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Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody Review Facts

Traditionally, when looking for something to keep you warm throughout the winter months, heavier, more insulated jackets and parkas are the answer. If you are in the market for winter covering that offers you baseline warmth but excels at breathability and comfort for long excursions such as backpacking or mountain climbing in the colder regions, then perhaps the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody is exactly what you’re looking for. This fleece lined hoody is excellent at keeping the heat you exert through heavy activity and work close to the body, offering the warmth you expect, while still remaining quite breathable. This breathability offers you the comfort to stay active and refrain from retreating into the confines of your jacket to snuggle and stay cozy.

The lack of added warmth leaves the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody a great option for when you are heading out for a mountain trek. When facing off against temperatures where you feel the need for additional layers, you’ll find it quite easy to add them, thus keeping yourself toasty when experiencing downtime. For normal winter climates, this hoody may provide enough heat to keep you protected from the cold while you are out enjoying the fun festivities the winter months has to offer adventurers. In this review, we will look at both the good and the bad of this hoody in hopes of giving you all the information you need for deciding whether you are ready to add the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody to your gear wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Breathable
  • Not overly heavy
  • Comfortable
  • Could be warmer
  • Not very protective against weather


When choosing a winter jacket, warmth must be one of the first things you look at. The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody isn’t exceptional when it comes to the warmth it provides. Yes, this hoody is great at keeping body heat trapped inside when you find yourself exerting energy out in the cold, but for facing frigid temperatures, you would be best suited with a different winter jacket.

The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody is the perfect blend of both fleece and synthetic insulation. These two components come together to provide breathability and a bit of wind resistance to help offer protection from the elements while remaining comfortable to wear. Although this jacket is engineered with backpackers, hikers, and other extremists in mind, you must keep in mind that although the fleece offers great breathability for movement fighting the cold doesn’t seem to be the top priority of this jacket.

It is important to keep in mind that this jacket is considered lightweight. This is due to it being intended for those who find themselves active in the cooler temperatures. If you need more warmth, it’s quite easy to use this hoody for layering where the heavier, warmer, layer can be removed when you feel yourself heating up from activities.


If you are looking for a winter hoody to wear when temperatures drop but your body's need to stay active hasn’t, the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody may be the one you need. This hoody uses very thin fleece lining in strategic areas to provide great breathability for those who find themselves climbing, hiking, working, or even playing in chilly weather. The heat your body exerts will be kept close to your body, providing the warmth you need but still offers you the ability to stay dry and comfortable throughout your active days. When the time comes to cool down after working hard, the ultra-breathability of this jacket allows you to do this quickly and without issue.


With the intended use of the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody, it's understandable that this jacket would be considered lightweight. This weight mingled with the breathability and ease of movement provided from the design allows those who wear this jacket a great deal of comfort. When moving around or playing hard in cooler temperatures you’ll find yourself staying dry and comfortable. Your movements won’t be hindered by a jacket that is too heavy or constricting. This makes the Deviator Hoody a great investment for those who need their winter weather fun.


Unfortunately, the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody isn’t going to provide you with an abundance of protection against bad weather. The fleece in this jacket has the ability to wick moisture but will leave you soaked in the rain. The same can be said when it comes to battling snowy weather. If you plan on using this jacket when the weather is calling for a chance of rain or snow, you may be best suited to pack a waterproof jacket for those situations.

The insulated front panels of the Deviator Hoody do offer a bit of wind resistance. These panels are considered a bit thick, which offers a thin layer of protection against this element. Keep in mind, however, if you’ll be facing off against frigid winds, you may be best suited with taking along an additional layer that can provide you all the protection you need.


The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody isn’t your typical, bulky, winter jacket. On the contrary, this jacket is quite lightweight. This allows you to carry it in your backpack or with your other gear without any issues. When wearing it, you’ll barely notice it’s there. This is great for those who are using it for its intended purpose of keeping you a bit warm while working or playing hard. This lighter feel also makes adding additional layers to help with its lack of warmth much easier. When the time comes, you can shed your extras and enjoy the lightweight feel while skiing or snowmobiling.


With the lightweight feel of the Deviator Hoody, you’ll find that it’s quite flexible. This is a great thing for those who want to be adventurous no matter the season. If you are into mountain climbing or other activities where quite a bit of movement is involved, you’ll find yourself quite pleased with the flexibility Outdoor Research’s Deviator Hoody has to offer.


