Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 Ski Boots

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Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 Ski Boots Review Facts

As part of the Cochise series of ski boots, the Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 Ski Boot is for the advanced or expert level of skier. It is a redesigned model with enhanced characteristics and qualities that are more versatile and capable for the intermediate rider. This excellent version performs well downhill or uphill without needing the soles swapped out, and it works great with tech or alpine bindings. Whether you prefer the big mountains or backcountry, the Pro 130 is the best stiff-flexed boot for aggressive strong skiers. It is comfortable, well-built, buckles easily, and of good quality according to pleased online customers. This is a four-buckle boot with a walk mode of metal-on-metal that is close to a one-boot quiver. The heel and toe plates are detachable and the overall volume in the ankle, midfoot, and heel area has been minimized from last season’s model. The Pro 130 is more anatomical in contour with 42-degrees of flexible movement and a smooth flex. Aqua Stop Water Protection will aid the feet in staying dry and comfortable in these excellent ski boots made for the average width of the foot. Best fitting those with higher or smaller calves, the new improvements make a boot that is snugger with less wasted interior space, better grip, and even a toebox that is more rounded. There is only the one color choice of the neon orange coloration much to the dismay of some loyal Tecnica enthusiasts. Nonetheless, the Pro 130 is a highly-rated ski boot made just for the expert and intermediate skier. We will now take a look at the awesome features and qualities of this outstanding item in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable, well-built, stiff flex
  • Buckles easily, lightweight, versatile
  • Includes Aqua Stop Water Protection
  • The heel and toe plates are removable
  • Gives 42-degrees of free movement and smooth flex
  • Works well for downhill, uphill, backcountry, and big mountains
  • Works well with tech or alpine bindings
  • More anatomical than earlier models in contour
  • Too narrow and heavy for some people with large and wide feet
  • Liners are not adjustable on this model and you cannot customize the fit


As some please customers have said, Tecnica has really outdone themselves with this latest Cochise model for experts and advanced skiers. Former models of the Cochise had removable heel and toe pieces that may or may not have included tech inserts. This Pro 130 model has a solid sole that has the tech inserts incorporated already in the shell. Easier to punch and grind than the previous Triax plastic, this product is much lighter and trimmer than the previous version. As part of the Cochise series of ski equipment, it has a much narrower heel and midfoot than the previous model. The area around the ankle is lessened and the toe box is more rounded. It has also increased in its anatomical contour too. This can be a good improvement for those who have high or small calves and slim ankles. These riders have had to deal with loose-fitting boots that moved on their feet because they could never get a tight enough grip from the boot. Now, these riders are excited with this latest model. Those who do not fit this leg type will not be the best candidates for this improved ski boot.


This improved model of the Cochise family is made for the average width of the foot with an average instep. It does not possess the high instep of last season’s model much to the disappointment of a few buyers. Some riders counted on that high instep for the comfort and support they needed in a ski boot. The calf volume is standard, which best suits those with high calves or narrow legs. The Pro 130 is comfortable and well-built, of good quality, and it retains some warmth. There were only a few comments about cold feet wearing this boot in the freezing climates. It buckles easy and is lightweight, according to the manufacturer. Several online complaints addressed the fact that this model was indeed quite heavy for them. The orange coloration was another issue that made some customers very dissatisfied. There is no color choice for this version, leaving buyers the one choice of the neon orange with black trim. Overall, the comfort is there for those with the right leg and foot type and those that are not picky about warmth or color.


The Cochise Pro 130 has durable and long-lasting lower and upper polyether shells, plus a grid pattern of dots that mark the common punch areas on the upper foot. This results in a liner and shell that can be capable of both ground and heat molded for an improved fit. This model includes Aqua Stop Water Protection that features a structure with a double ridge. You will enjoy these pro ski boots for many seasons because of their longevity and durability. Each season Tecnica makes more advances in making their items tougher and able to withstand the rigors of being one of the most important pieces of gear for advanced skiers of both uphill and downhill.


Versatile and capable of many riding environments, this Tecnica product has 130 flex, plastic modern technology, and compatible tech inserts. The heel and toe plates are removable, so they can be swapped out when they are worn. This adds years to the life of these ski boots and increases their value. Although this is a stiff flex boot, the rider does have a smooth flex that will serve them well. A stiff flex is needed for those with a higher skill set and advanced capabilities to be able to handle the rougher territories and surfaces. You get 42-degrees of free movement range with this latest Cochise model, which is plenty for pro skiers and their superior abilities.

