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Arc’teryx Fission Sv Jacket Review Facts

The Arc’teryx Men’s Fission Sv Jacket lives up the well-known quality and superior performance of an Arc’teryx product. The company says this is their warmest jacket in their essentials collection, and of course, it includes the popular Gore-Tex material they use for their creations. Consumers love this brand and are very loyal to purchasing their items. This excellent jacket has a relaxed fit, so layering is easy and comfortable. It has a collar panel and a chin guard to ward off the cold, wind, and snow in the neck area, plus the external zippers are watertight. The seams are taped for durability and retention of body warmth. Cold air, rain, and wind will not get through the tough material shell or the seams or zippers. The Fission jacket is perfect for severe wet and cold weather because it is incredibly warm, windproof, and lightweight. Many satisfied customers found that although there is plenty of room inside for layering clothes for warmth, it was not needed because this incredible jacket is so warm. The strong drawcords on the hood and the bottom hem allow the fit to be customized to fit the body well. Plenty of zippered pockets give you many places to put things you want to carry with you. Although this product has a hefty price, you will not be disappointed with its quality or protection level. It may be the most expensive jacket you will ever purchase, but as many of this brand’s happy followers state, it is worth every penny. Now we will take a look at these features in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes Gore-Tex material and seams that are taped
  • Has a full-length front zipper enclosure
  • Features a relaxed fit great for layering of clothes underneath
  • Drawcords offer a perfect fit every time
  • Has plenty of pockets and a durable tough shell
  • Is waterproof, windproof, and lightweight
  • Perfect for severe wet and cold weather
  • External zippers are watertight
  • Sizes may run a bit large
  • The Gore-Tex layer can be noisy and rough
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  • This jacket is perfect for me since I am not a fan of layering and it's insulated enough to keep me warm, taken me through two winters. But it is also perfect for layering for those who prefer it. If it gets really cold a wool sweater underneath is perfect. It's going on three years.
  • This jacket is awesome and built to last. It's comfortable and beautifully warm.
  • I am sure that everything wonderful that can be said has about this jacket. But for me taking the plunge was worth it. Pricey but well worth the money. Comfortable fit, ability to layer and not too long. This jacket has quickly become my go-to jacket.
  • Shields against the cold weather very well. Lightweight compared to other jackets but performs better no matter the weather.
  • It took me a year to finally buy this jacket, Well worth the cost. So glad that I got it! Love this coat for its 2-way zipper, fits well and is very warm
  • At 20 degrees Fahrenheit and a windchill factor of zero, this jacket has kept me warm and feeling protected from the wind. I do wish that the hood was able to be drawn tighter to block the wind better but it is made to fit a helmet so I am sure it serves its purpose in that regard.
  • I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this jacket. It is going on three years and it still keeps me plenty warm in the Greater Toronto area. Love the tapered fit and no need for a scarf since the jacket zips up full to cover my neck and lower chin. If I am going to be out in the extended cold for a long time I simply put a layer underneath.
  • This exceeds the high bar that I set in my mind. Extremely functional, warm and stylish. Worth the price.
  • I have finally found the perfect winter jacket and I have gone through plenty. Although it is roomy enough to layer, I haven't needed to because it is very warm. This is the jacket that I wear every day in the winter and no wind gets through. Looks great on and is very comfortable.
  • I got this jacket for the cold winters in Syracuse, NY. It keeps me warm and in some cases too warm during days that I"m doing a lot of activities. I like to bike to campus. It stays dry in the wet weather and great for extreme temps.
  • This jacket is no joke and is made for serious weather conditions. If you are like me and don't like to wear all the layers underneath or wearing scarfs and hats this jacket is for you.
  • As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, well this jacket is well worth every penny. I decided to get this jacket after I was tired of having to go through rough conditions in the winter. It's very warm and it allows the body to breathe enough. But it's not bulky and doesn't restrict your range of motion.
  • This jacket never lets me down and I'm outside all winter. I purchased this 15 years ago and paid $550. The company honors its warranty. If you want the best gear and peace of mind this is an investment well worth it.
  • I purchased my jacket 7 years ago and it's been my go-to on a daily basis. I live in Stockholm so I'm sure I don't need to explain the winters. I haven't had any problems with this jacket keeping me warm and dry. I feel protected in the winters.
  • A warm lightweight jacket with perfect wind resistance that never gets too warm and fits perfectly.
  • The jacket keeps me warm in the Chicago weather. It's lightweight and not bulky. It does run large so I had to buy a smaller size than my normal. Medium is the right size for me and I am 175 lbs and 6 ft. This is a great jacket overall.
  • This is a great jacket to use in the cold weather every day and it keeps the rain out. It does run a bit large for me. I'm 220 lb and 6' 2" but I got the medium because I like the snug fit. It's comfortable and very warm.
  • Having long arms makes it a challenge sometimes to find long enough jacket, shirts and coats but this jacket is perfect. The arms are long enough and it fits me well. I'm in the Alaska rain and cold and only use a light base when I'm hiking. This jacket is very durable and has a great design. I would definitely buy another of these again.
  • This is a great jacket, true to size, lightweight, warm and waterproof.
  • Everything about this jacket is amazing, the fabric especially. The fit is amazing. The jacket does run a bit large so go down one size if you like that snug fit. The hood is questionable when it comes to adjusting it, I haven't figured that one out yet.
  • Some buyers weren't satisfied with the quality, stating that it tore in places too easily.
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This excellent Fission Jacket is worth the price says satisfied loyal buyers who love the Arc‘teryx brand. The manufacturer claims that this is their warmest completely waterproof jacket in their Essentials collection. It is a fine example of the company’s high quality of fit, build, and features and very much worth the high cost for superior comfort and protection. Some happy customers say it is better, warmer, and not as bulky as the Canada Goose Parka. A consumer that has had this same jacket for five great years of use bought it again because of the satisfaction. As they say, when you find something that works well, you don’t change it. Arc’teryx knows they have constructed an extraordinary jacket that many people are pleased about.


