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Patagonia Nano Air Hoody Review Facts

The Patagonia Nano Air Hoody is one of the top product tops on the market for a synthetic jacket that can be worn during a variety of activities under a variety of weather conditions. The jacket can be worn for casual use, aerobic exercise in cooler temperatures and it could also be worn either as an outer layer or mid layer for colder weather activities like skiing or mountain climbing. It is constructed of soft, stretch yet durable material. A key feature of the Nano Air Hoody is and how it keeps one dry from the moment it is put on till the time it is taken off.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable material which keeps moisture out to ensure dryness
  • Comfortable to wear under a heavier jacket when needed
  • Durable Water Repellant
  • Dries quickly
  • Soft, flexible and stretchy material
  • Over time the material in the jacket may start piling in areas like the armpit or waistline.
  • Slimmer fit which does not provide a lot of room for heavy clothes underneath
  • Due to the breathability design of the jacket, it does not block wind which causes a lot of air flow through the jacket.
  • Lack of a pull string on the hood


The Patagonia Nano Air Hoody is a versatile jacket that can be worn for just about everything. It is a great fall, winter and spring jacket. When worn in the winter, it is a great mid-layer on the cold days and provides full mobility for outdoor activities like cross country skiing, and winter running. The jacket is able to keep a lot of warmth in, so some users only wear a T-shirt underneath and find they stay warm in temperatures as low as 30-40 degrees. This makes it a good choice for fall and spring.

The jacket provides full mobility and does not constrict one's movement which makes it a good choice for outdoor aerobic exercises like running, walking, and biking. The material is so mobile it can be worn when hiking, rock climbing or on an alpine adventure.

Another great Patagonia product we reviewed is the Patagonia Powder Bowl Jacket, so make sure to check it out as well.


The Patagonia Nano Air Hoody shell is constructed of 100% ripstop nylon. The linning is 50 denier and plain weave 100% nylon. It is constructed with durable water repellant (DWR). It also has 60-gram insulation, 100% polyester stretch to provide a full range movement.

A top feature of this jacket is its breathability. If you are climbing, hiking, or running, you can ensure you will stay warm and dry when wearing this jacket. The nylon ripstop outer shell and the weave liner together provide a large range of thermoregulation. Moisture easily moves from the inside of the jacket to the outside without losing heat.


The Patagonia Nano Air Hoody is available for both men and women and comes in sizes from extra small to XXL. It is also available in multiple colors to ensure one has the perfect jacket to express their style. When deciding on which size to order, remember this jacket is form fitting and some customers ordered a size large to ensure the perfect fit.


The Nano Air Hoody is designed with comfort in mind. It has four pockets, two hand pockets, and two chest pockets. The hood of the jacket does not have a drawstring, but it is constructed with elastic around the edge to ensure the hood stays in place when worn and the hood will also fit over a helmet. The bottom of the jacket provides two adjustable drawstrings to help keep the jacket in place and to keep in the warmth in. The wrist cuffs have a nice elastic fit to ensure the sleeves down ride up and stay in place when worn with gloves. This jacket has a slim design and it does not provide a lot of extra room for bulkier clothes to be worn underneath without bulk showing. Due to the slim fit of the jacket, it works perfectly as a liner under a heavier out shell jacket when worn in extremely cold temperatures.

In terms of fit, a medium to shorter individuals will find the torso and arm lengths to be just right because the jacket is on the shorter side than the average jacket. If you are on the taller side, you may find the arm and torso length to be a little shorter then other products on the market. The material is form fitting and stretchy, so if there are some areas you might want to conceal rather accentuate you might want to order a size large than you would normally wear.

When looking at the jacket you may think the four pockets may not hold all the items you may need to put inside but you will be pleasantly surprised. The hand-warming pockets will fit your hand comfortable and the pockets are also big enough to hold a wallet, phone, keys, and even sunglasses. The material of the jacket is stretches and form fitting but the pockets are deep enough to help reduce the appearance of bulkiness when multiple items are in the pockets.


The Nano Air Hoody is constructed with durable water repellant which means it will keep you dry during light rain or snow. It is not the best option to be worn in heavy rains but it would make a good mid layer under a raincoat. Due to the durable water repellant finish, this jacket also can be cleaned easily without worrying the material will break down over time.

