KEEN Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boots

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Tread through any terrain this winter while keeping your feet toasty and enjoying the heavily insulated waterproof boots that not only eliminates moisture from creeping through but protects against those frigid winter days. Their versatile grip and sole made from multi-density rubber are ideal for snowy days or icy conditions allowing maximum comfort no matter what winter has in store. Made in the USA with material from around the world, this lightweight boot is ideal for walks or trails and has all the desirable elements making it the perfect winter boots.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Warm and protects feet from moisture and cold
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Snug fit
  • Keep feet dry even in torrential conditions
  • Rubber sole for excellent grip and traction
  • Lace not durable after years of use
  • Sizing is problematic for some buyers; opting for .5 size bigger for wide feet or thick socks
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  • Reviewers are impressed by the high quality craftsmanship.
  • The upper provides a firm yet comfortable foot hold.
  • These are warm even for people whose feet tend to get cold quickly.
  • The solid build make these a great choice for protective winter boots.
  • Reviewers like wearing these for hiking, snowshoeing, snowblowing, ice fishing, and just wearing around town on cold, snowy days.
  • The width and flexibility of the upper make these easy to get on and off.
  • The majority of reviewers claim these keep their feet dry in snowy and slushy conditions.
  • The style complements the functionality.
  • The outsole has good traction in snowy and wet weather.
  • There are no complaints of overheating in these boots.
  • According to reviewers, the break-in time was quick and painless.
  • Keen stands by their products and has helped buyers who found flaws in their pair of Durand Polar Boots.
  • These provide comfortable ankle support with no reports of rubbing or hotspots from reviewers.
  • The laces aren't sloppy, they provide a firm hold.
  • The rugged design make these a good match for a variety of terrain.
  • These can work with crampons from various makers.
  • Many say they are worth the price.
  • Unfortunately, these are no longer available from some vendors.
  • These boots are narrow, especially for Keen shoes. It is recommended to size up a half to full size.
  • There is no lace lock.
  • They are not designed to accommodate many custom orthotics.
  • Some buyers complain that the integrated heel cushion is uncomfortable.
  • Although these have a good grip in most conditions, crampons are necessary for significantly icy conditions.
  • There are several claims of the lacing eyelets breaking off easily.
  • Quality control has been an issue for a few buyers who received pairs with fraying seams or inconsistent sizing between the left and right boot.
  • These are not the toughest winter boots on the market, even from Keen. They are great for a few hours in intense winter weather, but they may not be able to keep your feet warm in 10+ hours in below-zero temperatures.
  • These are not the fastest or easiest boots to lace up.
  • A few reviewers do not like the changes Keen has made to their winter boot designs over time.
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Keen is a reliable brand providing boots made from top quality materials, with an added bonus being that these great hiking boots are assembled locally in the United States. A sought after brand, this product won't disappoint even the most enthusiastic outdoorsy individual. This product is a favorable choice for most buyers providing a well-made product year in and out. In fact, Keen Durand’s back up their products with a money back guarantee for even the most skeptical of buyers.


This hiking boot is warm amid torrential conditions, this product will keep your feet dry
while providing great comfort whether on the move or at a standstill. Lightweight with a tech-lite midsole, allowing optimal comfort even when walking for longer periods of time

Whether you're trudging through wintery conditions of sleet/snow/water or ice you will have peace of mind knowing these durable boots will keep your feet nice and toasty while providing warmth and waterproof protection. Keen Durand’s are so warm that they are uncomfortable to wear during the summer heat. With a polyurethane midsole, this item provides an ultimate level of cushioning that, over time, molds to the unique shape of your foot. KEEN places a significant premium on the comfort level of its products, and the Durand does not disappoint.


These boots are equipped with a TUP stability shank for ultimate grip on any surface. The unique shape of the grooves on the outsole add even deeper traction, for a secure and safe trek across almost any terrain. Combining the TUP stability shank with a rubber outsole and traction-enhancing grooves, you can rest assured that this product will get you through the easiest and toughest of terrains, without worrying about a needless ankle twist or other foot injuries. This winter, be prepared for the harshness of cold and wet days by purchasing your very own Keen Durand winter boots to assure you're prepared for the winter season that lies ahead.


The Durand is waterproof through sleet, rain, and snow and adapts in multiple conditions while keeping your feet dry and toasty. The comfortable inner lining also adds protection against blistering and chafing. Nothing is worse than taking off your boots after a long trek or day battling the snow only to discover an unsightly and annoying blister. Stop this from happening with the KEEN Durand!


Stylish winter boots with mesh lining for optimal comfort with lace-up features, meaning you can look good and feel good at the same time! In a black/gargoyle combination color pattern, you can wear these boots with almost any winter outfit. The lace system allows for even the bulkiest of winter pants to fit and match perfectly with their classic lace-up closure, Durand's style and unique fit will keep people coming back for more. The toe box look on these boots are not funky and add to the stylish look of these winter boots. With a cushiony feel and stylish look, you can't go wrong with Keen Durand’s winter boots.