So many aspects of this terrific jacket make it comfortable for the user. The elbows are articulated and the motion range of great. It is soft, lightweight, and sports a relaxed fit. The layering of clothes underneath is easily done because of the outstanding fit, but honestly, you will probably only need a thin layer because it is so warm. Some buyers said they only wear a single shirt under this jacket even in freezing temperatures. Of course, this will depend on your weather conditions, but you will find this to be one of the warmest jackets you have ever owned. The Fission has reduced seam allowance that decreases the weight and bulk of the jacket, as well as cuff adjusters that are Velcro and die-cut.


The superb materials this terrific jacket is constructed with makes it quite durable and long-lasting. One loyal customer had this same jacket for five years and decided to buy another one because they liked the brand, the fit, and the quality so much. Even after much abuse for this extended period, the older jacket was still going strong, but the user wanted a new one. A repeat customer is a highly satisfied customer, especially after five years. You will want to wear this jacket everywhere, even when it is not cold. With such a top-quality item, you have many years to enjoy it. The durable tough shell keeps the cold out and the warmth in and so do the sturdy zippers. They are lined to prevent the cold air from entering through the metal teeth. The well-stitched seams are taped to add to the durability and weather-resistance of this splendid outdoor winter garment. You will feel the difference when wearing this wonderful jacket compared to other leading brands. Excellent quality is what you get with Arc’teryx products and with this fine creation of theirs.


The flexibility of this incredible Fission jacket is in the drawcords, the many pockets, and the layering possibilities. The strong drawcords in the hood and the bottom hem are adjustable and can be fixed with only one hand. These will customize your fit and make it perfect for your particular body form. This wonderful jacket has plenty of zippered pockets both on the inside and the outside to hold many things you want to carry. The hand pockets are insulated, and the internal smaller pockets are made of strong mesh. The layering of clothes can be done with this terrific jacket because there is certainly enough room. The fit is relaxed allowing for several layers of shirts and sweaters to make you warmer. You will not always need extra clothes while wearing this jacket, as many buyers were quite cozy in very cold temperatures while just wearing a thin shirt underneath. Because of the durable outer shell, many layers are really not needed to be warm. Customers were shocked at just how few layers they could wear with this jacket and remain very warm inside.

Another great product we reviewed is the Arc’teryx Proton It Hoody, so make sure to check it out as well.