Key Features

-Comfortable, lightweight, well-built, good quality, and retains some warmth
-Buckles easily, versatile, and capable of rough advanced moves
-Includes Aqua Stop Water Protection to keep the feet dry and comfortable
-The heel and toe plates are removable to be changed when worn
-Gives 42-degrees of free movement and a smooth stiff flex
-Best suits aggressive strong skiers that are advanced or expert level
-Close to a one-boot quiver with four buckles and Velcro straps
-Has a walk mode of metal-on-metal created to rip that is very comfortable
-Made for upcountry, backcountry, and alpine environments and surfaces
-Works well for downhill or uphill without having to change out the soles
-Performs great with any type of tech or alpine bindings
-Has a narrower heel and midfoot than last season’s version


The Pro 130 frame is more than twice as stiff and thirty percent thinner than conventional boot substances. This change provides an eighteen percent savings in weight without losing any of the performance capabilities. Because it is thinner is the reason why it will only fit those riders with a normal to slimmer calf and heel. The extra space that the previous model had has been reduced in this model to give the rider a lighter boot that did not lose any of the power. The responsive and thin pre-formed liner gives an excellent fit and performance level. This is a very stiff-flexed boot that best suits aggressive strong skiers. The Pro 130 is responsive to the needs of the pro and expert skier in being lighter, stiffer, and tougher to handle the punishment and the punching that ski boots must endure. Many long-time skiers have expressed their joy and pleasure of possessing such a well-designed boot that takes into account all of their needs while skiing.


The advanced Triax 3.0 and polyether materials for the shell give enhanced stability to the skier. The instep has a component that is shaped and softer than other shell parts to aid you in stepping out and in of the boot. Many surprised buyers were thrilled at how easy this boot goes on and can be taken off. It is an improvement they liked well enough to comment about a lot online. The CAS boot board is removable and provides lots of grinding thickness and a referencing grid pattern. The stiff flex and range of movement give the well-seasoned skier plenty of support when they dare the more challenging moves on the slopes.


Offered in four different sizes, this Cochise version is very close in form to a one-boot quiver. It is a four-buckle boot with a walk mode of metal-on-metal created to rip and is the best choice for freeride expert skiers. The improved walk mode was the highlight of many online comments from happy customers who are so pleased with this latest Cochise model. As part of the Cochise series, this version is a ski boot that is a crossover with control and power for the advanced or expert level of rider. The many customized features and capabilities of this outstanding product are designed to give this advance level of skier exactly what they need to be safe, comfortable, and well-equipped in their skiing activities.


This model combines excellent uphill capacity with superior on-trail performance. It works well for downhill or uphill without having to change out the soles and with tech or alpine bindings. The Pro 130 has power enough for the big mountains and backcountry. Having this kind of versatility was one of the driving forces behind the big improvements of this ski boot version. It suits more people and with more capabilities for the many different ski environments that riders encounter. With more possible terrains that are suited for this boot, the more the adventurous skier can expand their talents and skills.


Redesigned from last season with improved features and abilities, the Cochise Pro 130 ski boot has a narrower heel and midfoot than last season’s version, as it is visibly trimmer and lighter with the volume around the ankle decreased. The high instep from last season has been changed on this product to an instep that is lower and a toebox that is less pointy. It is, however, more anatomical than earlier models in contour. These changes were not well received by all Cochise fans. Some were disappointed in the slimmer form with less interior space for the calf and ankle. It was designed with the build of the average skier in mind who is slim and muscular with either high or small calves. Customers with this body build in the past have had to deal with loose-fitting boots that moved on their feet and legs. Even with the Velcro fastenings, they could not get the boot to fit snug on their feet and legs. This magnificent model has answered their requests for a ski boot that fits the average skier much better, thus increasing their capabilities and comfort on the slopes.

The Bottom Line

We agree with the vast majority of the satisfied online shoppers who are pleased with the Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 Ski Boot for advanced and expert riders. It has major improvements to the previous version of boot for those with average-sized feet, ankles, and calves. In order to make the boot much lighter, the volume was decreased in the midfoot, ankles, and calf area of the boot. Even with these changes, some buyers claim the boot is still heavy for them. It buckles easily, is well-built with great quality, and is comfortable. Whether you prefer the big mountains, backcountry, downhill, or uphill, you will love this flexible and versatile ski boot that continues the Cochise line. The large degree of movement coupled with the stiff flex of the boot gives the well-seasoned skier much to depend on for balance and support, especially during aggressive rides. It is even flexible in the choice of bindings to use because the Pro 130 performs well with either tech or alpine bindings equally. You can also swap out the heel and toe plates when you have exhausted those from your many ski adventures. Overall, the Cochise Pro 130 is an excellent boot that is long-lasting, durable, comfortable, and supportive for expert and intermediate skiers who love to take the risks and perform the assertive moves.