The design of the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody may not be suited for everyone. This jacket is intended for use during cool weather. Most adventurers don’t mind what they look like out on the mountain or on the ski trail. If you are hoping to wear the Deviator to parties and other high-end functions, you may find it not suited for those situations. Although, some may find themselves quite fond of this functional style which is completely their choice.


Unlike some of the other hoodies offered by Outdoor Research, some reviewers have found issue with the sizing and fit of the Deviator. The Deviator is a very form fitting hoody. Those who wear smaller sizes, however, may experience a bit of tightness in certain areas and even a shortness of the hem. Going up in size, however, may result in a bulkiness that wearers aren’t exactly fond of. This fit is great when it comes to layering potential, but it is a good idea to try on the Deviator before deciding on which size is best suited for you.


Although the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody can’t be considered a stylish jacket, it does offer wearers a few color options to aid in looking great out and about. With colors such as hot sauce, night, black, and aloe you can choose the one best suited for your style and rock out on the trail with your friends.


The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody isn’t the fanciest jacket at the party when it comes to features. Outdoor Research has kept things quite simple when it comes to this hoody. Its most noticeable feature is, of course, the dual insulation offered. The use of both synthetic insulation and fleece offers users a bit of both worlds.

The fleece lining is used mostly around the back and arms. This offers a great bit of breathability by trapping body heat when needed but allowing you the opportunity to cool down when needed.

The Polartec insulation that covers the front of this jacket offers a bit of wind protection, but not the amount you would need in extreme conditions. This insulation also offers warmth in the right spot to help you fight against the effects of wintery weather.

The Deviator Hoody also features a thin hood to help keep your head and ears protected from cool winds. Unfortunately, this hood isn’t insulated so it offers little aid in keeping your head warm when the temperatures cool down. Hand-warming pockets are also a nice feature of this jacket. These pockets are located on the front. No zippers are used, which can be a nuisance for some, but for those who don’t mind this, they’ll keep their hands quite warm when needed.

If you find yourself needing to carry smaller gear items or perhaps your keys and identification, the Deviator Hoody comes equipped with a zippered chest pocket that is great for these kinds of items.

Another popular feature of the Deviator is the additional thumb loops. These loops are great for keeping your hoody in place when adding additional layers but can be quite versatile for those with a bit of imagination. These loops can offer sun protection when needed, or even bug protection when this jacket is being used in the warmer months.

The layering ability of this hoody is one of its most notable features. This thin, lightweight jacket makes layering up for frigid layer quite easy. Using the popular thumb loops to keep your base layer in place, then adding a heavier, weather resistant, the top layer is quite easy even when on the go.


Weighing in at around $189, the Deviator Hoody can easily be considered a great value. With other options on the market that cost less money, it's important to remember the intended use of this jacket. When out and about, enjoying yourself in cooler weather, you’d be hard pressed to find an insulated jacket that offers the lightweight feel and comfort to stay active without restrictions. Add in Outdoor Research’s Infinite Guarantee that offers lifetime repairs and replacements and this hoody is a great value for the price you pay.

Best Applications

This jacket wants to be worked hard. If you are a fan of staying active in cooler weather, then you’ll find yourself loving the slight warmth, breathability, and comfort provided by the Deviator Hoody. Skiing, hiking, climbing, and even biking is easily taken on when wearing this hoody. The insulation of this hoody is intended for heavy activity. You’ll find yourself staying warm while being able to shed the heat you’ve trapped within the hoody quite easily when needed. Keep in mind however, if you are looking for a hoody for only warmth, this isn’t the one you need. Yes, layers can be added to offer the warmth you may be going for, but staying toasty is not the intended purpose of the Deviator.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody, activity is the focus. This hoody isn’t designed to keep you warm and cozy in frigid temperatures. It isn’t intended for lounging around on cool, fall or winter nights. No, this hoody is intended for those who want to keep up with their favorite activities no matter the weather outside. Outdoor Research has achieved this by combining the perfect amounts of insulation, both fleece and synthetic, to allow adventure seekers the ability to move easily, keep insulated, and add warmth when and if its needed.

Although the Deviator Hoody may not be considered exceptional when it comes to weather protection, warmth, and style, it does keep with its intended purpose. The additional features such as hand warming pockets, hood, and of course thumb loops for layering up, makes it a value at only $189. For those who find themselves in need of a great jacket for activities and fun during the winter, the Deviator Hoody may be the one they have been looking for.