the wrist in freezing cold water. Each of these unofficial tests resulted in a dry outer glove and hand warmth still intact. We definitely do not suggest imitating this practice but it’s a sign of high quality and dependable product that is still affordable. The extended elastic cuff is a feature favorite of customers wanting that extra protection from the cold but the waterproof properties aren't as strong.

Now, even the most expensive waterproof gloves claiming 100% waterproof properties can get wet, and it’s usually from the inside out. An active lifestyle of climbing, hiking, snowshoeing results in spiked body heat and sweating. Some online users note water in their gloves after high-intensity activity that was likely the result of sweat production trapped by the wool. If your hands are dry, they’ll be more likely to stay warm.


Weighing in at 116g, the ultralight, Ultra Grip Gloves are convenient to carry in your pockets until it’s time for use and when you put them on you will feel your hands start to warm instantly. You can use these gloves any time of year when hands need more protection from the cold. Perfect for all winter sports, leisure activities or any type of work outdoors in cool weather, such as parcel delivery or farm work. Cattle farmers commenting on this product say they use them almost every day and they compliment the grip for helping them easily lift heavy gates and equipment.
Specifically created for increased dexterity in wet conditions, such as snowshoeing or sailing into misty morning waves. The tough nylon shell not only makes them weatherproof but also strong enough to handle any type of activity you like to do. An Aqua Dynamic design that features durable, stretchable and breathable material finished with excellent waterproofing, make ideal cool and cold weather gloves.

Key Features

-100% waterproof, breathable and windproof technology
-Silicone dot patterned palm and fingers grip
-Merino wool for extra warmth and added moisture control
-Sleek design
-Close fitting stretch knit
-Gauntlet cuff offering extra waterproof protection
-Touchscreen friendly index finger and thumb

Bottom Line

The SealSkinz Ultra Grip Gloves are the perfect addition to your collection of outdoor gear. As some of the most waterproof gloves available, they are great for wet conditions and are sleekly constructed with tacky grips for smartphone use. The combination of fabric materials and long gauntlet cuff are your first defense from elements affecting body heat and will wick away sweat from inside out. The soft Merino based liner keeps the heat in and stops your hands from feeling the cold. These gloves last forever and are available in sizes for the whole family, most people who buy these are on their second or third pair from the trusted SealSkinz brand. So enjoy everything winter has to offer by keeping yourself warm this season with the Ultra Grip Gloves and make activities like skiing or working outside shoveling snow that much more fun.