So far, breathability has been a key feature in this product but when it comes to wind resistance, this hoody is not the best option due to the porous fabric. It is designed to allow air flow throughout to prevent moisture build-up to stay dry. Due to his feature, high and cold wind can cut right through the breathable shell leaving you cold. So it would be a good option to have a windbreaker or outer shell is worn over top to help keep warmth in but do not worry the Nano Air will still be breathable as a mid layer and will continue to keep you warm and dry.


The average weight of this hoody is about 13.6 ounces depending on what size is purchased. The weight and the synthetic material making it a lightweight feeling jacket. Even though the jacket is lightweight it, it is not the most compressible jacket on the market. The jacket is great for wearing rather than trying to stow in a hiking backpack. When comparing the Nano Air to other products on the market, you will find the Nano Air is very comparable. The Black Dimond Light Hoody weights 18 ounces and the Outdoor Research Uberlayer weights 19.9 ounces. Both of these products offer a thicker shell for more durability but the material of these two products does not offer the mobility and breathability like the Patagonia Nano Air Hoody. Ultimately, the choice of the jacket comes down to where and how you will be traveling and the temperatures you may encounter.

Key Features

-Lightweight ripstop 100% nylon shell with a plain weave liner which offers stretch and breathability
-60-gram full range insulation which provides warmth and a finish of durable water repellent to stay dry
-Zipper garage to ensure skin comfort at the chin area
-Two pockets to keep your hands warm along with zippered check pockets
-The pockets are conveniently located for easy access when worn under a harness or backpack.


The Nano Air Hoody is constructed of a lightweight material, so this jacket it best used when doing outdoor aerobic activities. The lining of the jacket feels like fleece and can be worn comfortably with layers underneath or be worn as a mid layer under a heavier shell or raincoat. The material is also flexible so movement is not constricted.

At first glance the jacket appears to be a lightweight piece may not stand up to colder temperatures but this jacket has 60-gram full range insulation. Yes, this jacket can be worn as a mid layer, but it is designed as an insulated piece for moving in colder temperatures with short breaks like when skiing. This jacket has been tested in a wide range of temperatures and it is found to be a best worn in fall, early winter and spring with temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees. When exposed to temperatures below zero it is best to wear the Nano Air Hoody as a mid layer under a heavy outer shell. Patagonia designed this jacket with both warmth and breathability for the avid outdoor aerobic goer.


The material of the Nano Air Hoody feels like a soft fleece, it is more durable than one may expect. The nylon ripstop shell holds up in multiple environments like hiking through the woods.

One area of concern with the jacket is, some users have experienced piling in common and high usage area like the armpits, chest, bottom hem, pocket area and near the cuffs. Patagonia has been working on improving the quality of the material put into this hoody to ensure piling of material is no longer an issue.


The Patagonia Nano Air Hoody is one of the leading synthetic jackets on the market. It is not just designed to be worn for everyday use, it is designed for cooler to colder weather outdoor aerobic exercises like running, biking, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking. So when looking at all the activities you can do when wearing this jacket, you will need to ask your self this question, do I want to stay warm and stay dry during my morning run? The answer to that question is, yes. The Nano Air does not come with a cheap price tag but when you compare it to other leading products on the market, the Nano Air Hoody is in the average price range of similar products on the market. Comparing the Arc’teryx Atom LT to the Nano Air Hoody, you will find both jackets are lightweight and performance pieces. The Atom LT has a wind-resistant shell and the underarm area has a stretch fleece material. Based on this, Arc’teryx offers warmth and weather protection a little better than the Nano Air when worn as an outer layer, but it lacks breathability.

Bottom Line

Overall, it can not be stressed enough, Patagonia Nano Air Hoody offers breathability. It is designed for multiple applications for aerobic activities in the fall, winter and spring seasons. This piece is an all in one jacket, the Nano Air Hoody set new standards in a single synthetic piece that is insulated, breathable and warm. This piece is perfect from everyday use to cold winter running and if you are just looking for a hoody that you can wear all day long without the worry of sweating then this jacket will also be a great choice.

Patagonia focuses on all of their products is durability along with function and repairability if needed. Patagonia also likes to keep their products simple. You will find in the Nano Air Hoody is a simple style but the functions of the jacket are amazing.