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Black Diamond Guide Gloves Review Facts

Deemed one of the best gloves on the market currently by satisfied online buyers, the Black Diamond Men’s Guide Gloves have a palm of goatskin, an exterior shell of strong spandex and nylon, and a lining of soft polyester fleece material. They will protect the hands in below zero freezing weather and provide excellent durability, insulation, and dexterity for the hands. These are the company’s warmest ski gloves and include the technology of Plus Warm with a comfortable liner for added warmth. This liner is removable and attaches with Velcro to the gloves. The long cuffs also have Velcro to secure them around the wrists. For working in wet conditions or snow in winter, nothing could be more suitable to keep the hands well protected that these outstanding guide gloves. Use them for skiing and snowboarding or for other activities more work-related. They are ideal for performing chores on a farm or ranch because of their rugged durable nature. They come with a wax to weather-proof them further when you need it. It makes the leather supple and extends the longevity of the gloves. The top-quality of the materials, construction, and design of these superior guide gloves make them some of the best gloves on the market today. We will now look at these features in more detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • One of the best gloves on the market currently
  • Made of polyester fleece, suede, and goatskin
  • Protects the hands in the coldest of weather
  • Includes a removable liner that attaches with Velcro
  • Long-lasting, durable, well-constructed
  • Cuffs are long with Velcro straps
  • Perfect for outdoor winter work, sports, and activities
  • Comes with a wax for added weather-proofing
  • Need to be worn a while to break these in for best use
  • Too small for some people and too stiff – sizes run small


These terrific guide gloves are some of the best gloves on the market currently, according to satisfied customers. Wearers of many glove types commented online that these are the best gloves they have worn for comfort, durability, and protection. The outer shell is made of high-quality spandex and nylon, the durable palm is made of goatskin, and the reliable lining is warm polyester fleece. The feel is like no other that you will experience. They make some other models, such as Burton and Dakine, look inferior because of their high-quality, feel, and level of protection. Buyers are very happy when they use these gloves for the first time and cannot wait until the cold weather comes to be able to use them again. When you want gloves that will last and that you can depend on for all your outdoor needs, trust these reliable Black Diamond Guide Gloves. They will last for many years of rugged use.


Besides terrific protection from the weather elements, these guide gloves are super comfortable. They offer plenty of dexterity and warmth, plus look great. There are soft suede patches on the thumbs to serve as a nose wipe when you are working or playing in the cold. The included liners are easy to put in and take out, plus they fasten with Velcro straps. These Black Diamond gloves are the warmest gloves some people have tried, even in the freezing Rockies. They offer decent comfort for long hours in the cold, when you have to be out in extreme weather. The majority of online buyers are very pleased with the fit, style, and warmth of these incredible outdoor gloves.


Not only are these fantastic gloves durable, but they are also long-lasting. You can expect to have them around many years later as a trusted piece of your winter gear for outdoor chores, activities, and sports. They protect the hands to negative 20/10 degrees Fahrenheit, plus the shell is made of woven nylon that is resistant to abrasions. As some consumers stated in their online feedback, they use these gloves for chores, such as shoveling snow. Another had cold hands while driving and could not find gloves that would keep them warm enough. He now uses these fabulous gloves and is very content. They give protection from impacts with the knuckle padding, palm patch, and palm of goat leather, so you can use them for whatever you need to do outside in the cold and snow. They look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also take the punishment your hands must go through in the harsh weather.

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Key Features

-One of the best gloves on the market currently for outdoor protection
-Made of top-quality goatskin, comfortable polyester fleece, and soft suede
-Protects the hands even in freezing temperatures and snow
-Provides superior insulation, lasting durability, and great dexterity
-Has the technology of Plus Warm with a liner that is removable
-Long-lasting and well-constructed dependability
-Can be worn with the included glove liners inside for a warmer glove
-Cuffs have tough Velcro straps for tightening around the wrists
-Liner attaches with strong Velcro straps for securing
-Great for outdoor winter farm or ranch work and activities
-Made specifically for wet conditions and rough work
-Comes with a coating wax to put on for added durability and longevity


Protection is the main aspect of any winter gloves, and these are considered the best for protecting the hands by many gratified customers. They provide superior insulation, durability, and dexterity for a comfortable fit that gives you much flexibility in movement. These guide gloves are the company’s warmest ski glove of professional quality. They are extremely warm and wind-proof because of the top-quality construction and excellent materials used. The long cuffs fit well inside coats and jackets for an airtight and snow-proof fit. By tucking them in, it provides you with an amazing closure to protect you from the weather and retain body warmth. These marvelous gloves have the technology of Plus Warm with a liner that is removable. This liner that detaches is made of boiled wool and PrimaLoft Gold for a fit that is not only snug, but also comfortable, soft, and warm. The liner attaches with Velcro straps to hold it secure. When you need extreme weather protection for any outdoor activity, go with the best, get these Black Diamond Guide Gloves and be through with glove shopping for years.


