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Smith Quantum MIPS Helmet Review Facts

The Smith Unisex Quantum MIPS Helmet offers wonderful protection when you are in the backcountry. Perfect for skiing and snowboarding, it is the ultimate winter sports helmet that will keep your head safe, dry, and well vented. This is a half-shell helmet with a custom fit because of the included BOA Fit System. It has two sets of vents for increased airflow to keep the head cool and a sweat-wicking lining. The strong hybrid build combines both in-mold construction and an ABS hard shell to give you a comfortable fit that protects the head well. It features MIPS to lessen the severity of an impact at an angle and will remain in place when you are on the go. There are speaker slots to make it audio device compatible and a lightweight goggle clip that is removable. You can manipulate the buckle and strap system of this excellent helmet with just one hand if you desire because of the featured Fidlock and Wayfinder Strap Systems. Included are Bombshell Earpads that can be removed in milder weather when they are not needed for warmth. Several sizes are offered for this incredible helmet, and they can run a bit large. Do not order a size larger to get a good fit because this model will provide you with a custom fit you will love to wear. The durability, flexibility, and protection of this model were the topic of most customer feedback online. Some may hesitate because of the high price, but the satisfaction is quite high among buyers who would make the same purchase again. we will look at these terrific qualities now in depth for a better view of this superb helmet.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Two sets of vents for better airflow and wicking lining
  • Includes a custom fit and honeycomb Aerocore build
  • Has a head cradling system and MIPS
  • Includes in-mold construction and an ABS hard shell
  • Has the magnetic sliding Fidlock
  • Stays in place when you are moving
  • Easy to use with gloves on
  • Bombshell Earpads are removable
  • Earpiece zipper may be a bit difficult to close and open
  • Some would prefer one solid color rather than the bi-colors offered currently
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  • I didn't think a helmet could get any better. This is the best helmet ever.
  • I actually like this helmet better than the Vantage helmet that I have. Fits differently, more snug. Aside from the fact that it looks badass, it is a great helmet all around.
  • This helmet is a bit heavier than what I am used to but feels welcoming. With more weight comes more style and coverage.
  • Fits perfectly of my glasses goggles. Great ventilation and very comfortable.
  • I find that this helmet is equally as comfortable as the Vantage and on par with other Smith helmets. I do agree that it's a bit heavier but not noticeable and excellent ventilation system.
  • For proper head protection, this help provides it. Goes on smoothly and is very comfortable. Incredible ventilation and no hotspots. Top of the line quality, protection, style, and comfort.
  • After 10 years I had to retire my Burton Red and replaced it with this helmet. Although heavier it is very comfortable. If I had to complain about something, the ear pads could be improved. My ears were a little red and sore. Great ventilation.
  • The Smith Optics MIPS snowmobile helmet is lightweight and strong and will certainly protect the head. Works perfectly with Smith goggles.
  • It has a flexible adjustment system which makes it fit perfectly on the head. This is an excellent helmet. Ventilation slots are extremely efficient.
  • This is the best and most comfortable helmet. It is protective and warm. Closed vents mean the heat stays in. Love, love this helmet.
  • I started wearing a helmet only this year and I am 50 years old. I was torn between losing the free feeling of mountain riding and wearing a helmet. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this helmet wore. Now I won't be on the mountain without this helmet.
  • This is a solid helmet. Allows adjustment which makes for a perfect fit. Lightweight. If you want protection without the sacrifice of style and weight this is your helmet.
  • Love the fit and feel of this helmet. Top notch features. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Love the helmet so far but it does have a noticeable whistle and rattles on super G turns.
  • This is finally a helmet that I will actually wear instead of my wool hat. Super comfortable and great ventilation.
  • The fit of this helmet is amazing and the quick release strap awesome. The helmet is secure but not noticeable on. I am sold on this product.
  • Built well and not any of the problems associated with older helmets. I am excited to use this helmet.
  • I recommended this helmet to a friend after he suffered a head injury because he wasn't wearing a helmet. Love that the new features offer extra safety. Highly recommended.
  • This helmet is easy to adjust and very comfortable. Works great with OTG goggles. I have had these for years. Great helmet.
  • Inconsistent sizing or Too small
  • If you don't mind the bulk and the noise this is a great helmet.
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When participating in winter sports and activities, you want to maintain a cool head, as well as a warm head. A great helmet, such as the Smith Quantum MIPS will do both. You can manage the temperature in the helmet yourself in the rear and the front with the Dual Regulator Climate controls. Hot spots are reduced with this adjustable venting method, as they increase the airflow in and out of the helmet. Most other brands only have one vent for this process. They are not as efficient in the circulation that is necessary to keep a cool head. As the cool air comes in through the front of the helmet, it passes through the top and exits in the back as warm air. The inside is kept dry with the wicking system, so you do not feel any moisture buildup.


If you do not have a comfortable helmet for your snow activities, then you will be miserable. Plenty of people often complain about ski helmets being too tight, too small, too heavy, or just feeling uncomfortable completely. The Smith Quantum will not only keep you safe and cool but also comfortable no matter the temperature and conditions. The airflow system does most of the work in keeping the helmet aerated, and the sweat-wicking lining will keep the head dry. You are almost ensured with a terrific fit that will please you because of the BOA Fit System included. It gives a custom fit that will have you enjoying your activities longer and most often. Many online customers have praised this model for its level of comfort as one of its best qualities. The manufacturers went to great lengths to make this great item one you will want to wear for years of fun on the snow.


