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Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants Review Facts

The Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants for women are well-fitting, attractive shell pants that have been called by satisfied online customers as the best ski pants ever. They have a stylish, contemporary look that is flattering to a woman’s shape with a reduced width in the leg, but with ample room for layering underneath. This excellent model is an updated version from the model of last season that is offered in seven bold, bright colors. Arc’teryx fans that are used to this popular company’s outstanding quality, durability, and comfort will appreciate this latest product that is sure to please. Use these incredible pants for all types of snow sports, including snowboarding, Best Down Jackets downhill skiing, and backcountry skiing. They are versatile enough to use for riding in the park or deep in the backcountry. Made of tough nylon fabric, these are tough outer shell pants for any type of winter outdoor weather conditions. The Sentinel model is lightly insulated, windproof, waterproof, lightweight, and very comfortable. The Gore-Tex material is also breathable because of the ventilation possibilities of the side zippered openings in the thighs. There are durable zippered pockets on the thighs and stash pockets on the hips. All of the zippers on this great product are water-resistant and double-sided. Compatible jackets can be attached by the snaps to these remarkable pants to create a solid barrier to the weather elements. Other terrific features include adjustable and removable belt loops, Keprotec insteps for sharp edge protection, and Recco embedded reflectors that are trackable by an emergency rescue in case of avalanches. Online buyers are quite pleased with these pants for all of their outdoor sports and activity needs. We will now look at these mentioned features in greater depth and detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Made of lightly-insulated, breathable, Gore-Tex material
  • Has great ventilation with the double-sided, water-resistant zippers
  • Side zippers are for ventilation and are watertight
  • Attaches to compatible jackets with the Slide ’n Loc feature
  • Protection from sharp edge abrasions with the Keprotec insteps
  • Has RECCO embedded reflectors that will aid radio emergency signals
  • Includes roomy zippered thigh and stash pockets
  • Has a windproof and waterproof soft shell of three layers
  • Might not be comfortable for bending or sitting for some women
  • Cuffs for protection may not be 100% effective


Made of lightly-insulated Gore-Tex material that is breathable, these Sentinel Pants for women from Arc’teryx are made with a breathable nylon fabric with thigh zippers for ventilation. These side zippers are double-sided and watertight. They add much breathability for the user, especially for warmer spring days or when layers get to be too hot on colder days. They allow plenty of ventilation when you need it most without having to remove layers or change clothing.


These Sentinel ski pants are comfortable and lightweight according to satisfied online buyers who wear these pants during their many outdoor activities. The fit is a good one with plenty of room for layering if needed. They can be somewhat loose if worn alone but are not baggy, as other popular brands can be. The thigh pockets are large and can hold plenty of things you want to carry with you, and they do not look bulky as cargo pockets usually do. Compatible jackets can attach with the Slide ’n Loc feature to give you a solid protection layer against the cold, wind, and precipitation.


Made of nylon fabric, this Arc’teryx model is long-lasting durable wear for mild or harsh conditions, while outdoors in the winter months. They are tough outer shell pants for any type of weather conditions to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry. Long-time Arc’teryx users confirm the longevity of the excellent brand and of these incredible pants for women. Many loyal customers have plenty of this company’s gear that is still going strong after ten years of rugged continuous use. Buyers know that when they purchase this brand, they will have great dependable gear for a long time. You can expect these terrific ski pants to last you for at least five to ten years, even with rugged daily use. They are that tough and durable to endure many seasons of strenuous use from those that love to play and work outdoors in the winter snow. Arc’teryx fans have come to know that this brand makes only the best products that are well-suited for the needs of their customers. The sizes are true, the materials are of the highest quality, and the workmanship is the best.


Flexibility is built-in to these terrific ski and snowboarding pants. The waist has a snap closure that is a button-fly type, plus the belt loops offer adjustability and are removable. Some women users did mention that the waist can be a bit tight when sitting or bending in these ski pants, but it was not a huge concern. With several layers underneath, it could pose a problem of comfort, however. A few women just left the top snap undone to prevent it from popping off or being uncomfortable in these. The many benefits far outweigh this tiny issue of these excellent pants. These Sentinel pants will attach to a compatible jacket with the Slide ‘n Loc feature snaps. This feature gives you greater protection by forming a solid barrier against the cold, wind, and precipitation that you will encounter. Movement in this great product is more flexible for descents and traverses with the articulated knees. This quality really comes in handy when you have on several layers. You will still be able to bend and sit well in them because of the articulated knees. You have several options of change to make these pants as comfortable and usable as you want them to be. Flexible gear, such as these Sentinel pants are very valuable for winter sports and activities because you just never know what type of weather environment you will be facing from day to day. Since these are so flexible, you can layer underneath or wear them alone for milder days and climates. Options like this one allow you the freedom to mix up your wardrobe pieces without having to purchase plenty of gear wear.

