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Arc’teryx Sabre Pants Review Facts

The Arc’teryx Men’s Sabre Pants are ideal for snowboarding, skiing, and other snow activities in which you need the best weather protection and body warmth retention. The first thing that you will notice is the hefty price of this item. Do not be put off by the price, as the outstanding pants are very much worth the extra cost. They are of the well-known high-quality that users have come to expect from Arc’teryx products and will make you glad you own them. The materials used in the durable construction of these incredible pants are top-quality polyester, nylon, and flannel materials that offer you plenty of flexibility in layering clothes underneath. Wear just a base layer or a mid-layer depending on the weather conditions. You will be well protected and still allowed much freedom of movement for all winter sports and activities. New to this terrific model of Arc’teryx pants are the Slide‘ n Loc system that permits attaching these pants to a corresponding jacket, the PowerCuffs to prohibit snow powder from entering through the legs, and a streamlined fit in the legs. There are built-in reflector tabs for safety and a coating of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for weather and wind-resistance. The zippered external pockets can hold plenty of things, as there are both large and small pockets. These are water-tight, strong, and long-lasting. The Sabre pants are offered in twelve bold colors to match any ski outfits and keep you looking stylish while on the slopes. We will now take a closer look at the fabulous features of these impressive pants from Arc’teryx a bit closer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Material is breathable and water-resistant
  • Has a streamlined fit in the legs
  • Made of strong high-quality materials
  • It allows for several clothes layers inside
  • Permits layering, protection, and movement
  • Has the Slide ‘n Loc system that will attach to jackets
  • Includes zippered small and large pockets
  • Has reflective tabs for enhanced safety
  • Available in twelve terrific colors
  • Features PowerCuffs on the legs to seal out snow powder
  • External zippers are water-tight
  • Includes Durable Water Repellent (DWR) on the exterior
  • Could use more pockets and more insulation
  • Fabric seems stiffer than other brands


To show the brilliance of this top product and brand, the Sabre model is the winner of several awards such as the Editor’s Choice award from Backcountry Magazine, the Skier’s Choice Award from Powder Magazine, and the Freeskier Editor’s Picks Award. The protection level from the weather elements for the user is what makes these fantastic pants so remarkable and award-winning. They are created by the popular Arc’teryx manufacturer that is so well-known for perfection. They outperform other leading brands in fit, features, style, and weather-resistance. This excellent product is more expensive than other popular brands of ski pants, but they are less expensive than Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Pants. For any kind of snow sport, this item is the best overall product. The Arc’teryx name means high-quality and these outstanding pants live up to the reputation of this well-known brand.


The durable material of this pants model is breathable allowing moisture to disperse, increasing comfort-level, and aiding in regulating the body temperature. The strong sides are made of Double WaterTight fabric and zip open for aeration. When layering clothes under these ski pants, the user may become overheated or too warm, so this body heat escape opening can bring much relief. Weather conditions could warm up, making the pants uncomfortable without this added feature of breathability. The manufacturer added in these breathability features to make these incredible pants usable for longer winter weather usage, even when the weather is mild. This affords the user much flexibility in wearing these terrific pants for many outdoor activities and sports.


Past models of Arc’teryx ski pants have had a cut resembling a boot cut rather than one than one that was tapered to the body form. This terrific newer model has a streamlined fit with the decreased circumference in the lower leg. This not only makes them fit the body better but also aids in added warmth from a snugger fit. Less air in the layers creates a warmer body because of retained body heat. Even though the fit is streamlined, it is still relaxed and loose to allow for layering of clothes underneath. One of the few negative aspects of this item is the lack of insulation. The reason for this is to permit layering in the thickness choice of the user. If the pants had a thick layer of insulation, then layering underneath would not be possible or comfortable. This model also features instep guards that protect against edge abrasions and a snap closure and front fly for ease in putting on and taking off the pants.


At first glance at the cost of these incredible pants, one would wonder why a pair of pants would cost so much. When you feel them and put them on, then you will know exactly why. As one customer stated, “You get what you pay for.” These marvelous ski pants are true to this statement. It is the workmanship of the manufacturer in the construction and selection of materials that makes these Sabre pants so extraordinary. They are made of polyester, nylon, and flannel materials that are long-lasting and of the highest quality. The seat and the knees are articulated, and the inseams are sturdy and hidden. The durability of these incredible pants is apparent in the way they shed snow and keep the body from feeling the weather elements at all. The longevity of this product will amaze you, as you will still have them in pristine condition for years to come.