The most commented characteristic of these superb gloves online by buyers is the size. Even the manufacturer states that the sizes run small, so you should buy the next size up from what you normally wear. Well, if you read all of the comments online as we do, you will discover that the size issue is not that simple. While some complained that these are too small, others claimed they were too big. The majority of customers said they were snug, but after wearing them for a while, they began to get looser and feel better. You must realize that these are leather gloves made from goatskin, so they will feel different than synthetic gloves that you may be used to wearing. It will take time to break these in, so start wearing them as soon as you get them to do this. Leather clothing does fit snug, so these splendid gloves may just need some getting used to. They are available in sizes of extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. From the sizing suggestions online, it would be best to measure your hand as the manufacturer asks you to do for the best fit. The gloves come with a liner that will make them increase in the tightness of fit. If you want to wear an additional liner inside the gloves, then ordering a size larger should allow for that. A few people had to return theirs to get the correct size, so the company is really reasonable about exchanges.


You want outdoor winter gloves to be stable in addition to being durable and comfortable. These are long-lasting, durable, and well-constructed to perform any type of chore or activity you must do. They can be worn with the glove liners inside for a warmer glove or without them for a more flexible fit. The liner attaches with a Velcro strap, plus there is also Velcro on the cuffs to tighten them. This aids in keeping out the cold and wind and keeping in the body heat. Buyers with normally cold hands all winter long said they were very pleased with these gloves that kept them warm even in the coldest temperatures they have. you can depend on these terrific guide gloves to be ready and able to help you through the most adverse weather in winter.


The uses for these gloves are endless. They are made for terribly cold days and hard work outdoors but can be used for so many more times your hands need protection from the cold. They are perfect for winter sports and activities but also any type of work outdoors in cold season, such as farm or ranch work. They are created specifically for wet conditions, durability, and working with objects that are sharp. The tough shell makes them not only weatherproof but also tough enough to handle any type of activity you must do. Because they are so thick and a bit stiff, some buyers stated that these are not the most flexible gloves for finger dexterity. When you realize how warm and tough these are, some dexterity must be lost because of the super-high protection level they offer. You will still have a terrific control of your fingers, hands, and wrists while wearing these. They do need to be broken in to get used to them and to format the perfect fit.


These guide gloves are 100% breathable and waterproof because of the Gore-Tex insert. They come with a wax for additional waterproofing to make the leather supple and more water-resistant. The manufacturer says they do not need to be weather treated for using initially but should be treated after extended use every other season for longevity. If you are used to having gloves that do not warm your hands all the way or that will not last long, you must give these a try. It will certainly be the last pair of outdoor winter gloves you purchase for a long while. Buyers that have purchased these gloves before do not switch brands when they need another pair. They are loyal to the superiority of the feel, warmth, and protection that these outstanding gloves offer.

The Bottom Line

The Black Diamond Men’s Guide Gloves are perfect for all of your outdoor sports, activities, and chores in winter. Being some of the warmest gloves you will ever wear, they are great for wet conditions, have superior insulation, are well-constructed, and waterproof. You will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable, durable, and long-lasting glove on the market today. These are made of tough spandex and nylon for the outer shell, polyester fleece for the interior, and fine goatskin leather for the exterior. The thumbs have soft suede patches for a nose wipe in the extreme cold conditions when your nose runs. Such a stable and tough glove is truly needed in the colder climates where much work and play occur in the snow and freezing temperatures. Gloves of this strength and longevity will protect your hands even in these harsh environments. These come with a soft interior liner that can be detached from the Velcro strap when it is not needed. The cuffs also have a Velcro strap for tightening around the wrists. It is best to tuck these cuffs inside the sleeves of a jacket or coat to hold in body warmth and seal out the weather and wind. Wax comes with these outstanding guide gloves to further weatherproof them for durability and longevity. Many online customers are excited about their purchase of these Black Diamond gloves and you will be too. Give them a try, especially if you live in the colder regions where much activity and living must be done in the freezing temperatures and snow.