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Helly Hansen Alpha 3.0 Jacket Review Facts

The Helly Hansen Men’s Alpha 3.0 is a high-quality and well-produced winter sports jacket, designed and produced by a company with over a century of experience. This top-of-the-line outerwear brings everything to the table when discussing warmth, weatherproofing, and comfort. Manufactured with winter sports enthusiasts and professional skiers in mind the Alpha 3.0 comes with numerous features intended to keep wearers, warm safe, and comfortable while they're on the slopes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Recco Avalanche System Equipped
  • Well Insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Dumps Heat through ventilation
  • Keeps Phone Charged through Pocket
  • May fit snugger than expected


Helly Hansen is a well-established brand that has almost a century and a half of experience in outdoor as well as winter sports clothing. Their reputation for quality merchandise and reliable, comfortable winter clothing is well known and is exemplified once again in this jacket. Being no exception to the expectations that the company has been setting and meeting in the industry for over one hundred years it demonstrates another step forward. Listening to their consumers and the people they outfit the company has made an effort and taken strides to accommodate the modern and contemporary skier or snowboarder. Focusing on comfort and quality the company has stepped into the contemporary era of winter sports in regard to safety, appreciation for our connected world, and an understanding what winter sports enthusiasts across all practices are expecting when they’re gearing up to hit the slopes or enjoy some cool weather.


The comfort of this winter sports product is going to be noticeable through the duration of its use and how well it keeps you dry, warm but not hot. Venting out your body’s excess heat created during your runs or on a hike helps the jacket keep you warm and dry, but also keeps the wearer from overheating or becoming uncomfortable. The well-designed insulation will keep you warm in cold and snowy conditions, keeping you from freezing as well as keeping you regulated. It can be counted on for the slopes and relied on damp rainy conditions in other more timid environments. This dual purpose of comfort is accomplished through the jacket’s H2Flow design which dumps heat throughout the time you have it on. Sizing is one thing to consider, however, for those who prefer looser clothing in more timid weather the jacket fits a bit slim and doesn’t flow much when being worn. This makes it ideal for performance while enjoying sports but is not the same as wearing a light fleece coat or simple windbreaker.


The coloring and schemes used for this product are well thought out and very intentional in their design. Due to the inherent risk that can go with winter sports or winter weather, in general, both of them are vibrant to even the naked eye, or accented with bright colors on the more darker cooler and colored jackets. These design and color choices help to make the jacket easily visible during such hazardous events as an avalanche or blizzard. In the event of a wearer being caught in a blizzard the bright colors and bright accents will help make you more detectable and help other individuals see you in the night or falling snow and high winds. In the event of the wearer being caught in an avalanche, the highly saturated colors work in cooperation with the integrated Recco rescue system to help make you easier to see and locate amidst all the displaced snow. While the hope is that no user should ever have to rely on these features they none the less become well thought out color choices for the jackets to both look good and help protect.


This product is completely waterproof thanks to its first layer of material. Keeping out rain, sleet, drizzle, snow, and ice the jacket keeps you dry and warm regardless of what occasion you may be wearing it for. On the slopes, while you’re skiing or snowboarding, the jacket will help keep out powder snow through the adjustable snow skirt, cuffed wrists, and attachable hood. This will help keep you dry and warm without interrupting your day because of an uncomfortable cold and wet torso. The full waterproofing and heat dumping ventilation system also make it a jacket that’s useable in the cool wet periods of fall and spring. Slick material and water repellent combined with the waterproofing helps to whisk away outside moisture and keep you dry during any of your outdoor activities whether they be on a trail or just around the ski resort. This will be noticeable as you get to enjoy your self for long periods of time and don’t face the worry of immediately changing when you leave the cold air or get an opportunity to get out of some wet weather you could be experiencing.


Sizing is important if you’re considering the Helly Hansen Alpha 3.0 Jacket. Due to its sleek design and style, the product itself doesn’t succumb to the bulky look and feel that a lot of other cold weather jackets can experience, which helps keep it light on the torso. However, it is designed with articulated elbows and arms that will fit true to size or a bit snugger than some wearers may be expecting from it. This means that when purchasing this product you should be comfortable with snugger-fitting winter sports outerwear or be confident in your torso measurements. It’s not an option that will necessarily run small the way some may worry but instead hugs the users frame to keep them warm with its insulation technology. This type of fitting will also help to keep some extremity joints warm and dry as well. By hugging closer to the frame in the wrist area, the product will feel secure around your arm and prevent snow or rain from getting in between your jacket and gloves and then working its way up your sleeve causing you to feel cold and damp.


