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Ahnu Montara Boot Review Facts

The Ahnu Montara boots provide everything a hiker needs in a boot. The boots are water resistant, comfortable, durable, and stable. The Ahnu is part of the Teva collection, the Montara boots are lightweight hiking boots that provide comfort when experiencing rocky, muddy, and rugged terrains. The Montara boots feature eVent membrane, Nubuck leather, Vibram outsole, and Numentum technology. One of the most important things you need on a hiking trip is a good pair of hiking boots because if your feet hurt you won’t be hiking very far, and you will have bothersome blisters to show for it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable for hiking and walking
  • One year product warranty on manufacturer defects  
  • Breathability keeping the feet dry all day long
  • Stylish and can be worn for everyday use
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Great traction
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Lack of support in mid-foot and ankle area
  • Loose fit in the toe box and heel area
  • Run on the narrow side
  • Shank/sole too flexible for extended use
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  • Many reviewers have put these boots through hundreds of kilometers of trekking and are happy with how they have performed.
  • The water resistance will keep your feet dry in mildly wet conditions and through low water, snow, or mud.
  • The upper dries quickly.
  • They provide a good amount of ankle support.
  • The traction keeps you sure-footed on loose dirt, snow, and rocks.
  • There are no complaints of the weight.
  • The outsole promotes stable footing.
  • These require little to no break-in time.
  • They can help control pronation.
  • The upper will keep your feet warm in cold weather.
  • Most buyers say they run true to size.
  • There are no complaints of blisters.
  • The design works well for people with narrow feet.
  • Although the upper is protective, it does not feel stiff.
  • The insoles are removable so you can replace them if you prefer something thicker.
  • Many reviewers like the look of these. They are functional and stylish.
  • Several buyers have purchased multiple pairs after being impressed by the comfort, performance, and durability.
  • These can help keep you balanced on uneven terrain.
  • Some sellers no longer carry these boots.
  • Mud and exposure to water as well as extra waterproofing solution can affect the colors of the upper.
  • More cushioning would be an improvement.
  • The waterproofing is limited. Heavy rain or long periods in standing water will leave your feet wet.
  • The sole is a bit thin allowing you to feel rocks and roots.
  • People with wide feet have trouble finding a comfortable size.
  • The toe box is a little on the narrow side compared to some other styles of boots.
  • There are a few complaints about the material and seams on the tongue being uncomfortable.
  • It may become necessary to replace the laces for more substantial ones.
  • These are not ideal for hot weather. They lack adequate breathability.
  • Several reviewers complain that the soles start to separate after some time and use.
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The Montara hiking boots are available in sizes between 5 medium US to 11 medium US with half sizes and they are only available in women’s sizes. The boots do run on the narrow side and they fit comfortably if you have a narrow foot. If your foot is on the wider side check out the X Ultra 3 Mid GTX by Salomon hiking boots. These boots offer a lot of the same qualities as the Ahnu Montara hiking boots. They are comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

If you will be wearing these boots in cold temperatures getting a half to a size larger might be beneficial because you can wear a thicker sock comfortably. The boot shaft comes to the mid-calf from the arch of the foot, giving protection and stability to the ankle.

If you are looking for men’s hiking boots check out the Arrowood Riva Mid Waterproof hiking boots by Teva. The Arrowood hiking boots are similar in design and feature the same material and construction as the Montara hiking boots. These boots also cost around the same price as the Montara women’s hiking boots.


These hiking boots are available in four main colors, chocolate, blue spell, wild dove and black. The blue spell boot is a darker blue with light blue and pink accent around the lace hardware and they have a light gray and black sole. The chocolate boots are a rich brown color with teal and cream accent around the lace hardware they also feature a black and tan sole. The wild dove-colored boots is a blueish gray with light blue laces and bright teal accent around the lace hardware featuring a gray and black sole. Then you have the black colored boots, they feature hot pink laces along with hot pick accent around the lace hardware featuring a gray and black sole.

Key Features

-Feet stay dry with the waterproof nubuck leather and sealant
-Luxurious interior comfort from the pig leather lining
-Sockliner cushions from the density EVA sock liner cushions
-EVA midsole along with Numentum technology
-Vibram outsole provides superior durability and traction


The fit of the Ahnu Montara boots is more like wearing a sneaker rather than a hiking boot. With the feel of a sneaker, it makes it a perfect boot for an around town or light hikes use. The boots do run on the narrow side and fit the best for people that have a narrower foot. Looking at the boot you can see the Vibram outsole, and it appears to be a good quality sole but some consumers found that the outsole was not as thick as they expected it to be because they were able to feel stones underfoot.


The Montara boot provides support and stability that any hiker may want. The boots provide stability and keep the foot and ankle secure when walking through uneven terrain. The lining of the boot may be a little slippery, and it is recommended to tighten the boot adequately to ensure the foot does not move around.


The Ahnu Montara weighs 1 pound 14 ounces. The weight of these boots come in right in at the average weight of other hiking boots on the market. The boots feel light on the feet and will not slow one down on the trail.