If you like a little loose fit then an extra size up guarantees that you have a hiking boot for all occasions. With a snug fit, it can run narrow and short, however, these boots are a perfect addition for any nature lover. Some customers have mentioned that these boots run a little smaller than usual, therefore opting for a .5 size bigger for that extra comfort. If opting for mid or high thickness socks, a bigger size might be a better option for extra freedom and support.


Ultra lightweight 25 oz / 725 g Keen Durand boots are multifunctional and easy to pack for any trip. Considering their not huge or bulky, this item is perfectly lightweight on your feet and in your bag. Not clunky or heavy, Keens Durand’s, are great for traveling and a handy addition for any wardrobe throughout the winter.


Great support and stability for every step you take, this product will always provide a comfortable fit. The make of these boots ensures a proper gait and gives excellent traction on almost any surface. Many satisfied customers have reported the undeniable support that Keen provides in making a boot that supports you in all conditions. Don't slip or slide, purchase your Keen Durand Polar Hiking Boots for optimal support


Considering these are a lightweight boot, Keen Durand hiking boots always use high-grade material that can be useful amid multiple terrains. This products sturdiness and flexibility in use are perfect for long walks with the dog or a traitorous day of shoveling snow. Versatile in their use and agility, with excellent arch support they are all the rage this winter season!


These boots knock the socks off all others on the market by providing the durability needed in conquering those endless winters. Very well constructed, these boots are an ultimate trifecta of warmth, comfort, and traction durable for any conditions. If you find yourself knee high in the snow, just rest assure that Keen’s Durand durability are meant to withhold the coldest of winter weather. So, if you're facing epic winter conditions with prolonging winter weather, this hiking boots durability will last for winters to come.


Multi-purpose for various terrain providing traction in icy or slippery wet conditions, these hiking boots are practical in their use and longevity. Adaptable for any conditions or terrain with a great grip for any climate, you can wear these during the entire winter season. Customer feedback shows satisfaction despite any terrain. Keens Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boots will be able to tackle even the steepest of terrain. Several buyers have rated this product as an essential winter boot this cold season!


These hiking boots are great for icy/wet conditions, but for extra traction opt for Yaktrax ice traction ice cleats to go over these boots to provide extra traction in slidey conditions. Keen Durand Hiking Boots never fail no matter the conditions. Whether your attempting icy, slippery conditions, or need a good pair of winter boots these boots will not only keep your feet warm and dry, but they meet safety features for optimal traction control in wintery conditions. The sole does not slip on hard surfaces and allows maximum comfort and durability in harsh terrain. The dual compound rubber outsole provides that traction you need will encountering slippery wet winter days.


Easy to use for an array of activities whether in snow or in your car, this product receives two thumbs up from buyers who have rated them high as their ideal winter boots. Whether tackling harsh winter weather of sleet or knee-high in freshly fallen snow, Keen Durand Polar Hiking Boots will never disappoint. Buyers have stated that they have used these boots for leisurely walks or on long hikes facing winterly conditions. So, whether your on a brisk walk or in hiking through the Andes, these winter boots will be useful in any weather your face!


There's nothing worse than winter boots that don't do their job. With these hiking boots, you will rest assured that your feet stay warm allowing for optimal airflow with this item's breathable insole which allows your feet to stay toasty without overheating. Their breathable membrane captures the heat preventing your feet from getting wet while preserving that snuggly feel. With your very own Keen Durand’s winter hiking boots, you know that your feet will receive the care they deserve.


The Duran Polar Hiking Boots harness heat and provides a waterproof system resilient to any extreme weather conditions. Customers have highly rated these boots as one of the best waterproof boots on the market. Waterproof to 2-4 inches above ankle ball, there is no denying these boots will be a perfect addition this winter. Be equipped for those tortuous snowy days or rainy conditions, with KEEN.DRY™ membrane for waterproof protection hidden underneath with a guarantee of keeping your feet nice and dry while providing zero water penetration after hours in snowy weather. The thermal heat shield footbed protects against moisture seeping in and allows for optional warmth and cushioning. The Keen Durand’s hiking boots won't disappoint throughout any winter occasion.

Key Features

-Assembled in the US using material from around the world
-Lacey system
-400g KEEN.Warm insulation
-Thermal heat shield footbed
-Integrated PU heel cushion
-Rubber sole
-Optimal comfort
-Durability throughout the years
-Warmth, protection against any winter conditions
-TPU stability shank for extra traction control
-Upper leather and seam-sealed waterproof boots
-Long lasting laces for durability

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Bottom Line

Overall this is a durable winter boot that is not only practical in its use but provides comfort and support for any activities allowing maximum warmth and stability when tackling those long winters and keeping you warm for years on end rating most favorable boots on the market. The KEEN Durand combines the ultimate level of winter protection with features that support the wearer’s comfort and foot health. American built with materials from around the globe, these hiking boots are sure to be a hit! In a stylish blend of color, clean lines, and proper stitching, you can look good while battling the harshness of winter, knowing your boots can back you up 100% of the way.