The design profile is one that has incorporated technology into the crisp and clean line designs you see with many ski jackets. The simple design is highlighted by sharp angles and corners that will slimly hug your body while you’re wearing it. This causes it to have the lighter looks of an early fall or late spring style rather than the bulky look of heavy, winter and subzero ones. While this relatively minimalist design has may be praised and enjoyed, it may also result in the jacket fitting slightly snugger than you may expect. This is not too much of a hindrance but being comfortable or positive of your measurements makes for the best look and most comfort while wearing the jacket.It is also styled with both robust eye-popping colors as well as more traditional black and graphite grey coloring. This makes it very noticeable in winter conditions either through the stark contrast of snow against dark colors, or the brightly saturated reds and blues the beam in winter sunlight.


The waterproof H2Flow vent system is a great example of how the Alpha 3.0 can be kept warm through insulation but doesn’t have to leave the wearer feeling overheated. Designed to dump heat as you continue to move and keep you comfortable but cool, the Alpa 3.o is great to use for skiing and snowboarding in the winter and is also a comfortable option for summer or spring hikes. The waterproofing on the jacket will also keep you dry from the weather during these activities, allowing you to enjoy the powder snow on mountains and hills while you ski or snowboard or the cool brisk air of an evening hike outside. By keeping water and cold out and pushing excess heat from the body the dependable insulation and H2Flow ventilation system allow you to continue your favorite cool and cold weather activities without worrying about sweating or exerting yourself too much or overheating at the end of your hike or skiing and snowboarding session. It is compatible with most cooler weather activities and is one that doesn’t make the wearer feel uncomfortable while they’re trying to enjoy the day with friends, family, or by themselves.


This is a great option for a multitude of different terrain styles. Due to the design of its built-in ventilation system, the jacket will help keep someone cool and comfortable during a simple hike around the ski resort or even during some spring and fall outdoor activities. Its waterproof design also helps to make it a reliable option for the often rainy and wet conditions of these seasons, keeping your upper body dry during damp days and you yourself cool and ready to go without being too cold or hot relative to your environment. For skiing and snowboarding, its reliable insulation helps keep the wearer warmer and ready to go during your winter sports activities by conserving heat and also keeping an agreeable temperature by heat dumping while you’re moving and generating your own body heat. This allows you to fully enjoy the mountainous or hilly winter terrain of the slopes without having to worry about being covered in sweat after you’ve finished your runs. This combination of intelligent design makes the Helly Hansen Alpha 3.0 jacket ideal for cooler and cold climates throughout the world whether your hiking a trail or skiing.


This jacket is specifically designed with cooler weather in mind and to keep them on the go winter sports enthusiast connected with the constantly moving world. By incorporating the Life pocket, Helly Hansen allows the more tech-savvy outdoors enthusiast to avoid having to worry about the current charge of their digital device. The pocket is insulated and keep your phone warm and charged throughout the time you spend with it in the Life pocket, helping to keep you active and connected at the same time. This allows skiers and snowboarders to have easy access to their phones after their runs and stay connected when they might otherwise be using the jacket. It is also ideal for the more damp conditions one might experience. The waterproofing that’s been worked into the whole product allows wearers to not mind the rain, drizzle, sleet, or snow and the pocket provides a dry space for your digital device to stay protected while you’re on the go.

Key Features

This Helly Hansen Ski Jacket has a couple of key features that are true attention grabbers and well worth the money considering the lifestyle support and thought put into them. Equipped with the Recco avalanche rescue system the jack makes your location known to any search and rescue teams in the area should you experience such a catastrophic event as an avalanche. Considering the winter environment and possible mountain use this feature is one that most would rather have than risk going without. Its removable hood and adjustable powder skirt make its style and over wall weather protection customizable. Removing the hood and adjusting the skirt can help make the jacket less cumbersome in weather where it is not required and allow for the wearer to adjust their style based on their preferences and needs. Both of these features are useful for the snowy terrain and weather you may find yourself using the Alpha 3.0 in, but for more mild weather activities they could become too much, thus giving you the option to remove them and use them to your need and liking.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Helly Hansen Alpha 3.0 Jacket is a product that falls in line with the renowned reputation the company has built and earned for their top of the line winter sports attire. Designed to keep the wearer warm, this insulated product's insulation and pockets will keep not only you warm but your valuables from freezing when placed inside the jacket. The waterproofing and water-repellant treatment will also keep you dry in the jacket whether it be on the slopes enjoying some winter fun skiing or snowboarding, or on a brisk hike that gets hit by some rain. This will keep you warm and dry while being complemented by the H2Flow system that will help keep you from feeling overheated as it draws out body heat through the ventilation system. The outdoor lifestyle is kept in mind and comfort is a matched priority with safety. This is done through the color schemes provided and the Recco rescue system. With accenting colors if you’re caught in a blizzard or avalanche you’re easier to notice and reach by emergency personnel. The Recco system will also alert any Recco equipped avalanche rescue teams of your location making this a premier option.

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