Key Features

-Made of lightly-insulated Gore-Tex material that is highly breathable
-Has ventilation with the zippers that are double-sided and water-resistant
-Comfortable, windproof, waterproof, and lightweight, and durable
-Compatible jackets can attach with the Slide’n Loc feature
-Thigh pockets are large, non-bulky, and water-resistant
-Well-fitting and attractive tough outer shell pants with three nylon layers
-Belt loops are adjustable and removable for the user’s style
-Protection from sharp edge abrasions on the legs with the Keprotec insteps
-Has RECCO embedded reflectors that will help in detection in emergencies
-Light insulation protection from the brushed soft inner liner
-Use for all types of snow sports, activities, and chores outdoors
-Zippered small stash pockets on hips for small items you need


Although these shell pants for women do not offer much insulation, they are very protective against the wind, water, and abrasions. The 100D powder Cordura cuffs will protect the legs from sharp edge cuts from equipment and other possible mishaps. They have RECCO embedded reflectors that will aid radio signals of rescue personnel in cases of emergency. This increases the speed of the rescue for avalanche victims. These ideal reflectors can also be seen in dim light or dark conditions for the best safety and security. The light insulation from the brushed soft liner does offer a bit of protection for warmth, but in cold conditions and climates, you will need to layer clothes underneath. Many online buyers comment on how much these terrific ski pants are by themselves or with a light layer underneath for some pretty cold temperatures.


Choose from seven colors online for these incredible Sentinel shell pants. Loyal Arcteryx users love these and call them the best ski pants ever. This superb model is actually an updated version from last year. They are well-fitting and attractive with a flattering fit for women. The quality is outstanding said some of the online comments from happy customers who love wearing these great protective shell pants. They offer the user a contemporary look with a reduced width in the leg but with plenty of room for layering. If you are active in outdoor winter sports, then you will love the look, feel, and style of these Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants.


Ideal for freeriding and mountain skiing, these women’s pants are versatile for riding in the park or touring the backcountry. The zippered small stash pockets on the hips are great for small items you need to bring along, and the zippered thigh pockets can hold the larger things you need. You will be so comfortable in this Arc’teryx item for all types of snow sports and activities, including snowboarding and backcountry skiing. Even those that do not participate in winter sports bought these pants for the many things they must do in the outdoors at winter for their jobs or around the house. The uses are endless for those who need a good outer shell covering while being outdoors in mild or severe winter conditions.


This impressive Arc’teryx item is waterproof and will protect you and your clothes underneath from snow, rain, and sleet. They have a soft shell of three durable layers that are also windproof too. The sturdy zippers on the thigh for ventilation and the ones on the pockets are all water-resistant, but unfortunately, they are not waterproof. This will at least keep precipitation from entering through the metal teeth of the zippers and keep the contents inside the pockets from getting wet. They are really watertight in their protection. The included Powder Cuffs on these terrific ski pants are able to fit under the high backs of snowboards and seal out the snow. You should have no problems with powder drift when wearing these pants.

The Bottom Line

We agree with the many satisfied loyal and new buyers of these Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants that they are one of the top models currently being offered online by manufacturers. They are versatile, dependable, long-lasting, and durable for the many things that you need and want to do outdoors in the winter. The one drawback that was mentioned by a few women online was that the waistbands on these can be constricting a bit when sitting or bending. It was not a huge concern, and the users still highly recommended these incredible ski pants to others. their many benefits really do outweigh this one minor concern. When worn alone, this product does offer you some protection from the cold with the light layer of insulation on the interior. They are waterproof and windproof to protect you and your clothes underneath from the weather. Because of their unique cut and style, several layers may be worn underneath quite comfortably without hindering your flexibility and movements. These are well-fitting and attractive pants that are offered in several bright colors to match ski and snowboard outfits and wardrobes. You can attach these excellent ski pants to a jacket that is compatible with the included snaps. This creates an impenetrable barrier against the weather elements you may encounter. There are several pockets in the thighs and the hips that have double-sided water-resistant zippers to protect the contents. Users liked these large thigh pockets that can hold numerous items without looking or feeling baggy, much like cargo pants. When you get hot in milder weather or from being too warm with layers, the side zippered vents can be utilized to give you air inside quickly. This updated version of ski pants is well-loved and accepted for their tough outer shell of breathable Gore-Tex material and Kepotec instep protection against sharp edges. For snowboarding, skiing, and other snow sports and activities, nothing can be more comfortable, durable, and flexible than these Arc’teryx Sentinel Pants for women. If you are outdoors a lot in the winter and need a great waterproof outer shell for your bottom half, then give these pants a try. You will be so glad you did.