Key Features

-Great fit and build that is known and expected of the Arc’teryx brand
-Has a relaxed fit that is perfect for layering of clothes with ample room
-Features a durable tough shell to repel the harsh weather elements
-Is windproof, waterproof, durable, and lightweight
-Perfect for severe wet and cold weather in many climates
-External zippers are watertight to block out cold, wind, and rain
-Has a collar panel and chin guard that is laminated to protect the neck
-Includes Gore-Tex material and taped seams for added protection
-Has six zippered internal and external pockets for added comfort
-Comes with a lifetime warranty from the reputable manufacturer


Arc’teryx outer garments offer the best protection against the weather elements because they all use the Gore-Tex material for weatherproofing. This amazing Fission jacket is windproof, waterproof, insulated, lightweight, and incredibly warm. It is perfect for severe wet and cold weather, as you will not feel the wind even in a storm with this great jacket. The chin guard is laminated, and the external zippers are watertight. It includes a collar panel that is integrated and fitted for additional comfort and warmth. You will have the best protection against the elements with this fabulous Fission jacket. Several customers stated in their positive feedback of this product how pleased they were with the performance of this incredible jacket. Even though they know the impressive reputation of the Arc’teryx brand, this garment still amazed people. When temperatures drop in the single digits and below zero, you know you can count on this terrific jacket to protect your upper body on the coldest days and nights.


Although you purchase a magnificent jacket such as this one mainly for the protection, the Fission is very stylish also. You can wear it anywhere because of its beautiful craftsmanship and design. It is a design of high performance for all diverse conditions and activities. Available in the bold colors of Triton, dark moss, conifer, and black, you can choose the color that best matches your outfits and wardrobe. This jacket style has a hem with a drop in the back for added protection and coverage that is also full-seat. The Fission is well-suited for severe weather and prolonged exposure, making it your go-to weather apparel for harsh environments.


All of the manufacturer’s outerwear consists of the Gore-Tex material that protects and is breathable and waterproof. This excellent shell protects against wind, snow, sleet, and rain, plus will keep you dry and warm. Even when it is damp, this incredible jacket will retain its warmth and has a dry time that is fast. The manufacturing of this ideal product combines Permeair 20 and insulation of Coreloft Continuous for a breathable, lightweight, and efficient system of retaining warmth and giving protection. The sturdy zippers are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. The durable seams are taped for weatherproofing and retaining body heat. You will certainly not feel the harsh weather or the wind through this superb jacket.

Ease of Use

Much of the customer feedback online speaks of how remarkable this Fission jacket really is. They say that it fits great, is the warmest jacket they have ever owned, and the easiest ever to keep clean. It has a regular fit and is thigh-length that will be appreciated by most body types. This great jacket is offered in six sizes and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. It has a full-length zipper in the front to make it easy to put on and take off and can be machine washed. The large hood is insulated and compatible with helmets, as it is best used for sports and activities such as snowboarding and skiing. Some people say that it is not as bulky as the Northface Hyvent Parka, but it is just as warm. It includes many zippers to delight the user both internally and externally. Included are a zippered chest pocket, two zippered hand pockets that are insulated, a dump pocket of mesh on the inside, and two zippered chest pockets.

The Bottom Line

Perfect for severe wet and cold weather, the Arc’teryx Men’s Fission Sv Jacket is remarkably warm because of its durable outer shell of Gore-Tex material. Gore-Tex is used in all of their products for the outdoors because it keeps the cold out and the body warmth in. Although this superior jacket is best for skiing and snowboarding, it can be worn any time you need winter protection from the elements. Not only is the outer shell tough and weather-resistant, but the zippers are watertight and the seams are taped. This lets absolutely no wind, rain, snow, sleet, or water through this jacket. The full-length zipper in the front allows for easy access in dressing, and the many pockets are truly wonderful and appreciated by the user.

There are six zippered pockets in all on the exterior and the interior of the product. The ones for the hands on the outside are insulated, and the mesh pocket on the inside is made of mesh. This smaller section can hold little items such as keys or a phone. A durable collar panel and a dependable chin guard protect the neck and top of the jacket from taking on any wind, moisture, or snow. The chin guard is even laminated for added protection. The strong seams are reduced to lessen the bulk and weight of the jacket, plus the cuff adjusters are made of the lighter Velcro material. as we stated before, there is ample room in this jacket for layering clothes for added warmth with the relaxed fit. For those who never seem to warm up during winter, you can now be truly warm in this impressive Fission jacket. The price may scare some buyers away, but when you realize exactly what you are getting for the cost, it is well worth the comfort, fit, and protection that it offers. Besides that, Arc’teryx stands behind their creations with a lifetime warranty. If you want the best this winter to keep out the weather and hold in your body heat, then try this Fission jacket from Arc’teryx. You will be so glad you did.

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