The Ahnu Montara boot is designed with Vibram soles so one can hop over boulders, walk through loose gravel and scale a granite slab. These boots were specifically designed with hiking in mind. When hiking you do not want to have to worry about the possibility of slipping on uneven or wet surfaces. The Vibram sole gives you the peace of mind knowing you do not have to watch every step you take allowing you to experience the surroundings. Vibram is a high-quality material used by multiple shoe and boot manufacturers around the world. The product is the best when it comes to traction this is the type of sole you want on your hiking boots or shoes.


The Ahnu Montara features Vibram outsoles which gives the boots superior traction. Vibram soles are known for being an all in one sole. The soles provide tractions across a wide range of surfaces, from forest floors and hard packed snow to loose terrain and bare rock. The soles offer a high degree of resistance from abrasions leaving your feet comfortable.

These boots feature Nubuck leather which is a high-quality leather making them perfect for hiking boots. Nubuck feels like suede, but it is more durable due to it being produced from the top grain of the hide. Since Nubuck is a top grain leather, it offers more durability and is stronger than suede. One downfall of Nubuck leather is it can stain and is vulnerable to soiling compared to other leathers. Nubuck leather is long lasting leather. It is also more breathable leather which is another reason why it is a good material to be used in hiking boots. This type of leather does not require a lot of maintenance. It simply needs some occasional cleaning.


The Ahnu Montara boots are designed and constructed with eVent membrane and this is where the breathability comes in. This eVent membrane is basically billions of microscopic pores that are built into the membrane which help vent water vapor otherwise known as sweat build up in your footwear.

Another thing to remember when purchasing a pair of breathable boots is you must also wear a pair of breathable socks. If you wear the wrong type of socks that do not allow breathability it will not matter how much the boots breath because moisture will build up inside of your socks leaving your feet hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. A nice pair of breathable socks are the Dig Bamboo socks, they are designed to sit above the ankle and they provide extra padding in the heel and in the toe box. If you are looking for a warm breathable sock then check out the People Socks, they are designed with 71 percent of Merino wool which is fine and soft wool. These socks rest above the ankle and they are designed to be snug to ensure they stay in place all day long.


Ahnu is known for footwear that provides flexibility, durability, the proper balance of cushioning and traction. Numentum Technology is a positioning system which is engineered to allow the natural biomechanics of the foot in order to enhance the efficiency of stride and stability, Numentum Hike was designed to maintain balance on trails, without or with hiking backpack. The high-density EVA plugs and Durometer EVA midsoles along with external struts on the media and lateral sides of the heel provide stability while on a rugged trail while providing comfort. Combining the Numentum Technology and the Vibram sole provides great traction and sole also features a shock-dispersing plate located in the forefoot.


If you find yourself in a couple of inches of water on the hiking trail, do not worry because your feet will stay dry in the Montara boots. The boots are designed and constructed with eVent technology which makes the boots waterproof. The technology also provides breathability, by not allow moisture to build up inside of the boot. The leather is also constructed of leather which also provides waterproofing.


The Ahnu Montara is designed with minimal seams, and with this construction, it makes the boot durable and overall performance very good. The boots are constructed of waterproof technology and Nubuck leather. Due to the material of the boots, it helps keep the boot in place while keeping the ankle area protected from abrasions, traction in the slippery conditions and support to the ankle.


These boots are lightweight and they come in at an average price making them a great boot for beginner and short trip hikers. Since the boots are stylish and lightweight they are also great boots for wearing around town. If wearing them on the trail you will be comfortable walking on rocks, dirt, or through the mud. The boots do run a little bit on the narrow side, so if you have a narrow foot you will not have to worry about comfort but if you have a wider foot these boots may not be the most comfortable boots.


The Montara boots are versatile and stylish and are reasonably priced compared to other boots on the market. These boots are a great investment for beginner hikers because they will not break the bank and they are well made and can be worn as an everyday boot also. The boots are well made with and leather featuring eVent liners which provide breathability making the price good for being such a versatile boot.


The Teva Company brings us the Ahnu Montara hiking boot. The Teva Company was established in 194 when they designed the first sports sandal. The Teva brand promises to create products to give people the freedom to roam and providing superior products to its customers. Teva believes in protecting the environment and providing inspiration to future generations.

Teva offers a one-year limited warranty on all of their products. The warranty covers only manufacturer defects. The warrant does not cover products that are over a year from the purchase date unless approved after an inspection. The warrant does not cover wear and tear, misuse or excessive wear or alterations. If the product does meet the warrant criteria then Teva can offer a credit or exchange. If your item is over a year old, you can still send it to Teva for a product evaluation which they do on a case by case basis. If you do return your product for an evaluation it can take between one to three weeks for the evaluation decision.

Bottom Line

The Ahnu is becoming a top brand in women’s hiking boots, as they continue to design and construct stylish looking, durable and reasonably priced boots. The Montara is one of those top designed boots, they provide stability and durability on the trail and they also look nice when just wearing them around town. The Montara will not keep you hoping your feet will stay dry when you run into some rain on the trail you will have the piece of mind knowing they will be dry.

If you are looking to hit the trails for a week or just a weekend hike you don’t want to have to worry about your feet being comfortable because as most know you will not be getting very far on the trail if your feet hurt. Having stability, comfort, dryness, and traction is key when hiking. The Ahnu Montara fits the bill when looking for the perfect hiking boots and again you will not break the bank with these hiking boots.