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Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody Review Facts

The Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody for men is meant to be a mid-layer garment for added warmth without adding extra weight. It can be used as an outer layer over a light shirt or sweater when the precipitation is light or non-existent for a lighter covering in mild weather. This excellent item features an interior chest pocket, a front full zipper, a sturdy wind flap, and two hand-warming pockets. It is insulated, wind-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, compressible, and breathable. This incredible model is offered in eighteen bold and bright colors to match any outerwear wardrobe and style. This latest style not only has a drawcord on the hem to adjust the fit, but it also has one on the hood as well. The durable hood is insulated and helmet compatible when you are active in your favorite winter sports. Even though the Atom LT is not weather-proof, it has been treated with Durable Water Resistant (DWR) to make it resistant to wind, eliminate moisture, and increase its longevity. One incredible quality of this outstanding hoody is that it is highly compressible. The filling is synthetic, so it can be folded or rolled into a tiny space. It can even be folded into itself in a pocket, the hood, or a sleeve. If space and weight are factors important to you, then the Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody may be just the perfect mid-layer for you. Let’s now take a look at these features in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is compressible and filler will not bunch up
  • Can be stored in its very own pocket, sleeve, or hood
  • Lightweight, insulated, breathable, and compressible
  • Treated with DWR for longevity and durability
  • Resistant to wind and precipitation
  • The arms, torso, and hood have Coreloft insulation
  • StormHood is helmet compatible and insulated
  • Offered in eighteen various bold and bright colors
  • Not waterproof but is water-resistant
  • Pockets for the hands are tall rather than wide -may be hard to fit some hands
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  • The vast majority of reviewers are satisfied with the quality and performance of this jacket.
  • The material is soft and flexible.
  • The lightness of the material does not detract from the warmth it provides.
  • This jacket works well as a top layer or as an insulating mid-layer.
  • It is warm yet breathable. You can use it lounging around in cool weather or during heavy activity such as skiing or hiking.
  • The elastic on the wrists is comfortable and functional helping to keep warmth in.
  • It packs down well making this excellent for backpacking, camping, and travel.
  • With the right size, it won't restrict movement.
  • It has an athletic fit without any extra bulkiness.
  • Even after lots of use, this jacket won't look worn down or faded.
  • Reviewers like wearing this jacket for downhill and cross country skiing, hiking, camping, climbing, travel, and around town.
  • Cinching on the hood allows you to maintain good peripheral vision.
  • Many reviewers claim this provides decent protection from wind.
  • You can comfortably wear gloves over or under the sleeves.
  • The material moves naturally with your body.
  • The materials and craftsmanship live up to Arc'teryx standards.
  • This jacket provides some protection from light precipitation.
  • The material is durable but susceptible to tears if snagged on sharp branches or rocks.
  • Cinching on the hood allows wind in.
  • Although it packs down well, it does not come with a stuff sack.
  • There is some praise for the wind protection it offers, but some reviewers are not satisfied.
  • This jacket can handle a short drizzle, but the water resistance is limited.
  • The material doesn't dry quickly after being soaked.
  • It is sold out from some sellers.
  • The front pockets are a little shallow.
  • The fit and sizes are not ideal for taller or larger than average men.
  • The lining of the pockets can make a slight crinkle sound.
  • You must be extra careful wearing this around open fire since the material can easily be damaged from a small spark.
  • Sizes run a little larger than usual Arc'teryx jacket sizes.
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Prized for its lightweight and breathable form, the Atom Lt Hoody is also compressible and warm too. It is made of a sturdy taffeta material that makes it an ideal mid-layer that help ward off the wind. It is this airy and lightweight fabric that forms the protective layer in-between the outer layer and the base layer to keep the body warm with its own body heat. Its breathability is its main purpose in keeping all of the other layers cool and aerated, so you do not feel the sweat and moisture build up in the layers. One buyer said that this hoody is so light that it can be taken off wet and it will dry very quickly to use again soon. The material is that light yet effective to ward off the wind.

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The Atom LT is comfortable as a stand-alone jacket and as a mid-layer to help the body stay warm and out of the weather elements. The inside of this incredible hoody is smooth and silky because of the superior fabrics, plus insulated to give you a basic level of warmth. You can wear it with just a thin shirt to a certain cold temperature before needing to add layers. It will even keep you cozy in a light rain. However, its ideal use is as a mid-layer for additional warmth without added weight for you to carry. The two warm hand pockets on the front are a nice addition when it is worn without an outer layer.


The outer shell of the Atom LT is resistant to moisture and wind, making it terrific to be used along with a light shirt underneath. This is suitable for 20-50 degrees, but in colder weather, you will need a base layer and a windbreaker, weatherproof jacket, or coat. This superb hoody is resistant to wind and precipitation, but it is not waterproof. It was not created to be an outer layer, so it does not need this feature. It is treated with DWR to eliminate moisture and be long-lasting as a mid-layer garment that you can depend on. It instantly cuts the wind that you can possibly feel through an even waterproof outer layer. The retention of body heat is also one of its best qualities to help you in severe weather.


Liberal mobility, articulated elbows, and cuffs that are stretch-knit are all flexibility features of the Atom LT. Polartec Power Stretch along with Hardface Technology is a feature of the underarms and side panels giving extra breathability and stretch possibilities. These gusseted underarms increase comfort and mobility, so you can remain active and flexible while performing sports and activities in the cold and wind. The sturdy hem is drop-back and laminated for durability and flexibility in your movements. Whether you use this hoody as a part of your layering regimen or just by itself, it gives you the choice of what you want to use and when as the weather changes and the conditions become milder.