Flexibility is a high point of these fabulous ski and snowboarding pants. The crotch is gusseted, and there are belt loops and a removable, adjustable belt. There are built-in Recco tabs that are reflective for safety reasons in adverse weather conditions or nighttime wearing. The user will enjoy efficient layering, superb protection, and freedom of movement for all types of snow sports with these terrific pants. These Sabre pants allow for several clothes layers including a base layer and a thicker mid-layer. They feature a Gore-Tex with a snap system of Slide ‘n Loc that will attach to jackets that are compatible. This capability allows the user to be encased in a completely protective outer layer much like a protective bodysuit against the harsh elements. This impressive Sabre model includes durable thigh pockets that zip and hold large volumes and a smaller stash pocket has a zippered flap. The smaller pocket is great for keys, a phone, and anything you need that is little. As one buyer noted, the larger pockets on the thighs are so big that they could hold a good-sized subway sandwich. Adding to the flexibility of these fabulous pants is the fact that they are easy to care for. They can simply be machine washed and dried.

Key Features

-Material is breathable and sturdy allowing moisture to an outflow
-Has a streamlined fit that is more snug in the legs than previous models
-Made of strong and durable polyester, nylon, and flannel materials
-Layering is possible with a base layer and a thicker mid-layer
-Gives great weather protection and free movement for snow sports
-Features the Slide ‘n Loc mechanism that will fasten to jackets
-Includes zippered, big thigh pockets that can hold some gear
-Has Recco tabs that are reflective for safety measures
-Offered in 12 outstanding colors to match ski outfits
-Features PowerCuffs to block out powder from entering
-External zippers are resistant to water and weather
-Has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating on the fabric


This style of pants is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, and all other activities in the snow. They have an athletic feel and a contemporary, modern look that you will be pleased with. These terrific pants are not just effective in protecting the body from the weather elements and retaining body warmth, they are also stylish and look great. A few online buyer comments of how stiff these pants were, but when you realize the high protection level they afford the user, you will not be too concerned about the stiffness. There is awesome flexibility when wearing these for all activities, even though they can be a bit stiffer than some competitor models. The many offered colors aid in wardrobe matching and give much flexibility in changing up outfits. There are twelve available colors in all with some incredible names. These are Neptune, Pompeii, black, pilot, phantom, olive amber, Rigel, sangria, admiral, blue tetra, macaw, and flare. Some of these are really bold and good for high visibility in the snow, while others, such as the black are perfect for blending in with others colors you wear.


These Arc’teryx Sabre pants are listed as waterproof by the manufacturer, which they are to a degree. The sturdy fabric has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating on it to prevent moisture from getting in, plus the external zippers are water-tight. This means that water cannot get into the pants from the exterior but does not mean that they would remain dry if you were submerged in water. Moisture will not get in through the zippers or the strong fabric, but only in normal conditions. The snow is sealed out with the PowerCuffs that block powder, unlike previous models from Arc’teryx. The best feature and the main reason for wearing this type of pant for outdoor activities and sports are to protect the body from the adverse elements. These Sabre pants do this very well and will reward the user with its many weather protection attributes.

Wind Protection

The wind protection is one of the best features of this model. You will not feel the wind at all in these fantastic pants because of the high-quality durable fabrics and the seams that are taped for increased weather protection. Even though you should expect to keep warm in these pants by layering clothes underneath, they do offer some light insulation that comes from the brushed liner with a feel like flannel. On warmer days, it is possible to wear a lighter clothes layer underneath and enjoy this thinner interior protection of the pants. Either way, you will remain protected from the wind, even in extreme outdoor conditions.

The Bottom Line

We think the Arc’teryx Men’s Sabre Pants are excellent pants for the winter outdoor sports enthusiast. While some may be put off by the large price, it is quite apparent that they are worth every penny when it comes to the outstanding quality of the sturdy materials, the remarkable workmanship that went into the construction, and the reliable protection from the weather elements that they provide to the user. The most important aspect of these outstanding pants is that while you are outdoors, you will not be affected or feel the wind, snow, rain, or sleet through these. The strong seams are sealed, and the trusty zippers are weather-resistant. The durable fabric is coated with a DWR substance for further protection. The cut of this product is so that you can layer clothing underneath in just a base layer or even thicker. Even though the strong material is a bit stiffer than some other popular brands of ski and snowboarding pants, it is breathable and long-lasting for many years of wear. The incredible fit is not only more streamlined than previous models from Arc’teryx, but you can snap these to an accommodating jacket to create a type of solid bodysuit. This increases the weather and wind protection level. The safety reflective tabs and the several pockets add to the flexibility, comfort, and versatility of this product. The many color choices are a welcome added plus to match outfits or just simply pick your favorites. If you love to participate in winter sports or activities, then these durable, top-quality Sabre pants are perfect for you.