If a ski helmet is not durable, then it is not of much use at all. The Smith Quantum MIPS is one of the most durable on the market today for the longevity of use and impacts. It has a head cradling system of the Boa FS360 and a honeycomb Aerocore build. This model includes in-mold construction and an ABS hardshell in combination for a hybrid helmet that has extreme protection. The AirEvac 2 system of ventilation protects through rough snow storms and is breathable. The Smith Quantum has a lightweight reinforced defense in the areas of high impact to cushion blows when you crash. The included MIPS is made to decrease the severity of an impact at an angle because the inner lining shifts the shell to protect the head in the best position. This product will protect itself from destruction when you use it, as well as keep you safe and intact during falls and spills.


One of the most frequent positive comments about this helmet online is about the lock and buckle. It can be operated with just one hand and even if you are wearing gloves. Hardly any other helmet operates this easily or quickly to get you in and out as fast as possible. It has the Smith’s Wayfinder Strap System that has the magnetic sliding Fidlock along with a lightweight removable goggle clip. This combination makes this a helmet you will not need any help with from others. you will be so glad that you are wearing this model when you see others that must remove their gloves or get help from a friend to buckle their helmets. This one functions with an easy magnet to make it all so simple. Add in that the Smith Quantum MIPS weight just two pounds and you have a lightweight easy-to-manage helmet that will give you much pleasure on the slopes.

Key Features

Includes in-mold construction and an ABS hard shell
MIPS decreases the seriousness of an impact at an angle
Has the Wayfinder Strap System and magnetic sliding Fidlock
Is the half shell helmet style perfect for all types of winter sports
Stays in place when you are moving and will not shift around
-Easy to put on, take off, and buckle with gloves on
-Bombshell Earpads are removable for milder weather
-Audio device compatible with speaker slots for both ears
-Has two sets of vents for better airflow and circulation
-Includes a custom fit and a head-cradling system
-Has a sweat-wicking lining to keep the moisture away from you
-Features a honeycomb Aerocore build to make it lightweight


The Smith Quantum MIPS is one of the best ski helmets that you can depend on for protection. It has the Erocore Construction which enhances impact absorption and airflow and includes a hybrid shell to make it durable and lightweight. This model features the MIPS Brain Protection System, which permits the helmet to slide to the head relatively when encountering an impact at an angle. A layer of low friction between the liner and the shell that allows this to happen automatically when you need it. one potential buyer asked online how to tell if a helmet has this feature. The response was that the increase in price will tell you if it has MIPS or not. For high-impact sports at such fast speeds, MIPS is technology that you should not be without. Several online buyers commented about spills they took recently with this helmet protecting their heads with the MIPS feature. You should not take chances with head injuries, especially when manufacturers are making such high-quality products like this one.


The Smith Quantum MIPS is a half-shell helmet that is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. It is designed specifically for winter sports and activities that require a helmet for high impact and speeds. It is made of Koroyd and ABS materials for a durable long-lasting construction that will protect you and keep you safe. Offered in the sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large, it is best to purchase the normal size you wear. A few online buyers say the sizes run a bit large, with those requiring a normal extra-large helmet fitting into a large of this model. If you plan on wearing a hat or beanie underneath for warmth, then you may want to try the larger size for a better fit. It is available in three terrific color schemes with two colors on the same model. This was an issue with a few customers, as they would have preferred a solid-colored helmet in one shade or the other. Because of all the magnificent features of this incredible model, the dual colors were not a deal breaker, but just a note to the manufacturer that solid colors would be appreciated in the color offerings next time around.


Some potential buyers did ask the question online if this protective helmet could be used for other sports other than winter snow sports. The replies all stated that it was created with the sport of skiing in mind because of the airflow, honeycomb, wicking, and MIPS technologies. It would also most likely be too warm on the head for other sports in milder climates or during other warmer months. For the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding, the Smith Quantum does provide great protection in the backcountry. You do not have to wear a hat underneath as much as other popular models because the ear flaps and insulation keep the quite head warm. Some users found that they could go without a hat at all even in very low temperatures. This superb helmet stays in place when you are moving to the point that you will forget that you are even wearing it. it is really that comfortable, warm, and form-fitting.

Ease of Use

A ski helmet should be one of the easiest-to-use pieces of equipment that you have, but some models on the market are just the opposite. Just trying to fasten the buckle and strap can be a huge undertaking that may require help from a friend. Fortunately, if you do decide to get the Smith Quantum MIPS, you will not need any help and can even fasten your helmet with just one hand. This is because it is a Fidlock magnetic lock. It is even easy to use with gloves on for the best flexibility. The Bombshell Earpads are removable especially for warmer days when they are not needed so much. This terrific helmet is also audio-device compatible with speaker slots built right in. Some customers commented that the speakers would be easier to use if the left and the right were switched, but they were able to work with the way it is set up just fine.

The Bottom Line

We like the Smith Unisex Quantum MIPS Helmet because of the many protective and comforting features it has for the user. It is a half-shell helmet that is ideal for all winter activities and sports of speed and high-impact. This incredible model stays in place when you are on the move, stays dry because of the wicking liner, and includes adjustable venting to keep you cool. Unlike most competitor brands, there are two vents for increased airflow, instead of just one. It features a custom fit, head-cradling system, and a honeycomb build to make it lightweight. You can easily manipulate the buckle and strap with one hand and even with gloves on because it is magnetic and simple to operate. We think you will agree with when we say that the best quality of this excellent helmet is the inclusion of the MIPS Brain Protection System. This technology allows the helmet to slide to the most vulnerable part of the head when an impact at an angle is encountered. For a ski helmet that must protect the head at sometimes very swift speeds and in dangerous territory, this is something you certainly want as a capability of your head protector. The online reviews and feedback for this model all speak of its superior features and qualities and we agree. It is one of the best models on the market currently with the most going for it in protection, flexibility, comfort, and durability.