Key Features

-More compressible and lighter than down filling
-Will not bunch when it gets wet like down
-Does not trap heat on the inside or get too warm
-Packs into a small space because it is compressible
-Can be folded into its own sleeve, pocket, or the hood
-Drawcord along the hem is adjustable and form-fitting
-Has an interior chest pocket for small carry items
-Lightweight, windproof, breathable, insulated, and compressible
-Features two warm hand pockets on the exterior front
-Treated with DWR to eliminate moisture and be long-lasting
-The arms, torso, and hood are insulated for added warmth
-Use for an outer layer or mid-layer according to weather conditions
-StormHood is helmet compatible and insulated


Some people look at this hoody and think that it is just a stand-alone jacket to wear over a light shirt or sweater. However, it is best utilized as a mid-layer that is put between a base layer and an outer durable protective layer that is most probably waterproof. It does give warmth to the body core but does not trap the body heat to a point that it cannot get out. This unique garment includes the technology to aid in regulating body temperature, especially during points of exertion. It offers you all the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag without the added weight of a regular jacket. The arms, torso, and hood have a special Coreloft insulation that is inside the shell of taffeta material. this terrific hoody should only be used as an outer layer when there is no indication of precipitation or when it will be light. It is not waterproof and will not keep you dry in a heavy rain, sleet, or snow event.


Made of 100% nylon material, the Atom LT gives you a stable mid-layer that you can depend on to keep your body from feeling the cold and the wind. Its light insulation layer does protect the body a good deal in milder conditions, as it was created to be a hybrid insulation active-use layer. When you want to wear a helmet for skiing or snowboarding, the hood of this hoody will fit over the helmet. It features a ScubaHood that is large enough to do this to maintain your comfort level during your winter sports and activities.


The style of this hoody is quite flexible as we have already mentioned. It can be worn in many climates and weather conditions to make you warm and comfortable. What is remarkable about this model is the number of colors that it is offered in from the manufacturer. There are eighteen various bold and bright colors to choose from currently. The list of extraordinary colors includes black, bronze, lichen, macaw, nighthawk, Odysseus, oxblood, pilot, Rigel, Rohdei, Stingray, Toreador, and Saffron. Choose a favorite color, pick one to match your outerwear wardrobe, or go for the gusto and pick something bold and neon. Once you get one of these hoodies, you will most likely have to have another just for a color variation. It is available in six sizes from extra-small to extra-extra-large, so you are sure to find the perfect fit and color you like.


Packable and compressible, this synthetically-filled hoody will not bunch when it gets wet, much like a down-filled garment would do. It is lighter than down and therefore can be compressed into tighter spaces and forms than down jackets and hoodies. This makes it an incredible part of your gear when weight and space is an issue. The composite construction allows it to even be tucked and rolled into itself to keep it as tight as possible. When you do use this splendid hoody, it will not trap heat or get too warm, as some other competitor brands and model can do. Because it is a mid-layer item, it would be difficult if not impossible to remove when you are participating in sports and activities. Thus, it is important that it does not retain heat, but yet helps you maintain your body heat when out in the cold.

Ease of Use

Several factors make the Atom LT simple and easy to use. it has an interior chest pocket, and the drawcord along the hem is adjustable. This gives you plenty of flexibility in choosing how form-fitting you want the hoody on your body. The interior pocket is when the garment is used as a mid-layer or when used alone. The wind flap and front zipper ensure easy access in putting this hoody on and taking it off. It is also a quick way to vent the body when it gets too hot. The feature that is the most impressive really needs to be seen to believe. It is the compression that this superb hoody is capable of performing. Wet or dry, it will pack into a tiny space because of the synthetic filling that is so airy. It can be stored in its very own pocket, sleeve, the hood if you just roll it into a ball and tuck it in a space. When you are ready to use it again or dry it out, just shake it out to restore the loft. This magic act can be done over and over for the entire life of the hoody, as it always comes back to the original form and shape. It will not bunch up, as some other fabrics and filler would do.

The Bottom Line

We like the Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody for men just as much as the online customers do. They rave about how satisfied they are with its defense against wind and light rain and how it is very warm as a single jacket. It does have a high comfort level and is one of the most flexible hoodies that we have seen. It has plenty of features such as the hand pockets, adjustable drawcords, wind flap, full zipper in front, and interior pocket. The qualities are impressive too. It is insulated, resistant to wind and light precipitation, warm, breathable, compressible, and lightweight. The hood is even insulated and will fit over a ski helmet if you choose to wear one. The outer treatment of DWR makes the durable taffeta fabric even more weather-resistant and gives it a longer life. The feature we like best is the compression. Because many users will be taking this garment on trips, climbs, and possibly even hikes, it must be light and able to pack away in a small space. The Atom LT can do that easily. Just fold or roll it into a tight form and tuck it away until it is needed. When you open it again, just a shake or two will bring back the synthetic loft and you are good to go. This cannot be done with jackets or hoodies that contain down filling because they will bunch, especially if they get wet. This incredible hoody will bounce back perfectly every time. If you have the need to dress in layers for your activities and sports, give the Atom Lt Hoody a try. You just may end up owning several, as many happy customers already do.